Uber-like Flower Delivery App- A new aid for the florist merchant!

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Let’s understand the root of the situation and later know how uber for flower delivery like app can bring you beautiful benefits.

Is your flower shop earning massive profits? You are becoming successful and making higher profits with each passing year.


Then it’s high time you think about what you are missing out on and how the competitors are getting ahead in the race. Well, the blog talks about how you can build a flower delivery app and gain lucrative benefits.

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How Florist App Development Are Delivering Million Dollar Business?

The world is going mobile, and there is no doubt that businesses are improving their sales and customer loyalty with technology.

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and IoT Software Services are transforming buying and selling products online, and the florist is a growing e-commerce business.

Have a look at the astonishing figures,

flower app statistics

So, the flower delivery app offers unique aspects to the customers like; advance ordering of the bouquet, sending the bouquet directly to the loved one, adding personalized notes, and sending gifts along with the bouquets.

Now think for a min, if you want to give a bouquet to someone special, what will you do? Which option will you select; visiting the shops, buying flowers, or ordering from a mobile app?

The answer is predictable: the one in which you can quickly deliver your wishes to your loved ones. An uber like flower delivery app will transform how your users interact with you. Let’s peep into some of the flower delivery mobile app development benefits.

How Can Florists Merchants Benefit From the Uber Flower Delivery App?

In today’s era, it is hard to believe that businesses still don’t have a digital presence. An online presence of your brand aids you in creating brand awareness.

But, when we talk about a flower delivery business, creating a Facebook page or a website would fetch you fewer results. On the other hand, developing an uber like flower delivery app might gain you higher profits.

Today, people want quick responses and easy checkout and payment processes, which is only possible through mobile apps.

List of Benefits for Developing Uber for Flower Delivery Application

  • Easy order placement
  • On-time delivery
  • User-based categories
  • Major payment gateway integration
  • Occasion based selection
  • Personalized messages
  • Gift combo integration
  • Customized payment options

Along with these benefits, there are many more that add to the app development for startups and brands too.

Now, let’s look at some must-have features for developing an Uber-like flower delivery app.

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Must-Have Features to Include in A Flower Delivery App

  • 1.Brand/logo display:

An intuitive logo will represent your brand, and your logo must be attractive. The form of login and registration must have the user’s minor fields to fill up. The more areas your form has, the more chances of the user running away.

  • 2. Easy Login and Registration:

The form login and registration must have least fields to fill up by the user. The more the fields your form has the more chances of the user running away.

  • 3. Filter and sorting:

To search for the desired product, it is necessary to provide a filter and sorting option to get what they want.

  • 4. Social media login:

Social media login provides easy login access to the users, which results in smooth sharing of your product on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and snap chat.

  • 5. Fresh arrivals and trending options:

Products that are most purchased or are new can be the choice of your customers. Displaying these products on the first page will create customer loyalty.

  • 6. Delivery options:

You can provide same-day delivery or special date delivery. The customer will enter the date and time in the app with the delivery address, and you can deliver at the specified address.

  • 7. Customized notes:

The customers can add a customized note with the bouquet from the app, and you can print it and tag it with the bouquet.

  • 8. Combo features:

You can offer various combinations and bouquets like adding chocolates, teddies or greeting cards.

  • 9. Occasion based category:

Categorize your app as per the various occasions like Birthdays, Housewarmings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Engagements, Graduations, etc.

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Important Payment Gateways to Include in your Uber for Flower Delivery App

Types of Push Notifications That Can Help Your Online Flower Delivery App

Mass push notification:

Inform all your users, visitors and customers about the recent announcements and offers about your shop.


User-based push notifications are based on the type of messages you want to share with your new users, old users, inactive and active users.

Discount notification:

You can notify your customers about the various offers and discounts and send a Coupon code to loyal customers.

Cart based notification:

Send notification to the users as per the items present in their cart. This will compel them to buy the stuff.

Product-based notification:

Send alerts to your customers based on the product they searched for earlier. They will buy it when they see an offer on it.

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Study the Application Development Cost

A complete understanding of the factors that are affected while developing an app.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Flower Delivery App?

The cost of developing an on-demand flower delivery app depends on various factors. The functionalities that you want in your app will decide the features. The following are the significant factors that make an impact on the cost:

The Platform on which the app is developed (iPhone app development /Android App Development)

  • Type of login in the mobile app
  • User profile of the buyer and seller
  • Kind of ROI of the app (Up-front, in-app purchase or free)
  • Website connectivity of the app
  • UI/UX (the look and feel of the app)

Parting Thoughts….

Are you worried about the expenditure of Android app development for your flower shop? Don’t worry, and we will develop an uber like flower delivery app on a pocket-friendly budget.

Discuss your requirements and features with us, and we will provide you with a mobile app development team of expert app developers for the quick and smooth development of your app.

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