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What is OkCupid App

What is OkCupid App? – Take a Glance at its Overview

Every dating application’s USP is how it matches two different users. Well, the OkCupid application is also known for its unique algorithm. It is designed precisely in many details.

Isn’t a blow-off to come across weird things about your date after meeting? It is also a big waste of time, energy, feelings, everything!! Hence, the app ensures that users meet only their compatible matches. From climate preferences to favorite vegetables – there are 100s of questions that the user can answer. It is a balanced quiz that does not bore the users. The more detailed the profile, the better the match feed suggestions will be. This is what drives the application towards precision.

The users can choose to find new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating, or even hookups according to their needs.

According to the Finances Online records, OkCupid has made over 91 million connections weekly. Well, we all unanimously agree that that’s a lot!

How Does OkCupid Work AND How to Use OkCupid?

Before we tell you how this app works, let us tell you that Dating deserves better!

It is one of the best free dating apps. While signing up, users can choose one of the 22 genders and 13 orientation options available after signing up. There have been two schools of thought regarding the wide variety of options available: “This is revolutionary!” and “It’s about damn time!

It works by building meaningful connections between users. It’s a swipe-style dating application made for users with more customizations and jazzed-up things on the app.

There are colorful circles against the profile names. If it’s a mutual match, the circle is yellow. After both have started chatting with each other, yellow goes blue. The in-app chatting feature allows users to share pictures, videos, and audio messages.

How Does OkCupid Work

Screenshots of OkCupid Dating App

An app’s UI so good that the users love swiping through. Here are a few glimpses of the OkCupid app design:

Screenshots of OkCupid Dating App

Features of the OkCupid Online Dating App

The features of an app impact its usefulness of an application. Following is the list of features in the OkCupid application:

Features of the Online Dating App
  • Multiple preference options
  • Change location
  • Profile boost
  • All-inclusive questionnaire
  • Remove ads
  • Match % (Demographics, Preferences, etc.)
  • Double-take
  • Supports all orientations
  • Profile visitor lists
  • Incognito mode

Which 2 OkCupid Features Did Excellent Webworld Love??

The team at Excellent Webworld personally scrutinized the app to pick out its feature highlights. Here you go!

ALL Genders Support Icon

Supports ALL Genders

OkCupid was the first online app allowing expanded genders to register their true self freely. Human preferences are personal, and every being is entitled to choose their own. This is an excellent feature to add to a dating app and invite all personality users.

Match Percentage Icon

Match Percentage (%)

No other relationship tracker app gives a numeric compatibility percentage. Well, the app’s algorithm calculates the % considering the age, location, gender, orientation, etc. of two interested users. This helps them figure out how deep they can match if they date.

How Much Is the OkCupid App Development Cost??

Projects like dating app development are always exciting endeavors. However, building an app like OkCupid requires a budget of approximately $35000 to $50000. Launching an MVP and then launching a feature-rich application is advisable.

Note – The figures mentioned above are an estimate. Discuss with experts at Excellent Webworld to reduce the costs and yet optimize your app.

You Can Download OkCupid App From…

Any user interested in online dating can download and use the OkCupid application on Android, iOS, or desktop.

app of play store
App Store

This contemporary era loves trying out new stuff. Digitization has made love in the air go online! If you view this as a lucrative opportunity, then dating software and app development is the way to go! Choose us for software development solutions.


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Frequently Asked Questions About OkCupid App – Popular Dating Application

Yes, the OkCupid app is a pretty safe application. There are strict terms of use that all users have to abide by.

OkCupid is a great dating site and application for Android, iOS, and web users. Its USP sets it apart from the other dating apps available in the market.

The answer to “Is OkCupid free?” is yes. However, some OkCupid premium features are paid and can be accessed when a user subscribes to its premium version.