If Steve Jobs was at the Frontend of Apple, then Steve Wozniak was at the backend due to whom the company stood tall. Any application or website is like an iceberg. What you see is just the tip of this iceberg, the front-end tip.

There is a huge section underneath the sea that keeps this iceberg afloat, this humongous side is the backend development.

Front-end is an important part of any web and app development but what is the use of beauty without any brains? The brain of server-side services makes the digitization of any business scale.

Before getting into the technical details, let’s first get a clear idea of what exactly entails in Backend development.

What is Backend Development?

An app or a website has two parts of coding Frontend & Backend. The one that comes in contact with the users is Front-end, while the one that doesn’t involve directly is Back-end.

In simple terms, backend development is the coding that is not seen directly.

Many business logic and algorithms come in play to process, store and retrieve user information in the app or website. All of this occurs in the back-end of the mobile apps and websites.

The users praise the front-end development and the ease of access without knowing that all this is possible due to the backend web development services.

What Do Back-End Developers Do?

The answer to this question varies from project to project.

The back-end developer has many different functions to fulfill. Consider front-end developers as interior designers then the back end developers are the architects that make the designs possible.

For e.g. If an app designer decides to put a back button to an app, then the backend developer is the one who writes codes for that button to work. The backend developer forms the logic for the button to work, and the next step after pressing the back button.

If the app is multi-faceted, then the backend developer is responsible for creating the basic architecture (framework) of the project.

Also during programming, the logic of the entire system to make sure it runs properly. Back-end developers tend to spend more time on implementing algorithms and solving more technical problems than front-end developers do.

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One of the most important functions that backend developers fulfill is to design database for web and app development projects. This entails 75% of the task allotted to backend developers. MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, Hadoop, etc. are the tools used for designing a database.

Another important function of back-end development is to write APIs (Application Programming Interface). API is a set of functions that becomes a mediator between two different digital environments. What it means is APIs allow communication between various software components by maintaining a set of subroutines and protocols.

In layman’s term, API is like a URL link built in Node.JS and residing in the cloud server waiting for a command to collect and give information to the users. Back-End Vs. Front-end Development.

After igniting a cardinal fight between Front-end and Back-end developers, we can’t leave this bone hanging without a proper verdict.

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Types of Back-End Requirements in the Business

Back-end is everything for IT development and you will need a strong Backend development company to build you the best mobile app or website. For easier understanding, we have divided Back-End development services into 4 sections. You can choose from any of the 4 sections suitable most to your needs.

Back-End for Website Development

If you need to just develop a website (informative or eCommerce website design), you need a team of dedicated developers.

All the data that your website visitors surf, gets to them using Back-end development technologies like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. This function is CMS (Content Management System) for Web solutions.

The content of your website gets stored on Cloud or your dedicated server, or third-party shared servers. A pre-defined logic created using backend web development solutions manages these content.

To create dynamic content for your website you will need Back-end PHP development. If your website is not informative but eCommerce based then you will need WordPress Woocommerce development or Magento back-end development solution.

Back-End Development for Mobile and Web Applications

If your startup needs more than a website or if your main interest is in mobile and web application then again you will need choose the best backend framework that enhance the performance of a web app.

All the fancy visuals that you see in mobile apps are all there just because of a strong back-end coding. The front-end developers just build the UI design but the back-end app developers make it a reality by converting it into a full-fledged application.

If you decide for native app development then your choices for the iPhone app would be swift development. iOS back end development is usually done by Swift or Objective-C developer. But, if you go for Android development then you should go with JavaScript development.

There is yet another option for mobile development that is on a rise nowadays and that is Hybrid development. You can create hybrid apps that can run on both mobile platforms using React Native development and Ionic development languages.

The back-end is also a very important part if you are planning to build a web application for your company’s products/services. The best thing about backend for web apps is giving the features of mobile apps on web browsers. These web apps get developed using frameworks like AngularJS, NodeJS, and ReactJS.

Back-End Development for Advanced Technology

After advancement in voice-enabled technology, the future where every house will have an Alexa, homepod or Google home system is not far.

So, as an enterprise, it is very important to have your company web and mobile products integrated to such IoT (internet of things), especially if your company is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or OEM company or service providers like Starbucks or Uber.

For OEM industries a main source of business comes from the users enquiring about their products or services and if such companies are not integrated with the future of web search will lose its customers and business. These IoT systems themselves are front-end technologies so you need to have a good back-end development side to integrate with these inevitable technologies of tomorrow.

We take an example of Amazon’s Alexa integration with your consumer electronic products or on-demand services where data storage happens in two places: Amazon’s lambda server or your own server. Alexa searches the net according to the voice instructions given so you need to integrate every possible request that can lead to your information.

You will need a strong back-end development support with knowledge of languages like NodeJS, Python, and Java for such IoT solutions & integrations.

Backend API Development : Making The App Functionality More Seamless

The Backend API, or in other words, server-side app development, is the catalyst of the overall application. Besides, the Backend is a direct connection by which the overall performance can be directly affected.

An app can easily alter for higher performance metrics if it is developed without adequate backend development support.

Still not convinced?

Then go through these reasons to understand the importance of backend API development:

Rapid Marketing

When the backend is solid and accurate, there is no need to repeat the whole development process. Since the backend developers have made the entire process of launching an app after development relatively easier.

Acceleration In App Scalability

When the servers are driven with API servers, the scalability becomes more as it provides large interfaces for developers to rest over time. Mainly, it will directly impact the performance and support concurrent requests.

Innovation Has New Route

The road to innovation becomes easy as these APIs are the keys to crafting new apps and creative skills. Also, one can run collaborative business processes from multiple back ends.

Development Cost is Decreased

If you are taking the help of Backend API development, it will reduce your development cost. There will be no need for multiple OS to make the app. With the help of Backend API development, everything becomes quite an easy task.

More Brand Awareness

There is a seamless integration of Backend application development that will allow you to publish the content effortlessly. And it can help in publishing from multiple channels.
The process that helps mainly leads entrepreneur’s success by creating the best app for your business.

Looking For Affordable Backend Solution?

You may not be in need of servers for your digital product. Firebase backend development is what you need. You can create mobile applications using a backend Firebase development platform. Firebase is a cloud solution for your websites and applications.

For apps that deal with simple data management like task managers, the Firebase backend development platform is the best option.

The best feature of using Firebase is that it’s backed on Google’s infrastructure so you don’t need any server infrastructure to handle your company or client data. With new updates like Cloud Firestore, you can store and sync of app data at a global scale. It is the perfect candidate to run backend code without managing servers.

For businesses like Chatting platforms and News channels, real-time database integration is a must. Firebase backend development services is the driving force for such real-time integrations.

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Back end development services are the whole and sole of any web or mobile app development.

So as a business enterprise, thinking of digitizing your company without backend support is simply not possible. Back-end is a vast sea of technical coding and this is not for the faint-hearted.

You will need more than one guy for back end development. You need either a team of freelance backend developers or a trusted back-end development company.

Before you hire a back-end development company you need to make them sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) so that your app idea or any other business information remains confidential.

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Mainly, the Backend development service is the core of your application. The backend is the nerve center that helps and controls whatever happens in the server. Hence, the backend development services are the core part of every service, mainly without which the front end is useless.

There are mainly three major parts in the backend development services:

  • Server
  • App
  • Database

The API is considered as often an equivalent backend component. A Database, it is also a part of the Backend development.

The common backend languages that often run in different frameworks are Ruby, PHP, Java, .Net, and Python.

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