About The Project

Tinfo is an informative community app which provides news and important information around the city of taldykorgan (administrative centre of Kazakhstan) .

The major requirement of the client was to provide free, relevant access to the latest information about the taldykorgan city. He wanted to add several sections in the app for display of news, city maps, information of various organizations, events and everything happening in the city of Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan.




Hybrid App Development, Ionic, UI/UX Design



What We Have Done

We focused to create a community app for Taldykorgan which will have various sections like news, Events,Local Business directory as well as an online shopping feature for buying and selling local goods.

Now it is easy to connect with the local businesses and the companies situated in Taldykorgan. You will be aware of ongoing promotions in the companies in the city. You can participate in sweepstakes and can win prizes. Tinfo will also give you the details of all the stores in the city.

Other Features

  • Latest News
  • Business Directory listing
  • Latest Events
  • Equities
  • Easy login using Social mediaPurchase & Sale Goods & Services
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