Would you like to finally “let go” of all those old stuff in the attic and “offer up” to someone who may find it useful? That is what these two amazing apps Letgo and OfferUp do. You get to sell and buy thousands of kinds of stuff on such an app.

A Brief Look at Buy & Sell Apps

Do you enjoy yard sales? It’s just like that but on a digital platform. So, minus the troubles of roaming in the yard sale plus the comfort of completing the transaction at your home.

Before learning about how to create local buy and sell apps like OfferUp and Letgo, let’s learn more about these two apps.

About OfferUp App

OfferUp’s iOS and Android apps are built to be the most straightforward, easy to use, and trustworthy way for people to buy and sell in virtual communities. This app is so popular among people that it has been among the top five most popular shopping apps lists for more than three years.

About Letgo App

The Letgo app makes it easy to buy and sell locally in your communities. The app has over 100 million downloads and 400 million listings worldwide. The resell market, which has been the driving force behind such apps like is a very vast market with thousands of articles like electronics, collectibles, furniture, clothes, and several more.

OfferUp & Letgo Merger under OLX Group

According to the news, OfferUp has raised $120 million in funding led by OLX Group, which is the primary investor behind Letgo. As a part of the deal, OfferUp has acquired Letgo, with OLX Group gaining a 40% stake in the newly combined entity.

How Do Offerup and Letgo Type Apps Work?

OfferUp and Letgo type Apps Work

The local buy and sell apps like Letgo and offerup are two-way marketplaces and quite easy to use. It’s just like using Facebook but for buying and selling used merchandise from around your locality.

The first step is to sign up before you can post or purchase items. How do you do that? Open the app and tap on the signup button to create an account. Enter information into the provided fields to continue.

After you are logged in, you will see the app’s home screen. On the home screen will be a search bar that you can use to search fora specific item to purchase, allowing you to narrow down searches by category.

Once the results pop up, you can scroll through the listings in the application with ease and choose the one that seems right for you. Next, when you open a particular listing, you are presented with the images of the item, some brief information about the product, and the price.

You can ask questions to inquire about the product or make an offer to buy the product.

Such a portal is not limited to just a smartphone app; OfferUp and Letgo offer online through a traditional web browser.

If you wish to post a listing to sell a product, it’s almost like posting something on Facebook, add pictures of the product, give some description, and add a price quote you expect for the product.

Top App Features of Letgo & OfferUp

Home: The home icon shows you the main screen of the application where you can perform searches, view the most popular items and set app settings, such as camera and location permissions.

Profile: You create a profile on the app to buy and sell stuff. This profile will show a summary of your favorite products and active posts.

Categories: The Categories feature is where you get to buy stuff from a generalized category like electronics, collectibles, gardening equipment, showpieces, household objects, office supplies, and much more.

Camera: The camera feature will help you take pictures of the stuff you wish to sell. Just snap the photos and add a short description to the post.

Chat: The chat feature lets you talk to the person who posted the sale. You can bargain, learn about the product, ask any questions, and finalize the deal using the app’s chat feature.

App Design: Not exactly an app feature, but the app’s design is an essential feature to get customers. You may be thinking, how much does it cost to design an app like Letgo or OfferUp? It all depends on the level of app designing you want.

How to Create a Buy and Sell an App?

A quick step by step process to build an app like LetGo or OfferUp would be:

1. Conduct an analysis of the best selling apps.

2. Create a business model for your local buy and sell app.

3. Choose a tech stack to build your app on.

4. Select the right app development company as per the tech stack.

5. Build an attractive UI and UX of your buy and sell app.

6. Also, research and act upon How to Make a Website Like Craigslist for a start-up with similar features.

7. Integrate a payment gateway right for your business and your customers.

8. Promote your app and create a good brand name.

9. Stay safe and consider fraud protection measures.

10. Keep innovating with new features.

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There is a shortcut to fast-track all of this. If you partner up with a company offering the best mobile app development services, then they can take half of the tasks from your plate and complete them efficiently.

The responsibilities of analyzing competitors, helping you choose the right tech stack to build apps similar to Letgo or OfferUp, assembling a team, and the entire design and development process will be taken care of by the app development company.

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