What Services Your Packers & Movers Business Provides?

  • Packing Services
  • Moving Services
  • Logistics Services
  • Door To Door Transportation
  • Warehousing Services

If you own any of these moving businesses, then this blog is worth reading for you.
Uber for Moving App Development; This is the term that almost every business person related to the moving and packing industry is researching worldwide.

In most of the cases, people tend to prefer professional movers and packers services with a movers and packers app rather than doing it by themselves. Thus the packer and mover businesses have made a good space in the market.

Moving service market size in the USA

Though the moving apps industry seems to have a good hold, certain hurdles are preventing the growth of the packers and movers businesses. The most common barrier is technology backwardness.

The customers usually search for such movers and packers services online, and if you don’t have your moving business portal on the internet, then you are losing a large chunk of your business to your rivals who have already digitized their company.

The only magic potion your company needs is On-Demand Movers & Packers App Development. A company website and a mobile app for your business is a must at the present day and age. If you don’t know how to build an app for my business? Not to be worry!

What is the Movers and Packers Industry Searching on Google?

  • The On-Demand Movers & Packers App Development
  • Uber For Moving
  • Drop And Hook Trucking
  • Uber For Moving Things
  • Uber For Moving Furniture

What Does This Imply?

In simple terms; Uber is invading the movers and packers industry even without owning a movers company. What it means is that Uber’s taxi service model is so versatile that many moving businesses have integrated that into their business.

What is the Uber for Moving Business Model?

It’s an all-in-one packers and movers app development solution.

A complete software solution for movers will have:

  • An app for the customers to book packing and moving requests.
  • An app for the movers that will give them the detail of the job with pickup-drop location and itinerary to move.
  • An admin dashboard for the business owner to overlook the entire business from a single software.
  • A company website (if you don’t own one already) for the customers to check out your services and rates.

An overall solution to conquer all the difficulties in the path of movers and packers startups & business is to develop on-demand movers app – mushrooming across the globe. The key motive behind building a moving app like Uber is to efficiently manage packing and shifting of products, the family unit, offices, industrial merchandise, laboratories, cars, and so on.

Uber-like packers and movers app development solutions and IoT fleet management solutions not only aids movers and packers to perk up their operations but also helps people to find your business exactly when they need you, just with a tap on their smartphone.

Top Benefits of Developing Packers & Movers App Like Uber

  • Better Customer Service
  • Better Customer Relationship
  • Multiple Online Payment Options
  • Perfect Order and Staff Management
  • Easy Order Assessment
  • Bigger Customer Reach

What Services Can You Offer with Your Uber for Moving App?

Office Repositioning Service

An app like Uber for moving can aid you to offer on-demand packing and moving service to relocate offices. With relocation service app development solutions you can access the entire goods to be shipped and packed and based on this assessment you can assign the proper staff, resources, and plan accordingly and to carefully transfer all the office inventory.

Warehousing Service

An Uber like moving app deployed for your packing and moving business will serve you an opportunity to give a broad range of customized warehousing services. The warehousing services can include shipping and storing of PCs, office equipment, collectibles, home furniture’s, gadgets, documents, and other diverse items.

Car Transporter Service

You can work with automobile manufacturing and warehousing companies to transport their vehicles. You can also cater car carrier services in an urgent and complex situation. Customers usually need a towing service when their cars suddenly stop working or some accidental events occur, with a moving service app people can call for carrier service immediately whenever they are.

Domestic Shifting Service

It’s the most commonly offered service by movers and packers. With an on-demand packers & movers app, you can provide a specialized service for the relocation of any household objects. The service will include complete moving and relocation of family unit goods to the preferred location.

Professional Packers & Movers Service for Fragile Items

An app like Uber for movers and packers will empower to cater to professional packers and movers’ assistance from packing entire household to packing delicate things and other furniture. You can offer a shifting management service along with top quality assurance. It’s a complete packing and moving service for fragile merchandise from the source to the destination of the customer.

Transport Services

A mobile app for packers and mover’s startups & businesses can offer door to door transportation services across the world, with convenient and better management assurance of the goods.

Best Features for Packers & Mover App Software

Cost to-build-movers-and-packers-app

Certain user engaging and efficient features enhance the capabilities of any moving service app up to a great extent. These features may vary for the different aspects incorporated in an on-demand packers and movers business.

Uber for Moving Customer App

  • Set Pickup & Drop Location
  • Get Notification
  • Send Request
  • Online Payment
  • Track The Drivers
  • Check History
  • Give Reviews & Ratings
  • Get Insurance

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard Management
  • Manage Drivers
  • Manage Customers
  • Accept/Reject review Requests
  • Allocate Task to Concerned Team
  • Manage Wages & Commissions
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Verify Fuel Usage
  • Vehicle Management
  • Generation Report & Weekly Statement

Driver App

  • Accept and Cancel Order
  • View Daily & Weekly Earning
  • Accept/Reject Task Assigned By Admin
  • Check Order History
  • Changes Availability
  • Receive Payments

Advanced Features

  • Online Invoicing & Billing
  • Marketing & Promotion Tools
  • Set the Date for Planning & Survey
  • Fare Calculator Integration
  • Asset Tracking and Assessment

Essential Technologies To Build Moving App Like Uber

A robust and well functional app like Uber for moving needs a powerful technology stack support. Here are the technologies recommended to develop each aspect of your moving service app.

Payment Gateways

Nowadays, numbers of distinctive payment gateways are available. To make payment processing much more accessible, secure, transparent and quick; payment technologies like Stripe, Braintree, EWallets, the Apple Pay and PayPal’s Mobile SDK can be implemented into the packers and movers app. This also provides choice to the users to select their preferred approach.

Database Design

The most crucial part of your on-demand moving app is a back-end. The latest database technologies like PostgreSQL and Cassandra are useful for establishing a sound and robust back-end infrastructure. However, you can also work on frameworks like JavaScript and Python. The technologies like MongoDB, Cassandra, Hbase, Postgress, Mail Chimp integration can make the database and back-end design task more impactful.

Cloud Environment

The integration of cloud technologies like AWS, Google, Azure etc. serves a great opportunity to manage all the data in a much-secured way. All the essential data related to orders, users, shifting and payment details are stored in the cloud for ensuring the seamless workflow of a business. A moving service app enabled with cloud technology makes the business scalable and manages all the communication on secured servers for protecting the entire business’s integrity.

GPS Tracking

GPS technology plays a significant role in your moving service app. it helps to keep the users and admin updated with real-time information, before the deliveries. Google Maps are considered as the best alternative for navigation purposes due to its advanced functionalities and maximized customization benefits. One can also choose the MapKit for the iOS apps or can also select a specific API or SDK if needed.

Push Notification

Push notification is a trending marketing alternative that contributes to increasing user retention and acquisition. A mobile app for packers and movers startups & businesses can have a push notification system integrated with it to notify the user about the latest services and offers. A push notification technology can also enhance your business visibility and keeps customers engaged with the services. You can consider pushing notifications plugins like Push.io, Twilio, ePush etc.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Movers & Packers App?

When you opt for developing an app like Uber for moving, one question that will bug you is how much it will cost to develop a Uber for moving app?

It’s not possible to calculate the exact cost since it depends on several factors and varies accordingly. But we will provide you with an approximate price based on several case studies.

The major factors affecting app development costs are the complexity of the app, features and functions, platforms like iOS or Android. Further, the phases incorporated in the overall development process could also vary the development cost for an app like Uber for moving.

Development Phases Hours Cost Estimation
Research and Analysis 40 Up to $1000
Design 60 $1500 to $2000
Development 400 $10,000 to $ 20,000
Testing MVP 80 $2000 to $4000
Bug Fixing and Polishing 3 month Free Support

On average for developing a moving app like Uber, you may have to pay around $10,000 to $30,000 for a single platform, either Android or iOS. The cost may rise if you choose to build a cross-platform app or want to add extra features. According to the complexity of the app features, the price can go up to $65,000.

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If you are thinking of starting your own taxi business, then building an app is the first and foremost thing to begin with.

The Industries that You can Offer Your Moving Services:

A packers and movers app could also be beneficial for several other businesses like:


The same case happens with retailers. The retail stores have a huge need for importing and exporting groceries and other goods from the various designations. An on-demand moving app is a perfect solution for solving the transportation problem in the retail sector.


Electronic appliances are delicate and need extra care while transporting from one place to another. And for electronic businesses, it’s the major task to transport the electronic appliances safely and in a good condition. A moving service app can allow such business to discover proper packers and movers service that cloud be trusted.


Automobile deals with complex and broad tasks like designing, developing, manufacturing and transporting. Using an Uber for moving like app, automobile agencies can find large transport vehicles or services to effortlessly and instantly deliver the automobile parts or cars to the intended customers.


The biggest headache for furniture stores is to find out reliable transportation services for delivering furniture to the customer’s location without delay and any breakage. Having a transport vehicle can cost them more for maintenance and other issues. With your uber for moving furniture app, furniture businesses can outsource the transport task and accomplish the delivery process.

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Build Your Uber for Moving App

Myriads of businesses across the globe are embracing the mobile app development process and leveraging its enormous benefits in various forms. Your industry also has the best opportunity to rise ahead with the packers and movers app development solutions.

Do you possess a packers and movers business? Then it’s high time for you to upgrade with some advanced technology solutions like Uber app development.

Hire dedicated developers from us and they will provide you with the most precise solution for your company.

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