Project Overview

On-demand apps have exceptionally got a different level of craze among millennials. People spend 80% of their time browsing products online rather than going to traditional stores.

With the same purpose, one of the clients Mr Eric Stout from the USA came to us. He shared his concern about how the pandemic has slowed down the sales for liquor stores and the way people fear stepping out of their homes to buy alcohol. Apparently, Eric said that the technology is gaining a lot of traction, and he was looking forward to developing an out of the box solution to digitize the liquor stores.

Basically, the client wanted us to build a liquor delivery platform wherein the local liquor store vendors can register and sell alcohol online.

Adding more to it, the aim was to build a local alcohol delivery platform that not only delivers the needs but also, eases and enhances the user experience. With that, he also wanted to enable other liquor stores to register and sell liquor via his drinks delivery platform.

Our team gathered up all the requirements from the clients and started working on the same with complete dedication. See how we managed to make this project come out with flying colours!




Website, Android & iOS App



How did We work To Develop An Alcohol Delivery App?

After receiving all the information and requirements from the client, firstly our BA team worked on analyzing the entire project,

Later, thorough research was carried out to understand the competitors’ platform, and how we can develop something that stays unique and catchy for the users. And, that’s where we found some good opportunities that could be harnessed while developing a website/app to order alcohol.

Once we were done with the research part, our Project Manager explained the things to the client. We helped the client to figure out the actual needs of the lucrative idea. Our team suggested the needed deliverables for his online alcohol delivery and how it could draw the attention of the users.

Primarily, the deliverables for this project were an Android/iOS app (User + Delivery Boy) and a functional website. Besides that, we came up with an attractive feature wherein the users can check out the live location of the delivery boy. And, on the other hand, delivery boys can reach the customer’s place via location tracking. (this worked as a key benefit for the client to attract the users).

With a green signal from him, we commenced our work to build a perplexing liquor delivery app and website.

To put it short, we’ve covered the entire website and app development process for the client’s requirements. We conducted simultaneous work for the Android/iOS app and website.

build an alcohol delivery app
ui/ux Design for Alcohol Delivery App and Website

Our Approach To Build Alluring UI/UX Design for App/Website

According to us, UI/UX design is one of the key factors that is responsible for the success of the online platform. Henceforth, our team pays extra attention to the design phase of the website/ app development process.

The designer team begins with their own research for trending designs of the drinks delivery app and website. Then, they will move to the next very important step that is wireframing, (we can say that it is the first step to bring an idea to reality)

After wireframing, its prototype, mockups and the final design were built. The best part was, our client was impressed with the efforts put by designers to come up with an enticing design and logo for his business.

Some Visionary Features of an Alcohol Delivery App

We’ve listed down the important features of the on-demand alcohol delivery app. Explore the features that we integrated into this platform.

User App

  • Registration
  • Social Media Login
  • View Nearby Stores
  • View Store Products
  • Search for the Product
  • Product Categories
  • View Cart
  • Live Tracking
  • Offers & Promo Codes
  • Online Payment
  • Notifications
  • Delivery Person Profile
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Order History

Super Admin Panel

  • Login
  • Profile Management
  • Set Duty On/Off
  • Order Details
  • Accept/Reject Order
  • Notifications
  • Track User Location
  • Check Earning
  • View Order History
  • Reached to Destination

Vendor Panel

  • Admin Login
  • Statistical Dashboard
  • Manager Vendor Panel Profile
  • View User Profile
  • Manage Category
  • Manage Sub Category
  • Notification Management
  • Order Management
  • Reviews & Ratings Management
  • Revenue Reports
  • Manage Commission

Challenges That Came Across Our Path

One of the biggest challenges that came our way was regarding the delivery time. The client wanted us to build the alcohol delivery platform as soon as possible. As he cannot wait for a longer period to go digital.

The alcohol delivery app built by us was not just a single vendor platform. In fact, other stores can also register them on the platform to sell liquor online.

Therefore, there were a lot of features and functionalities to build in a short span of time. The short deadline was a major concern for us. However, with the teams’ support and working strategically we have accomplished the goal. Our Project Manager has distributed the work in a way that the project gets completed on time.

Explore the App via Screenshots

To have a clear picture of how we worked and built the alcohol delivery app, have a look at the screenshots of the app mentioned below. You can even go through the app or website to see the quality of work we’ve done.

best alcohol delivery app screenshot

Technology Stack


Swift using Xcode 11.3


Java, using Android Studio



Real-Time Data Transfer



CodeIgniter Framework

Third Party

Google Map API Integration

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