Most Popular Hipster Apps

Get These 7 Hipster Apps in Your Phone And Swag It Out in 2021

You don’t choose the hipster life; the hipster life chooses you. But you can choose some amazing hipster apps for your phone. Keep reading to learn about the most in-trend apps of 2021.

Big App Markets like Google Play Store and Apple App Store only showcase the top apps loved by the majority of people and backed by big companies. So we decided to give the limelight to some amazing non-mainstream hipster apps for Android and iPhone.

You don’t need to follow what everyone else does. You can use the most amazing indie mobile apps for iPhone and Android from this list. Also, for all you Hipster entrepreneur thinking about making a quirky little app for your startup, build your own hipster app in 2021.

No time to waste now, Let’s get straight to the most anticipated list of best hipster apps of the year.

Top 7 Hipster Apps of 2021

The Apps that made our list are selected after proper research and app trials done by the coolest hipster developers in our company.

Google Play Hipster Music App

Google Play Music: Hipster Music App

It is one of the coolest music apps that are far simpler to use yet better than any other music app on the app market. Besides having really amazing playlists that are curated by music experts around the world; they suggest music according to your mood.

The user can store up to 50,000 songs from their personal collection, listen and subscribe to podcasts, and listen to the app on Android, iOS, and the web. Google Play music boasts of 35 million sons for its users to choose from.

Songza was another brilliant music app that suggested music according to the time of day, the mood of the listener, etc. Google bought the app and integrated it into its Google Play Music making it smarter.

Plotaverse Hipster Photo Edit App

Plotaverse: Hipster Photo Edit App

Why should photographs only be still images? The coolest people are the ones who don’t just settle for what is served. The Plotaverse app is for such people. It is an app that converts your still images into animated pictures within minutes.

Plotaverse has many features like FX overlay, Gif exporter, Animation speed control, and multiple tools like animation tool, crop presets, anchor point, etc.

The app offers tools to the users to animate their pictures by overlaying video layers over their pics. Users can create their animated pics as GIFs, looping videos and also stickers. They can also share their animated images social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Venmo Hipster Payment App

Venmo: Hipster Payment App

Just like a Lannister, a hipster always pays his/her debt; and they do it in style with the most revolutionary payment app, Venmo. This app has become a part of modern pop culture, so much that people use the phrase “Venmo me” instead of “pay me”.

Venmo is a free mobile payment app used by over 27 million people around the world. The app also has friends feed by which you can share what you are purchasing or doing with your friends and loved ones. You can use apps like Venmo to send or receive money from friends or shop online.

Uber Hipster Taxi Cab App

Uber: Hipster Taxi Cab App

The coolest people in the world use the most popular online taxi app of the world, Uber. Uber is available in more than 500 cities across the world. Booking a ride is easy, paying for the ride is easier and saving time and fuel using Uber is the easiest.

With amazing ride options ranging from UberX giving you a personal ride experience to UberPOOL if you wish to share the ride and the fare with other passengers, and also the UberBlACK if you wish to get to places in style with luxury Uber cars.

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Depop Hipster Clothing App

Depop: Hipster Clothing and Apparel App

Depop is probably the most innovative hipster app on this list. It is a boon to all the individuals who wanna wear trending clothes and apparel without shedding out much money. Depop is much more than a Clothing and footwear purchase app.

Depop is a shopping community where people can buy, sell, and inspire clothes and apparel that are brand new, pre-loved by owners or designer concepts. Anyone can join Depop and buy or sell anything from clothing, books, music, to films.

You can share your personal taste in such goods, and people can follow you and create a community of like-minded people. Over 7 million people are sharing more than 10 million items on Depop.

Udemy Hipster Education App

Udemy: Hipster Education App

Hipster guys and girls don’t just study from boring books, they go for the more interesting approach. Udemy is an online educational platform that teaches over 2000 courses with their database of 80,000+ videos.

Udemy has at present more than 24 million students learning and mastering new skills like Coding, Yoga, Blockchain, Photoshop and a lot more. You can go for the free or paid version of the courses as per your preference and goal to learn. Once you’ve enrolled in any of their course, you get lifetime access to all the study material.

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Hipster CEO

Hipster CEO: Hipster Game App

Who doesn’t wanna be rich and be the CEO of a prosperous company? Well, you may not become a CEO but still, get a pretty good kick out of experiencing and managing your own company.

Hipster CEO is a startup simulator game that needs your quirky mind to play.

It is a highly addictive mobile game that tests your intelligence and how good you are in raising a dorm startup to a multi-billion dollar enterprise. The situations and options kept in front of you in this strategic game resonate the real-world challenges that such companies face.

So these were our pick for the best 7 hipster apps of 2021. But there are still some really cool apps that need to be mentioned in this list.

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Honorable Mentions


You don’t need to go through hundreds of pages of a book to understand it. With the Instaread app, you can read book summaries, character analysis, unsolved questions, etc. and join the book discussions with your friends.

Like A Hipster

Be a social hipster in your city by searching in the app where other likeminded people hang out. The places shown in the app are suggested by the local, reputed hipsters of the circle. Just open the app and shake your phone to find new hot spots near your locations.


SoundHound is quite like Shazam, but better. Besides hearing the song and identifying, SoundHound can recognize songs if you just sing or even hum a part of the song into your phone.

Hipster Habit App

Do you wish to begin exercising, or start that pet project that you’ve been postponing since ages? Just open the app and follow the instructions and you will know what to do. The app is as effective as it is simple.

Why Are Hipster Apps A Great Business Startup Idea?

Mobile apps are just like music bands. They get picked up first by the teens and youngsters. If they love it, they will spread the app like a zombie virus (in a good way). So the best app companies target their apps to the youth, the hipster population of the world.

For instance, Tik Tok (previously was made famous by the teens, and then the app drastically raised its user base from kids as small as 5-6 years old to seniors above 65 years. This strategy of targeting the hipster generation around the globe made not just Tik Tok but many other apps an overnight sensation.

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How You Can Create A Hipster App?

So what are the secret sauces used by the top app startups that have cracked the hipster formula? It’s easier said than done. Besides all the features and benefits that regular apps provide like simple user interface, secure data operation, latest app features, mobile app design services, etc. you need to have some original ideas.

The ideas are not just what your app would do and how it would do it. But also

  • How your hipster app would look?
  • How your app will feel to your target audience?
  • What is your startup’s mantra?
  • What is your app’s aim for your user?
  • How unique is your app in design and features?
So just like the hipster people, your app should have its own personality. Your app should solve a particular user problem that no other app can do (at least not as good as you). Remember that the indie-loving people are a sucker for quality and originality, so go for mobile app development in a way that it satisfies this condition.

Final Word

Beggars can’t be choosers, but hipsters can and will always be the most elite choosers. These were our pick and honorable mentions of the most fantastic Hipster apps that 2021 has to offer. If you wish to do more than just download these apps; if you wanna make money from such an app, then this is the time to build and launch your own hipster app startup.