What is this Events Platform All About?

Socializing is more than just a social obligation. It is a necessity to meet other social beings. However, the global pandemic had put a full stop to attending events. Even worse was the financial loss suffered by the events and entertainment industry. Gradually, when people started stepping out, there was still one thing missing. A centralized platform for posting event details. Soon our client, Kidd Wong, came up with the idea of launching an event organizing website, through which event organizers could host various gatherings like conferences, school/college meetings, etc.

Available in two languages, English & Chinese, it is an outstanding event-hosting platform. This event management and planning is better than the existing competitors because of the exclusive functionalities that we have equipped it with.

This is not open-source but an invite-only platform like Clubhouse. Our development team has put in multiple efforts from the technical end, like minimum slow-down response. The website has backup servers to support a thousand users simultaneously. To know more, keep reading this portfolio article section by section.

The Outcomes of this Engaging Event Organizing Website

There are three sets of stakeholders who use the platform. Let us give you an overview of each user panel.

Fully-functional Web App for Event Guest Users

  • The attendees can log in through the credentials they have received from organizers and check out the event details. (name, time, event venue, theme, etc.)
  • Users can get more lucky draw tickets by watching video ads and answering quizzes.
  • With those tickets, one can redeem lucky draw prizes.
  • Guests can get through the entry by scanning the QR code.
  • Attendees can use the AR background and face filters and click selfies. Later, they can post the same on the event photo booth which will then be seen by the event organizer.
Web App for Event Guest Users
Web Panel for Super Admin

Web Panel for Super Admin/Client

  • The super admin has all the rights to control the platform since he/she is the owner.
  • He can allow or disallow the hosts from creating events like conferences, fests, party celebrations, competitions, etc.
  • Also, he can keep an overall check on all the activities on his platform. Like, he can check the photo booth uploads, QR codes scanned, number of guests, upcoming events in the dashboard.

Website for Event Planners/Organizers/Hosts

  • The event organizers are responsible for creating the events and are the only authorized personnel to make the guest list and share the entry credentials/QR details with them.
  • Using this meeting planning software, they can host various events like conferences, meetings, lectures, stand-up comedy, etc.
  • Hosts invite guest users, provide them with login information, and enable their QR code entry access.
  • They can also enable the event live streaming via broadcast, chatroom, etc.
  • Announce and give out prizes to lucky draw winners.
  • In the end, they can generate reports for their event to know how many people attended the event, who entered at what time, etc.
Website for Event Planners

Insights into How We Developed the Robust Event Organizing


  • Project Concept
  • Business Model
  • Creating USPs


  • Website architecture
  • Deciding tech-stack
  • Focusing on the specifics


  • Wireframing
  • Integrating UI
  • Verifying user journey


  • Quality Analysis & Testing
  • Deployment
  • Post-launch support
Efforts in Project from Excellent Webworld Team

Extra Mile of Efforts in Project from Excellent Webworld Team

We understand how important the project is for each client. We treat our client’s products as our products. For this, we go the extra mile, burn the midnight oil if required, but ensure to deliver only the best results. A successful product is the result of our teamwork.

Our client, Kidd Wong, wanted us to integrate some uniquely desirable functionalities, such as Projector Screening through real-time LIVE Broadcast.

Not all event platforms are available for use on various devices. So, apart from making the mobile responsive website for multiple devices like PC, and iPad, we also made the website compatible with larger view projector screening. This enables the event organizers to broadcast the LIVE screening at the venue. We used clean coding patterns for the entire project. It did take us a while to work with such a high resolution, yet we made it happen!

Adding more to this, we relentlessly provided post-deployment support for three months to our client’s team. This involved spotting and fixing bugs and making it a smoother experience for all the users.

Technology Stack Used in Creating Event Planning Software

Technology Stack

Event Platform Features We Integrated into the Panels

Functional Website for Event Guest Users

  • Login/ Forgot Password/ Logout
  • Attend gatherings
  • Use AR filters for clicking photos
  • Take selfies using filters at the venue
  • Watch LIVE broadcast
  • Earn free tickets
  • Participate in lucky draws
  • Watch the dashboard for upcoming events
  • Win lucky draw prizes
  • LIVE chatroom during the event for interaction
  • Edit profile (except email id)

Web Panel for Super Admin (Client)

  • Login/Forgot Password/Logout
  • Own all dashboards
  • Event guest management- List/search/add/edit/block/unblock
  • Generate individual event reports
  • Allow/disallow event hosts to organize events
  • Add or remove event organizers
  • Change screen themes according to the event
  • Announce lucky draw winners

Web Panel for Event Hosts

  • Login/Forgot Password/Logout
  • Create events & Invite guests
  • Scan QR code to enter guests
  • Authorized to create/List/add/block/unblock users
  • Check winner & Receive reports
  • Manage function/event/broadcast
  • List of event campaign – Create/List/add/edit/delete
  • Edit profile (except email id)
  • Manage dashboard
  • Enable/Disable chat access to users

Colors & Typography

Colors & Typography

Snippets of the Event Management and Planning System

We made a smooth-functioning, lightweight website that is responsive in all device types – mobile, iPad, desktop, laptop, etc.

Snippets of the Event Management and Planning System

Challenges & Solutions in the Course of Project Development

AR Filter Icon
Challenge 1 – Adding AR Filters for Photo Booth

Solution :

We integrated the platform with the most cost-effective and lightweight third-party API. This is typically done using CodeIgniter PHP. However, our skilled developers made it possible with Python. Users can click real-time selfies.

Lucky Draw Icon
Challenge 2 – Lucky Draw Module Integration

Solution :

We formulated two ways of announcing the lucky draw winners. The bulk winner announcement can be made in two ways – automatic via the spinner and random manual selection. In the new upgrade (yet to be released), we are working on announcing bulk winners at once.

Product Owner’s Words…

Double Quote

“I must say this is not the first project with Excellent Webworld guys. They have been delivering digital solutions to me and my team for a couple of years now. Today, Incentive Plus Events is one of the best platforms for events planning. In fact, they give me reminders for scheduled meetings for sprints and discussions. All good! Looking forward to the upgraded version of the website.”

Double Quote

Kidd Wong

Incentive Plus Events, Founder


Build Your Event Organizing Website With Us!

There are tons of event planning websites and platforms that we can help you to build. It can be a ticketing system, attendee engagement solutions, an event company website, an attendee check-in tool, and so on. Informal/entertainment events like exhibitions, internal meetings, house parties or formal gatherings like school office, or college meetings — we have got you covered. We can build party planning or conference scheduling software for you.

For your next digital event organizing website or platform venture, choose the industry’s best app and website development services to achieve your business goals.

Build Your Event Organizing Website


Building an event planning/organziing website involves looking for an expert and experienced app or website development company. Apart from that, you should have strong in-depth research wherein you compare the existing apps/softwares of the same industry.

Developers at Excellent Webworld would deliver this project within 13-14 weeks.

A rough estimate can be around $20000 to $35,000. However, discuss your requirements with our team for a better understanding.

Who’s better than someone with experience in developing, designing, and deploying a digital event software/website leading the market? Reach out to us for more information on how to get started!