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turo car rental application

Why Are People Choosing The Turo app?

Can’t your personal car fit more people? Or your car is not the right one for an adventure trip, or do you want to have the experience of travelling in a luxury car?

Well, then, The Turo app is the best app that satisfies all these requirements.

The best part about the ‘Turo App’ is you can plan a seamless trip with just a tap of your finger. Also, people love the app because it offers them a variety of vehicles to choose from. It’s a similar kind of experience to booking a hotel for your trip. You can scan through the options, view pictures and then decide the best one from the lot.

What’s more? If pricing is your primary concern, you can even browse through various models and choose the most cost-effective one. So, yes, it’s actually like comparing different hotel pricing.

Screenshots of Car sharing apps like Turo

If you’re planning to develop a car rental app like Turo, then peep into these app screenshots. Also, check out the UI/UX design of this unique app.

screenshot of the turo app

How does the Turo App work?

Turo works on a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace where you can to book a car from the Turo App or rent your car to someone looking for a vehicle. So now, let’s board into how the Turo car app works. Once you have installed the Turo App, next in line are the following steps.

Booking a Car

  • Sign up for the Turo app using your Google, Facebook, or email account.
  • Fill in the information regarding your travel dates and travel location.
  • Choose from the wide variety of unique cars.
  • Show the owner your license, grab the keys and enjoy your trip.
  • Return the car to the owner after replacing the gas you utilized during your trip.

Listing Your Car

  • All you have to do is upload some pictures of your car and keep your calendar updated for travellers looking to book the vehicle.
  • Now, relax; you would get notified when someone selects your car.
  • After accepting the request, you can meet your customer and hand over the keys to them.
  • Once the guest returns your car, make sure everything is in order and take back your keys.
turo car app work

Top Features of the App

top feature turo app
  • Online Chat Feature
  • Search & Filter
  • 24×7 Car Assistance
  • Delivery Options
  • Family Sharing
  • Insurance

Build a car rental app like Turo

Interestingly, the car rental concept appeals to everyone, and thus there is a demand for car rental apps like Turo in the market. If you want to hop into this booming market, building an app is the first step. Well, once an app development company understands your requirements, they would guide you through the exact cost. Usually, it costs around $18,000-28,000 to build an app like Turo for a single platform.

Turo App for Download

You can download the app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

app of play store
app of app store

People are loving the ease of booking a car through their smartphones. Well, that’s the reason many companies have started investing in the car rental business. If you plan to enter into the car rental business, start by finding an app development company. Developing an app like Turo is doable, but only if you have a very skilled scalable application development company as your technical partner.


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