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Are you a startup geek or own a well-established brand and looking for startup app development company near you?

Do you often look for ideas that help your business grow? Are you waiting for a moment that turns your idea into reality?

You have landed on the right page. We are here to give you insights on why mobile app development for startups and brands is important. And how startup app development company plays a vital role in your success journey. Let’s show you some astonishing facts.

As per the Statista report of the previous year, users of Google Play Store and App Store downloaded 35 billion and 7 million apps, respectively. However, it is predicted that by the end of this year, users will spend more than $34 billion on apps.

It was also recorded that every smartphone user has about 35 apps on their phones. Two years ago, the global app revenue was more than $400 billion, and it is expected to reach more than $600 billion by 2025.

So, how can you make your mobile app development unique to stand out from the competition? By adopting technologies and the latest trends, you can stay ahead, which will surely result in successful app development for startups.

Firstly, let’s read why the craze of using mobile apps is increasing. This will help you understand why you should develop a mobile app for your business.

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Reasons for Increasing Demand of Mobile App Development for Startups

People are addicted to mobile apps, and there is nothing wrong with that. Users spend more than two hours daily on various applications. Let us know why?

With the growing number of mobile users, mobile app development has the ability to reach millions of potential customers. Let’s read to understand why developing an app is so important.

Faster and Effective Communication

Users enjoy mobile apps with modern mobile app development technology as it has become the fastest way of communicating and receiving information from anywhere. For example, social media apps like Facebook, food apps like Mcdonald’s, Fashion apps like H&M, etc. Users can order anything from anywhere.

Future of eCommerce Business

With the increase of eCommerce business globally, the development of mobile apps has reached its peak. The enormous growth in the eCommerce business has led the retail industry to open possibilities of gaining more momentum in the market.

Now, there are multiple brands like H&M and Nike who chose the B2C business model to reach their target customers directly. However, other brands chose third-party eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay to showcase their products.

Mobile App Development for Startups

If you think that mobile apps are only for those companies who have made their place in the market for years, you are mistaken. Find an app developer for your startup who can help you design and develop the best mobile application.

The success of Uber for Taxi and Airbnb are live examples of a startup that earned by running their business online. Almost all the customers prefer using mobile apps as their first preference rather than surfing their websites.

Therefore, the demand for custom mobile app development for startups will ascend.

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Earlier, mobile apps were being developed only by well-established companies to enhance their business value. But today, getting apps developed is not a luxury anymore, and it has become cost-effective, keeping small scale and startups in mind.

This is another reason to believe that mobile app development will reach heights.

Mobile App Development for Brands

According to the current situation, you can notice that people who love shopping will definitely like to use mobile apps for their convenience. With adopting enterprise mobility solutions, the demand for mobile apps will increase ten times faster this year.

We end up with the reasons as to why there is an increase in demand for mobile app development. Let’s move on to the benefits of developing a mobile app for any business.

Achieve Your Business Goals With the Help of the Best Mobile App Development Company

Benefits of Integrating Mobile App Development for Startups and Brands

Adapting to the latest technologies and trends of mobile app development will craft a curve ahead among other businesses.

Benefits of Mobile App Development

Whether it is a startup or regardless of the company’s size, app development has become a crucial tool for upscaling your business. While many think that investing in iOS or Android app development is costly, it helps startups and large-scale businesses to grow their customers, generate sales and build or improve their brand.

Let’s dig into each advantage of startup mobile app development one by one:

User Engagement

Mobile apps are the best way to communicate with users, and it helps brands to retain their old customers and build a relationship with them to increase customer loyalty.

Your app can send them notifications and give an option to the users to register their complaints to address them immediately.

This will boost engagement to your brand resulting in referrals and marketing.

Increased ROI

“One of the biggest concerns of investment returns.”

Developing a mobile app for startups or any business provides the quickest and most convenient way for users to learn about the company’s products and services. Reaching out to customers directly will fetch you high returns and enhance the company’s overall revenue.

Find the best app developers for startups to build a robust mobile app. 

Customer Feedback

Customers are the lifeline of any business. Every customer wants the company to cater to their issues immediately. With the help of mobile app development, it will become easy for you to get the necessary customer attention.

Features like feedback forms on the mobile app can help you improve the customer’s preferences. You can easily get to know about the flaws and what the customers expect from you. Thanks to digitization, you can get the right feedback and make necessary changes.


You cannot deny the fact that mobile applications are booming today. People these days enjoy shopping for only those brands that have mobile applications for their convenience.

Building a mobile app for your startup is never too late. The audience will never understand or know your company unless you reach out to them through branding activities. Today, with the help of digital transformation, developing a mobile app is the best and easiest way to reach your target audience. It becomes easy for them to remember your products and services.


Mobile applications are the best marketing tool to sell things online, and product reviews and ratings will provide the company with a competitive edge. Building a website is more complex and even people prefer digital market over surfing websites.

Moreover, developing a custom mobile app development for startups and brands may cost you a little more, but it is always a better option than website development. If you believe that custom mobile app development for startups can cost you more, it’s still a suitable option than building a website.

You can get a high ROI over a period as audiences prefer handy mobile apps over website surfing. Therefore, converting your startup idea into a mobile app would be the best way to advertise your business against other competitors.

Data Collection

Do you want to know your customers better? Would you like to receive information about their behavioral patterns, regarding the services or products you offer?

A mobile app can assist you with the details related to the user’s actions, interests, inquiries, frequent visits, items to choose from, etc. This data can help you build a strong strategy to provide personalized services to customers. If you find any loopholes, bring the necessary changes to the business model.


Providing two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication will satisfy the users about data security. The must-have features and components based on security will help the users believe that your app is reliable and safe to use.
Let us give you real-life examples of well-known brands that have developed their mobile app for better customer reach.

Mobile App Development for Brands – Examples

Mobility solutions occupy a huge part of our lives today. Therefore, we are here to enhance the impact of mobile technology that holds the future of every business.

For example, everyone today relies on mobile apps for either,

  • Shopping
  • Food & Drinks
  • Healthcare and so on

Ever wondered why mobile apps for these industries are in demand? Of course, the first thought would be “convenience.”

Well, multiple brands fall into these categories that have made an extensive reach with mobile solutions.

Let’s look at a few of the major brands under each category.


One cannot stop shopping no matter what!

The eCommerce industry and single stores (B2C business models) are also coming with their mobile app with new features and offers for shoppers.

Fashion startups take a leap to ensure that they cater to the users with visually appealing online shopping mobile apps. Tech-based online apps guide the users to final purchase to improvise their style statement.

Digital assistants analytics are the most loved features of millennials that studies their tastes, fashion preferences, and demographics, and recommends the best for them.

Hence, with eCommerce development services, this industry has become the fastest-craving place in the fashion industry.

M-commerce applications of H & M and Nike stand out, with revenue skyrocketing 96% year over year until the last quarter of 2021.

Food & Drinks

Like the shopping industry cannot be interrupted, food and drinks flourish equally.

Is there anything that millennials would like more than clothing and free food?

Yes, it’s mobile apps for everything. Users can avail of free food with just a few taps, and these stores have massive deals with mobile ordering functionality.

Starbucks and Mcdonald’s are the most successful digital transformers in this industry.

Starbucks has nearly 23 million users in the USA alone.

The good news is that many brands apart from these are moving towards restaurant app development to offer better and more engaging mobile experiences.

Healthcare Industry

The best tool or app that today’s health industry is adopting is “Telehealth.” After the pandemic, e-health has become convenient for patients and doctors. Telemedicine is an electronic communication or software development for startups where doctors can treat their patients remotely.

The rising trends of mobility solutions have improved patient care in many ways. But using technologies like IoT and AI is still emerging, which will change the way the healthcare industry works.

As per Statista, the global market of mHealth app solutions will soon grow to 190 billion USD by 2025. Also, looking forward to the betterment of people, Nike and Adidas have invested in fitness apps.

Therefore, the above examples explain that transforming business digitally can surely give great results.

How about understanding what kinds of mobility solutions these brands have adopted and transformed to healthcare app development to reach the top position in the market?

As millennials and generation Z become major part of mobile application users, it is time for startups and enterprises to invest in technology solutions.

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Types of Mobility Solutions to be Implemented

Now that the world is shifting towards mobility solutions, startups or huge brands should adapt to enterprise mobility solutions.

Today, if brands like Mcdonald’s, Nike, H&M, etc., have increased their revenue and brand name globally, they have implemented it because of the highly robust EMS.

Big Data Solutions

Enterprise mobility and Big Data can bring huge benefits to businesses. With the increase of smart devices, transforming the data becomes easy. While mobility increases productivity, big data identifies trends and takes action needed.

The amalgamation of enterprise mobility with big data gives secure data and improves customer experience. Experienced mobile app development companies for startups can solve business problems to secure and share big data.

Mobile Device Management

From startups to brands, everyone is trying to implement the BYOD (Bring your own device) model where business owners and employees bring their devices to work. It is challenging to provide company security on personal devices, but if you hire a BYOD app development company, implementing it makes the mobile workforce more affordable, reducing the cost to buy hardware.

Cloud Computing

Mobile app development companies for startups, or brands, offer cloud-based IT solutions to optimize and leverage untapped markets. Through cloud-enabled solutions, businesses can gain access to collect data and make better decisions quickly with compelling customer experiences.

Cloud application development has gained a lot of benefits in terms of securing huge data, better work processes, and enhanced relationships with customers.

Enterprise Mobility Consulting

Get tips regarding the best apps for startups from the companies and get your custom design accordingly. There are integrated consulting models with technology to implement comprehensive mobility solutions.

The mobility advisory experts will suggest solutions based on business type according to your business needs.

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Are You Ready for a Custom Mobile App Development for Startups and Brands

Since the world is going digital, the maximum amount of time spent is on mobile screens, and startups are shifting towards digitization. Hence they are now looking for the best startup mobile app development company that can provide them with all the custom mobile app development solutions as per their startup needs.

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Hire the best team for mobile app development for a startup or an established brand today. With deep technical expertise and sound functional experience, a well-developed mobile app will take your business to new heights.

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