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Client Overview & How Did We Begin Working on Law App Development Project?

Regardless of during or after the case, a lawyer’s livelihood depends greatly on the client’s reputation.

It is not an unknown fact that finding the right lawyer or lawful advice at the right time is difficult. In fact, the absence of a unified universal community for legal advisors deprived everyone of the know-how exchange. Also, exchanging opinions and sharing tips for complicated cases called for launching an application.

Our clients run a law firm in California. They approached us with a legal app development inquiry a couple months ago. Our business analyst team took care of the rest.


California, USA


Website & App Development, UI/UX Design


Legal Help App

Project Framing with the Client

When needed, it is more than challenging to look for reliable lawyers, experts, neutrals, etc. And it is safe to say that nobody doubts the potential of technology today. Hence, with advancing technology piercing through all industries, our client saw the void of any unified communities in the legal sector.

Our clients are a group of lawyers based in California, USA. Being lawyers themselves, they knew what could make their area of work better in terms of workflow communication, transparency of information, and exchanging brilliant know-how. Their demand to create digital help for all the advocate industry professionals came to us as an opportunity for flawless legal app development.

Project Framing with the Client

What Was Our Role? How Did We Aid Our Client?

As end-to-end development and design service providers, our role was to build the app from scratch. The clients came to us with a noble but vague idea of helping the lawyers community with a platform that could bring them all together.

We started from point zero, i.e., curating the app idea and making it rich with necessary features. Our priorities were to prioritize the app’s utility and user data security according to the California and USA laws.

We formulated the user map for iOS, Android, and a responsive website. Furthermore, we worked on keeping the app lightweight and optimized its speed and performance.

Distinctive Features of the App for Lawyers

Although this app has four different target audiences – Attorney, Expert, Neutral, and Group – all use the same app panel.

Features for Attorneys

  • FREE digital connection with the legal community
  • Follow colleagues
  • Rate & submit reviews for Experts and Neutrals
  • Give feedback to experts & neutrals (publicly or anonymously)
  • Join Groups to collaborate with Attorneys in the region, practice area, bar association, or other legal community
  • Get the latest relevant updates, ask or answer questions from fellow Attorneys, share or search for work products, and plan events
Features for Attorneys
Features for Experts and Neutrals

Experts and Neutrals Features

  • Expand their reach and promote their credentials
  • Claim (or create) Populaw profile
  • Share posts with Attorneys that follow each other
  • Contest unfavorable reviews
  • Promote content via sponsored posts
  • Advertise to Attorneys (for further hiring)

Features in Groups

  • Host your community on Populaw
  • Share posts & comments with other group members
  • Share & search for work products
  • Plan & prepare for events
  • Expand Group’s membership base via advertising & sponsored posts
Features in Groups

How Did We Make App for Lawyers Unique?

Populaw app for Lawyers is the first-of-its-kind social media application for law professionals. It is a lightweight app with all the possible optimizations.

While doing this law app development, we added all the useful functionalities to the application. Protecting human rights and dignity should be a top priority when building an app that will involve user interaction. Since it is a social media app, we added the ‘Report Abuse’ feature per the community guidelines.

Also, keeping in mind the valuable time of these law professionals, we made sure that the app does not block the user from doing other activities while the app loads a particular command.

The design is minimalistic yet engaging. Our primary goal was user understanding and a seamless experience. The subtle color scheme and font style used in the app say it all!

  • Lightweight yet very optimized and feature-rich and a lot of functionality
  • Profile verify / no error messages
  • No user block while loading / Doesn’t reload unnecessarily
  • Validation field below the error

Colors & Typography of Legal App Development







Typography of leagal app development

Experience the Alluring UI of the App!! – Screenshots

The creative team at Excellent Webworld brims with highly talented graphic and UI/UX designers. Take a look at the screenshots of the Populaw mobile app!

UI of the Populaw App

Lawyer App Development for Android & iOS – Challenges & Solutions

Challenge 1 – Building API Structure During Law App Development.

Solution :

API is a hard nut to crack. We would admit that API development and further integration was a difficult phase. But we had to get it right anyhow! The team tackled it together after some brainstorming sessions.

Challenge 2 – Enabling users to register as different titles using a single email address.

Solution :

An interested user can register on the app as two different titles (attorney and expert). The mechanism was tricky to develop. However, the programmers aced the registration process and simplified it to its maximum extent.

Technology Stack

Backend & API

PHP, CodeIgniter 3


HTML, CSS, Javascript





Android Language


iOS Language



Firebase, stripe, SocketIO, Google places

App Security

SSL with Bearer token

Payment gateway


Runtime tracking

Firebase Crashlytics

Network Request


Satisfied Clients Are Our Consistent Achievements! – Client Feedback

Our esteemed California-based lawyer clients absolutely loved the end results. Quoting the founder of Populaw app, “Feeling fortunate to have placed an inquiry with Excellent Webworld that day. We are loving the Populaw application. We are sure that this will become a trend in the legal industry very soon…”

Planning a Similar Legal App Development in Your State?

Apart from diligent deliveries of applications on the promised date, celebrating our client’s progress is one of the other things we are good at! If you want to be one of those entrepreneurs who need a digital partner to set foot in the industry at the right time, consult the experts at Excellent Webworld.

App for Lawyers, advocates, attorneys, and other law field experts have been acing the market. No obstacle can hamper the success of a business with the right resources and right people.

You can also transform your dream into a reality by reaching out to a reliable mobile app development company. Become a law website or application entrepreneur in this digital age!

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