About The Project

The client approached us with the unique idea for developing a taxi booking app for drivers and passengers of Tanzania. You may think what is so unique about it; there are lots of taxi-hailing apps that serve the same purpose.

The uniqueness wasn’t in the business idea but the execution of the idea. The client had a different vision for this taxi management app development project.

He wanted to make a few new features for the drivers and passengers besides the usual ones provided by other taxi booking apps. He insisted on adding new features like Trip to Destination and Nearby destination, which addresses and solves problems occurring to drivers.

He was clear about developing a taxi management solution with complete care and needed the mobile app with an attractive user interface (UI) and robust user experience (UX). He wanted the native app for both leading platforms – iOS and Android.

Project type

App development


iOS, Android



Top Features Distinguishing this App from All the Other Taxi Dispatcher Apps

TanTaxi is the only taxi app in Tanzania that has the most top-notch features for passengers as well as drivers. Here are the best ones

Passenger App Features

  • My Bookings – Know about your past, current, and future taxi bookings within the user logs.
  • Schedule Booking – User can schedule a booking for any time of the day. The user will also receive an app notification at the scheduled time to remind about the ride.
  • In-App Wallet – The user can pay in cash or add money to the in-app wallet and pay the driver directly through it.
  • My Receipt – The user can keep records of all their E-receipts from the past rides within the app.
  • Offer Tip to Driver – A relatively new feature in the country that allows passengers to tip the driver for excellent service.
  • Push Notification – Get notified about the driver, once the ride is booked. Get driver’s photo, car registration, and expected time of arrival. Also, receive a notification when the ride is near, and at the end when payment is made successfully.
  • Review & Rating – This feature lets you rate the driver and the ride experience on a point system and also comment review about your experience in detail.
  • Promo Code – People love to save money, so providing exciting promo-codes is an excellent idea to increase business. The passengers can apply it while paying for the ride at the end and get discounts
  • Fare Estimation – Get a fare estimation even before you book the ride. So you know exactly how much to pay before booking the ride, which leaves no chance of error or cheating.
Passenger App Feature
Driver App Feature

Driver App Features

  • My Bookings – Know about your past, current, and future bookings from the driver app logs.
  • Geo Location – Get the exact location of the passengers through Google map and the best route to get there in time.
  • Trip to Destination – This new feature allows the driver to take a break for the fixed amount of hours. In this time, the driver can get the rides that are only located to nearby predefined radius by the admin (taxi fleet owner).
  • Near-By- Destination – Another new feature solves an issue for the driver by getting notified about new riders near the drop location while he is about to complete the current trip. This reduces the wait time for the next ride after the current one is complete.
  • Customer Rating – The driver can also give reviews to the customers as the customers do. This way, other drivers can stay away from troublesome customers.
  • In-App Wallet –This feature allows the driver to check balance and transfer the money from the app wallet whenever needed.
  • Hold Trip – If a rider wants to stop anywhere, then the driver can hold the trip, and the waiting charge will be added on the final trip amount making sure the driver doesn’t incur any loss.
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How We Contributed & Built the Best Taxi App?

When we were approached for this project, our team of backend and frontend development was thrilled to work on it. We always wanted to build an all taxi management solution for a startup in the African continent; this was our first.

The challenges we faced were expected. It was exciting for us to develop new features given by the client that was unheard of till then.

As always, our team handled the project strategically and succeeded in it. The client was especially thrilled seeing the work of our UI/UX designers. They did a great job in developing the initial design idea to wire-frame and then to the final design.

We integrated the M-Pesa mobile banking service, which simplifies the process of transferring and receiving money in the wallet. With this feature, TanTaxi brought the people of Tanzania a gift in the form of cashless money transfer in taxi booking service.

Tantax Logo

Explore the app

The client was clear about making his app very user-friendly. Hence, our primary aim was to build a taxi booking app that was easy to navigate and with an engaging user interface. Here are several screenshots of taxi booking software.

Are You Searching for Such a Taxi Fleet Management App?

Our app went viral instantaneously among riders and drivers in Tanzania. Since then, the taxi enterprise has only been rising to new heights. Do you want to invest in such a lucrative startup idea? Excellent Webworld is the best taxi app development company with varied experience in developing different kinds of taxi booking applications and Taxi Management Software for clients across the world.