Why Amazon Alexa Skills are important for your business

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science of how to get machines to do the things they do in the movies.” -Astro Teller

Apple has Siri, Google has Assistant, and Microsoft has Cortana but none of these are capable enough to compete with Amazon’s Alexa. Since November 2014, Alexa is learning new skills daily and now, Alexa has replaced the “Mobile First Approach” with the “Voice First Approach” for businesses.

The reason why Alexa is widely used in houses is because of the organic feel that people experience with it. The questions you ask need not be thoughtfully formed for a machine but natural, just like you ask another person. This is the same reason why Alexa has found its way from your homes to your offices. It works efficiently as an AI to supply information maintaining a realistic voice to make you feel for her as a colleague.

Today, Businesses are looking for Alexa Skills Development services to serve the smoothest and easiest communication path to customers. Alexa has made the invasion in the enterprise sector through the marketing department.

Amazon Alexa has dedicated skills for marketers and these skills are performing as a great assistant for generating reports and analytics periodically.

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Amazon Alexa Skills For Marketing

Alexa is versatile with every given task; this stands true for marketing also. Due to its complex algorithm and quick web search skills, it is a perfect candidate to optimize your marketing strategies.

Individual marketers or the marketing teams of enterprises are also leveraging the benefits of Amazon Alexa skills. Let’s check out Why marketers should create Amazon Alexa skills for their services:

  • Know your web analytics report

With this amazing Alexa Echo Skill, You can ask Alexa for the website traffic report of your website or blog. Instead of logging into the report can be of any specific day, month or year.

Web Analytics Alexa Commands

  • Utilize Voice Metrics

We all want to be updated about the growth of our business. You can connect your slack channel, or Google sheet to get a daily briefing on how your business is performing. Alexa gives you updates on sales, order lists, coming product releases and meetings, Marketing reports for both offline and online, and many other aspects of your business. Voice Metrics has open API; hence it can process almost any type of data giving virtually unlimited possibilities.

Voice Metrics Alexa Commands

  • Know About The Competitors

Do you know you can ask Alexa to search for the websites of the competitors? You can get the top organic keywords of any website, the number of website visits, the website’s top referrer and much more data relevant to your business.
Best Voice Metrics Alexa Commands

  • Manage Your Conference

Amazon Alexa has the ability to sync your daily activity with Google Calendar and this helps in identifying upcoming conference calls. Alexa will save your time of dialing the numbers, entering participant codes and making a call from the Alexa-enabled device. All you have to ask Alexa is to “start my call”.

  • Better Sales Report

With apps like SalesTalk, Amazon Alexa can combine business intelligence and customer relationship management. You can ask Alexa for best/worst sales report, sales data such as unit data from a single voice-activated package.

  • Edit Your Docs Without Editing

You can edit or create Google Docs on the go with Amazon Alexa. All you have to do is, Sync EditDocs with your Gmail account and Google drive and then you can edit the most recent used 10 files. You can create, open, or edit a Google Doc, Sheet or Slide.

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Integrate Alexa Skills For Google Analytics

Usual meetings turn out boring with limited interactions; Alexa will make things much more interesting, by performing reporting tasks. Enterprises can now utilize Amazon Alexa Google analytics skills to know the most imperative Google Analytics metrics like users, sessions, channels, and revenue. It allows you to get quick and easy access to your Google Analytics data. Check out how Alexa Google analytics skills work:

Account Linking

The Alexa Google analytics skills will work only with an active Google Analytics account which needs to be linked once. Thereby, first of all, you will have a complete account linking configuration within your Amazon developers’ account.

The configuration menu will provide an Account Linking section where you can put some requisites like:

  • Client Id

That corresponds to the Id of your web service

  • Authorization URL

Select an OAuth provider to handle the login procedure

  • Scope

Set access limits for ALEXA, e.g. read-only

  • Authorization Grant Type

Implicit Grant can have the access token only once and the Auth Code Grant can permit ALEXA to request for new access token when required

Once you have activated the Alexa Google Analytics skills, you will be asked to choose a google account if there’s more than one. By successfully adding credentials you are all set to interact with Alexa.

Ask For Metrics

After the successful account linking, Alexa will direct you to a picker dialog to describe a Google analytics view by which metrics will be asked.

This picker dialog is realized by looping with existing properties and accounts until we get to the preferred view. Every time you will say “yes” the current id will be saved so as to generate an appropriate API request call on Google Analytics API.

When a precise view has been chosen, you can ask for metrics such as channel distribution, revenue, and sessions, just like:

  • “Alexa, how was our channel distribution?”
  • “Alexa, let me know about sessions on my site”
  • “What is our revenue?”

Alter Settings

If you need to get metrics from another account, just alter your settings by asking

  • “Alexa, please change my settings”
  • “Alexa, change the view” M
  • “Alexa, change my account”

Once you have activated the Alexa Google Analytics skills, you will be asked to choose a google account if there’s more than one. By successfully adding credentials you are all set to interact with Alexa.

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That’s a wrap!

Till now, we have experienced Amazon Alexa in our business operations, making our daily tasks even more convenient. Now Amazon has brought an opportunity for you to use Alexa skills beyond the office desk. Check out how much Alexa voice service can impact your marketing team and their efforts with Alexa Skills that will help them to drive better results for your enterprise. So are you ready to build Alexa Skills for your enterprise? Contact our experts to get proper guidelines and Amazon Alexa skill solutions for the same.

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