Attention Please: This Blog describes everything that Businesses need to know about Augmented Reality using ARKit in iOS 11.

This blog includes:

  • 1. Overview of Augmented Reality
  • 2. How AR can transform Businesses?
  • 3. Why ARKit for Business?
  • 4. Real-life use cases of ARKit
  • 5. What are the benefits of ARKit for different Industries?
  • 6. What are the advantages of ARKit to Individuals?
  • 7. How much will it cost to Develop an ARKit App?
  • 8. Which are the best tools of ARKit for Business App Development?

Let’s Dive Into The Concept Of Augmented Reality

With the boom of mobile apps and responsive websites in business operations; enterprises and businesses were in search of a new and innovative way of utilizing the functionalities and anywhere presence of mobility solutions. Augmented Reality (AR) apps for iPhone app development come as a glitter of gold for enterprises. AR’s sensory, visual, and graphics allow businesses to create an immersive experience for its users.

At WWDC 2017, Apple makes it clear that iOS 11 will have a new definition for businesses. Apple introduced Augmented Reality (AR) App for iOS using ARKit. Apple has acquainted a new framework that will help iOS developers overcome all the Augmented Reality (AR) app glitches and results in an entirely new experience for AR users. This framework is “ARKit”.

How businesses are mutating with Augmented Reality Apps?

Rather than mutating, the word “revamp” would better define the process businesses are going through using Augmented Reality technology. Gone are the days of spreading brochures and leaflets to inform people about your products, companies now use AR apps to showcase their array of products and give the users’ an idea of the product “in their hand” before delivery.

Augmented Reality is reshaping the business process in an utterly new way. Industries like eCommerce, healthcare, and real estate are using augmented reality to provide a better user experience. Augmented Reality App Development offers enterprises an enhanced approach to operating day-to-day operations in an intuitive way.

Augmented reality for business can be wrapped in three main benefits:

Data delivery:

Companies can display the relevant data of their product in real-time to the clients.


The visual experience delivered by AR enables companies to showcase their products and services in an enhanced manner.


The 3D visuals of the AR apps and devices can be used to train the employees which results in better productivity.

The best example of AR tech would be IKEA, “IKEA used AR so that the customers can explore how a piece of furniture will look in the house.” Users can simply point out their device camera in the space where the furniture is supposed to be placed and a lot of options will appear.

Augmented reality and business cards:

The first impression of any businessman often is made by the business card that he owns. So this small card has become more than just a means of contact information but an entire brand image among business personnel. The craze of making an AR visiting card has already caught fire and is becoming a rising trend that many companies are beginning to implement.

The most beloved innovation in Augmented Reality App development for the business sector is augmented business cards.

Business cards or visiting cards are now transformed with the introduction of augmented reality. With augmented reality, the cards came alive. Your clients can scan your business cards from their mobile devices and access all your information.

Businesses are opting for these new business cards to revamp their client experience and provide them with a whole lot of knowledge about their work, experience, and specialties. A small card will hold as much information as you want.

How ARKit for iOS 11 can revamp Businesses?

Developing Augmented Reality (AR) apps for iPhone and iPad is not a new thing, many enterprises are already using AR for their business operations. But ARKit is new, it is new in the way of functioning.

The ARKit framework has some powerful tools that can develop AR Apps with underlying technologies:

Visual Inertial Odometry:

This technology will help the device to understand the space and where the device camera is pointed at.

Scene Understanding And Scale Estimation:

The device can detect the plane and use hit testing to understand the surroundings.

Light Estimation:

It is necessary to make sure that the virtual objects must be in correspondence with the scene’s darkness so that they look natural.

ARKit will coordinate with the camera, motion sensors, CPU, and graphics chip better than the third-party developers.

Some real life examples of ARKit

Augmented Reality apps can work in four different ways, depending on the features you want to integrate into your app.
Check out the types of Augmented Reality apps based on features and workings:

Marker based Augmented Reality Apps

Trigger markers can be used in the real-world to initiate augmented reality. Trigger markers can be anything from simple QR codes, images, icons, or even movie posters.

Gyroscope based Augmented Reality

The device’s gyroscope can be used to make interactive AR apps. The information of the gyroscope can be used to place virtual objects.

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) Augmented Reality

SLAM is used to integrate data from multiple sensors to calculate the user’s position precisely. A simple movement of the camera can create a 3D model of random real objects.

Machine Learning And ARKit: A Splendid Combination For Enterprises

Machine learning will enable Artificial Intelligence to a new horizon which ultimately results in all-new horizons for Augmented Reality. Machine learning can work efficiently with the camera, Siri, and Quicktype.

Combining the best features of machine learning and augmented reality businesses can revamp your business experience. Leverage machine learning and add features to your AR apps like face tracking, bar code detection, and text detection.

The benefits for various industries from Apple ARKit Augmented Reality App

  • Education:

The education industry has introduced a New Concept of Teaching and learning. It is a well-known fact that students love to watch instead of read. This results in the introduction of augmented reality in the education landscape. Students can learn about a certain topic through live demonstrations instead of boring lectures.

  • E-commerce

The eCommerce industry was having a major issue in that we cannot try the clothes that we want to buy and this led to major issues in buying clothes. Now users can also try their clothes from the eCommerce augmented reality app stores. This will lead to less exchange and returns.

  • Games:

Pokemon go started the AR in the gaming era, and now the world is full of AR games. AR allows better response than normal games which as a result leads to more human interactions. Integrating AR within the games provides better perspectives for the users which will lead to more interactivity in the games.

  • Real estate:

Augmented reality technology has transformed the way Real Estate businesses showcase their properties. A 3D view is far better than a plain flat print of a property. The buyers feel much closer to the property and as a result, will generate trust. For that, you have to build an AR-implemented Real estate app. You can find suitable solutions from any reputed real estate development company.

  • Retail and manufacturing:

Imagine a scenario in which the engineers in your factory can access the blueprints, instructions, and real-time data through a smartphone. Easy, isn’t it? This is just one scenario AR can provide lots of such features, for the retail and manufacturing industry.

  • Traveling:

If you are a travel enthusiast then there are AR-integrated traveling apps that guide you to the nearest landmarks that you can find on the phone. Apps like find your car use AR tech to guide you in real-time about the location of where your car is parked in a parking lot.

#DoYouKnow according to IDC, Worldwide Spending on Augmented and Virtual Reality will Reach $13.9 Billion in 2017.

ARKit apps are not only limited to businesses, individuals can use them for themselves

  • Bloggers:

Bloggers can use augmented reality to give a new type of self-introduction. AR business cards will provide a short introduction of the blogger along with a quick view of the work.

  • Artists or painters:

Gone are the days of keeping a huge portfolio file, artists can upload their latest endeavor on the app and can display a 3D view of their paintings, sketches, or drawings to anyone they met.

  • Designers:

Fashion designers struggle a lot to Showcase their Designs. It is impossible for them to carry out each live design and the images of the designs are unable to display the real live designs. With AR they can display their designs in a unique and effective way.

  • Dancers or choreographers:

Dancers can display their moves to anyone with one click. It is next to impossible to exhibit some of its best moves at any place and anytime, so AR will provide a live demo of the best step to show off its talents.

How Much Does It Cost FOR Create Your First AR App With ARKit?

The cost of Developing an AR apps for iPhone 8 and iPad depends on the factors like features, resources, and a timeline. You can Hire ARKit Developers as per the pricing model of the ARKit app development company you are working with.

Beware of the fraud of cheap or free solutions to implement augmented reality features and functionality in your application. These features may impress you at first but will depress you later due to the high maintenance of the app.

If you want to learn more about the pricing of your application with AR functionality, then you should talk to our expert business analysts. Discuss your queries with the experts and know the best price model that can work for your idea.

Why you should hire ARKit developers from Excellent WebWorld:

We thrive for your success.

At Excellent WebWorld, we focus on the professional development of our developers, and on the other side, they love to experiment as well. We work on the advancement of our resources for grasping the latest technologies. This results in the effective handling of complex queries of our clients.

Our developers have a deep understanding of various AR tools like:

  • Vuforia: Vuforia recognizes various types of visual objects, environments, Numark and text. A user can scan and create object targets.
  • EasyAR: This tool supports some interesting features like 3D object recognition, smart glass solution, environment perception, app cloud packaging, and cloud packaging.
  • ARToolKit: Some of the best features of ARKToolKit are tracking of planar images, a plug-in for unity and open scene graphs, optical head-mounted display support, and quick response.
  • Wikitude: It provides functionalities like GEO data, image recognition and tracking, 3D tracking technology, cloud recognition, positioning, advanced camera options, and much more.
  • Kundan Framework: This framework uses SLAM technology to recognize simple images and 3D objects. It provides easy generation of the database using the unity editor.

We have ARKit developers that can develop.

Some of the best tools of ARKit for developing business apps:

dae File Creator
arkit framwork
scene kit
unreal engine

Our ARKit developers are all ready with these tools to develop AR apps for your business. Hire ARkit App Developers now and get started on your project.

Now that you are aware of the nitty-gritty of ARKit and information about our expert team of Augmented Reality App development, this is the time to Discuss your Requirements. Let’s create Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone and iPad using the Unity 3D AR/VR platform with ARKit.

we have a team of ARKit developers with experience working with global clients in the US, UK, Australia, Europe, and Canada.

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