Do you know Grocery shopping in traditional brick-and-mortar stores is decreasing day by day?

According to industry experts, this change in the eCommerce sector will increase significantly in the upcoming decades. And this change will dramatically be brought by grocery delivery app development.

Majority of the grocery store owners are considering building an online grocery store for grocery delivery or their business. Besides, they think that starting a grocery delivery business will be added advantage.

statistics grocery shopping using mobile apps

According to statistics, around 54% of the grocery retailers are integrating a range of new and exciting services into online grocery shopping using mobile apps.

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What Is the Reason Behind a Sudden Shift to grocery delivery app development?

proportion of grocery shoppers

The reason behind starting a grocery delivery service is, changing behavior of shoppers. From the above image, you can estimate that as the years are passing more and more consumers prefer to order their groceries online.

They love the benefits like exclusive e-coupons, loyalty cards, & more comes along with using the mobile app such as exclusive e-coupons, loyalty cards, and more.

In this case, there is a vast and lucrative market for the grocery owner and others who want to invest in the grocery delivery business plan.

In this article, we are going to explore various online grocery delivery app ideas and know how to earn more through it.

Moreover, if you are wondering how to start your own grocery delivery business and grocery delivery app, then go ahead and read the article.

Online Grocery Delivery Business App Ideas

Single Store

top business model online grocery shopper

If you have your own grocery store then you can create a grocery delivery app that will represent your store. You need to update the online grocery items available on the store, deliver particular items to customers and manage all store related activities.

You will operate this app. For that, you just need to update your goods from your store to online and deliver particular items to the local customers and manage all store related activities.


The other option for starting a grocery delivery business is a unique and convenient alternative.

You can build an aggregator app that will list out all the nearby grocery stores for a user. The user can choose any store and shop for groceries.

The concerned store will confirm the order and deliver groceries to the customer. You just need to create a grocery delivery app and allow different grocery stores to register on it.

Market Places

marketplace business model online grocery application

A marketplace grocery store is somehow analogous to a grocery aggregation app.

But for your online grocery marketplace, you have to appoint your own team of delivery boys for delivering ordered groceries to the customers’ place.

The marketplace grocery store is also a lucrative Startup Idea. You can expect a handsome return on your investment in the Grocery market. The best example for this is Carrefour; it is one of the top grocery service delivery apps in Dubai for the supermarket chain.

Grocery Chain App

This is best for a chain of grocery stores, and it is the same as a single-store App. The basic difference here is that a chain of grocery store manages this App with a wide area coverage through its chain of grocery stores for order delivery. Walmart is the best example of this, with multiple location grocery stores.

Personalized Grocery App

This type of App provides a personalized list of products according to the choice and taste of the user and gives them the best user experience. These apps can create a shopping list or wish list and set in reminders for planned purchases, etc. This App also facilitates the delivery of specific products at regular intervals. This best suits grocery store owners and delivery businesses that partner with the stores.

How to Build a Grocery Delivery Application

How to start a grocery delivery business? The answer to this is to make your own grocery delivery app. Developing an accomplished grocery delivery application incorporates marketing and technical processes. To create a successful grocery delivery app, one must consider the business and technological aspects equally. Now, let’s explore the complexities of a grocery store app development.

Step-By-Step Guide To Develop A Grocery Delivery App

In order to begin an online grocery app development, the essential consideration requires backup evidence and workable ideas. The stages mentioned below on grocery delivery app development will assist you in starting your own business.

Grocery Delivery App Development Steps

Step #1: Draft a Strategy

Strategizing is the initial phase, starting with the grocery delivery business. Identifying your target audience and location is what you need to do first. It all begins with significantly addressing your target location and audience and monitoring their buying behaviour and patterns of your target audience.

This exercise will make you aware of the related ideas and latest trends. Hence it is very vital to identify your target audience and location. This will help you develop a brand for your business and generate high revenues

Step #2: Prototype

The next step is creating a prototype of your App and testing this interactive sample with a fixed customer base. This testing phase brings forth the most significant customer opinions and suggestions for software development.

Developing an interactive prototype needs less effort. And the number of iterations is unlimited before the prototype is finalized. This permits rapidly repeating the changes to get the expected changes since no coding is done.

Step #3: Develop and Test

Now we are all set to develop the grocery app, after laying down a clear strategy, and the final prototype is approved. After this, you need to hire mobile app developers to build the app features using codes and testers to check the credibility of the functionalities of the beta app.

Initially, the basic function of the App for the customers, along with a web interface for admin and store managers, are developed. Backend development progresses simultaneously with the frontend interface.

The development team here follows an agile development methodology. Agile development permits open communication and feedback at all stages of development, facilitates rapid modification in the development version of the App, and keeps you updated with th progress of the app development.

Step #4: Pilot Launch

This phase is simple and takes a short time to implement. The mobile app is uploaded on Google Play and App Store by developers. The new updates are released every now and then, and the App is auto-updated on the stores. These updates can be released every minute, i.e. every hour or at regular intervals.

Step #5: Maintain

This is the final phase, where the app feedback gives way to new development. And the grocery app development needs continuous monitoring of issues, improving the feature’s performance, and keeping users engaged.

Here the general maintenance of the app is taken care of, like usage analytics and issue reports, and integrating new developments. For all the new features, this becomes the prototyping stage. Hence, development is a continuous process.

Hiring professional developers gives you an advantage as they provide favorable reviews of the App and solve customer complaints without impacting app ratings.

Essential Features to Include in the Grocery Delivery App Development

Generally, the grocery delivery app is divided into four sections.

  • Customer App
  • Store Manager App
  • Admin Panel
  • Driver/Delivery boy app.

Each app consists of various useful features according to their functionality.

NOTE: For the single store type grocery app there will be three apps for;

  • Store-manager(Admin) app
  • Customer app
  • Delivery boy app

If you want to compete with market leaders; you need to build an app like Amazon-fresh, Instacart, Google express, or Peapod.

Top Features of Grocery Store Delivery Apps

Customer App

  • Registration
  • Browse Items
  • Smart Search
  • Order Tracking
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Discounts and Offers
  • Ratings and Feedback
  • Reorder
  • Schedule Delivery

Admin Panel

  • Inventory Management
  • Change Location
  • Logistics Integration
  • Help & Support
  • Store Locator
  • Store Pickup

Store Manager App

  • Manage Customers
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Stores
  • Manage Discounts and Offers
  • Reports
  • Feedback Management
  • Manage Listing
  • Assign Managers
  • Manage Notifications

Driver/Delivery Boy App

  • Manage Profile
  • Check Orders
  • Live Tracking Path
  • Update Delivery Status
  • Location Search

Best Grocery Delivery Apps Examples

There are many online grocery delivery business apps available on app stores gaining immense success and popularity day by day.

Here they are;



Instacart is one of the top online grocery shopping platform presently servicing 26 states and the District of Columbia with its Unique Instacart business model.

It is like Uber of online grocery delivery. Instacart connects customers with freelancer shoppers who bring them groceries from any of their preferred supermarket like, Costco Whole Foods and Petco.

An Instacart Express membership is $149 per year that means about $12.50 per month.



AmazonFresh is a leading grocery delivery service presently available in some U.S. states, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Munich, and Hamburg.

It facilitates customers to choose from more than 500,000 items, and get them delivered on the same day.

AmazonFresh also offers early morning deliveries and shipped within the requested 2-3 hour window of selection.



Vons is a Southern Nevada and Southern California supermarket chain that operates stores under the Pavilions and Von’s banners.

The “Shop by History” feature makes it unique and efficient. It is faster and easier than other services. If you want to Create an app like Vons, then you will have to facilitate same-day grocery delivery.



Peapod is one of the best online supermarkets based in IL, Chicago. They deliver groceries from the company’s stores and their Chicago-area warehouses.

At present, Peapod provides its services in the the District of Columbia and 13 U.S. states. Peapod offers over 12,000 different items like organic grocery, prepared foods, deli items, and seasonal items.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-demand Grocery Delivery App?

The price of starting a grocery delivery service app depends on many factors. Mostly on the Geographic area, the company included features & functions and time taken to complete the project.

Various aspects like business model, type of App as in a simple, complex or large scale, pricing models, platforms, technology stack, development teams expertise, and alike, affect the grocery app development cost

Creating an app for an on-demand grocery delivery app would be anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000. Again, the cost depends on the benefits of the grocery delivery app you want to encash.

The cost of app development varies according to country. For instance:

  • India: $18 to $35 per hours
  • Eastern Europe: $30 to $50 per hours
  • U.S: $35 to $50 per hours

Estimation of cost

  • Discovery Phase & UI/UX design: $5,000 to $10,000
  • Front-end and back-end development: $30,000 to $70,000
  • QA and Project Management: $5,000 to $15,000

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In this technology era, it has become essential for any business to embrace the latest technology trends to match the pace of technology advancement and be ahead in the competition.

So if you want to build a grocery delivery app or grocery delivery business software, then you need to adopt innovative technology solutions just like grocery mobile app development.

If you want to build an app for grocery delivery, then only go for an experienced grocery delivery app development company that can help you out with the best output.

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FAQs about On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development

1. How Can a Grocery app Lift my Grocery Business?

The world is mobile nowadays. People love to do their daily chores as fast as possible. If you will develop a grocery delivery app for your store, then your customers would be able to order their groceries in just a few taps. Also, with the app, there are high chances that your business would get more exposure and ultimately more business.

2. How Much Time does it Take to build Grocery Delivery App?

Mobile app development time mostly depends on the features your app has. More features and functionalities means more time. Whereas if you build MVP, then your grocery application will take less time.

3. How Grocery Delivery Apps Earn Money?

There are two ways you can earn money from grocery apps. One is, you build an app for your brick & mortar grocery store. You can earn through affiliate marketing in which you allow other businesses to display ads in your app. If you are a startup and build Instacart like app, then you can get some percentage of commission on every successful order from the customers.

4. What is the Cost to Make a Grocery Delivery App?

The cost of grocery app development depends on multiple factors including features, outsourcing company, the location of the company, the platform you choose (iOS or Android) and many more. It also relies on whether you go for a native app or a hybrid app.

5. Which Are The Top Grocery Delivery Marketplaces in the World?

Instacart, Amazonfresh, Vons, and Peapod are some of the leading grocery delivery marketplaces. You can take reference from these apps to build your online grocery delivery business.

6. Which is the best grocery delivery app development company?

To develop an app, you will need a highly experienced team like Eww, who can effortlessly bring your app idea to reality. Our team has the technical expertise to code complex custom features and create impressive UI/UX designs for enhanced user engagement.

Choose Excellent Web World as your App developing company for all your future mobile app developments.

7. Is the online grocery delivery business profitable?

The brick-and-mortar store has to bear expenses on electricity, salary to employees, rent, and maintenance. In contrast, the business operating cost in an online store is lower. Thus, online grocery stores can afford to sell the products at a much lower rate than offline stores.

The grocery delivery business is profitable because more and more people are ordering groceries online, and it is expected to remain profitable for many years to come.

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