About Project

Auton is a renowned TV mechanism and automated concealment systems provider. They’ve been in business for the last 40 years.

Auton has been number one all these years because they regularly change their business strategies and services according to the latest trends and technologies.

They came to us with the requirement to make an Alexa skill to integrate voice-enabled access to their system. Till then, they used to provide a remote controller to operate the system. But with smart speakers, most of the remotes have gone obsolete, so they too decided to go with the voice-tech approach. We loved to do the project as it helped us expand into the IoT electronic mechanism vertical.

We also suggested them to build a mobile app for their TV concealment systems. So even if a user didn’t have an Alexa speaker at their home or office, they can control the Auton TV system with the mobile app.




Android, iOS



App Features

  • 2 Button Working (Up & Down)
  • 3 Button Working (Up, Down, & Stop)
  • Works for Multiple Devices from Single App
  • 2-Factor Authentication Security
  • Ask Alexa to bring out your TV
  • Execute any Auton presets with Alexa
  • Ask Alexa to start a specific Auton system
  • Similar Projector Mechanism
  • Similar Speaker Mechanism
  • 7 Button Working (Set the TV at any angle, any direction)

What We Made?

We worked on creating Alexa command and skill parallelly with the mobile app to make the systems more widely accessible by the users and make Auton a future-proof company.

We built the Alexa skill, got the aproval for the same from Alexa marketplace, and launched the skill for the smart speakers.

We also created two similar but separate native apps for Android and iOS platform. The aim was to make the system as easily accessible as possible. So simplicity was the essence of the app design. We built a remote-like layout for the app control so that we still stay true to the basics of the company.

How We Made?

We had a tough time cracking the Alexa feature. It was in the times when there was very limited documentation available for voice-technology, let alone Alexa in particular.

So to create a skill for Auton systems that is acceptable across all Alexa devices was a big challenge. We stood up to this challenge and created a personalized Alexa skill after studying top Alexa-integrated companies of different verticals.

Creating a remote layout mobile app was the easy bit of the project in our mobile app development services. The tough part was to write the firmware that integrated the app with the system hardware, but with our extensive knowledge in embedded programming and hardware engineering, we coded an advanced proprietary firmware that worked for all their existing solutions and systems.

What More We Added?

We created in the app and voice skill, the option to save a few presets. For instance, if you have two settings to watch your TV, one is sitting on the couch, and the other is lying on the floor on a futon.

You can set the TV height, direction, and angle for these two settings and save them as presets 1 and 2. Now you need to just press the preset button instead of trying to find that perfect angle and height for your TV.

If you have more than one TV at your home, then also you only need a single app for all of them and also to control a projector and home theater concealing unit. All the Auton systems and units work with the app.

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Do you wish to have your own IoT based mobile app?

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