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There are approximately $250 million dairy cows all around the world. And in the USA alone these cattle produce 87.5 tonnes of milk every year. However, most of the farmers who own these dairy farms are not acquainted with the latest technologies and systems that could ease their task to a great extent and produce more milk.

Most of them are using manual or clucky methods of managing their herd. They manually keep the record of their cattle and parameters associated with daily milk productions such as cow weight, cow health, calving, feeding, cows in heat, pregnant cows and cows with reproduction disorders or abortions and lot more. Managing hundreds of farm cattle could be a hell of a task. This is where our client found a lucrative opportunity and wanted to invest in the solution for problems happening in the cow farming industry.




Mobile app development,UI/UX Design



What Was Our Role?

The stage was set. The client did his part perfectly. Now, it was our time to unleash our technical expertise and excel at that.

Our Team researched the technical requirements and created a workflow for the same. Also, the client really appreciated some recommendations from our technical project manager who had suggested some functionality that could be included for better management.

For us, this project was somewhat different from our previous projects. As soon as we got a green signal from the client, our designers started work on the wireframes and prototypes of the cattle tracking software and app. As we had approved the design for the app and system, Our backend team and Android app development team started working on the logic and implementation of the herd management software.

We created an alluring super admin dashboard for the client from which he could manage farms that have registered in the system. And that too from the Cloud. Also, through this panel, he could oversee the total number of animals, milking cows, young cows, and the quantity of milk on a given date of total farms. On the other hand, we also built a panel for the farm owners so that they could supervise their herd, daily average milk summary, fertility status, and important upcoming events regarding farm cattle.

The project in itself was unique because the system has 77 useful KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that help both client and dairy farm owners to know everything about herd management.

Cattle Tracking Software and app
Herd Management Software

Herd Management Software: A Client’s Idea to Manage Dairy Farms

After perusing the thorough research on dairy farming and daily challenges occurred, the client tasked us to build a cattle management software and app for the farmers and milk producers. He was very clear about his idea but was looking for a software development company that could justify the potentiality of his project and helps him in the technical matters.

The client was determined to streamline every aspect of the cattle management system and wanted to create a platform that allows its stakeholders to increase their income by awash milk production and smooth management. He wanted to create a platform that allows farmers to see their daily dairy report. The client was so fastidious about the project details that he was in no mood for any compromises on any features. For that, he personally came to our headquarters to meet the project managers and other involved resources.

Features of Cattle Management Software

The system we created has two panels; one for the client and the other was for farmers. We also developed an android app for the farm owners so that they could enter important data and information while they are mobile. Here are the top features of cattle herd management software and the app.

Super Admin Panel

  • Farm Management
  • Advertisement Through Panel
  • KPIs Monitoring
  • KPIs Configuration
  • App Setting Configuration

Admin Panel

  • Herd Summary
  • Weight Growth management
  • Manage Herd Movement (Bought/Sold/Dead)
  • Milk Production
  • Milk Buyers Management
  • Feeding Management
  • Livestock Health Management
  • Fertility Management
  • Notification of Important Events
  • Farm Finance Management
  • Report Generation
  • KPI Data Generation and Monitoring

These Challenges Kept Our Developers Busy

We don’t say that it was an easy part for our developers all throughout the project. There were some instances where they had a problem in implementing the logic on some features.


The first challenge in developing this system was its implementation. Everything was on a paper but we had to figure out how we would bring this to real life.


A cow passes through multiple stages in the reproduction cycle. Calculating logic on Cow’s fertility stages and breeding timings was a hard part of our development.


We knew that incorporating KPIs was the pivotal feature for the farm owners. However, It was challenging for our coders to generate a logic for ever-increasing data.

Screenshots of Apps

Here are the captivating screenshots of livestock management software and the app we have developed for the milk producers.

Screenshots of Cattle Management Apps

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

Do you want to address this issue in your city and cash in by executing this amazing idea? Start your SaaS (Software as a Service) based cattle management software today!