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Seattle, Washington, USA

How to Use Zillow App

How to Use Zillow App? [Also Includes How does Zillow App Work?]

Users say that Zillow is the best app for house hunting! A user can sign up as a buyer, seller, or tenant and start using the app. It also has a fully-functional website.

Apps like Zillow are the Future of Real Estate! It’s true!

The Search tab enables the users to look for numerous properties. Moreover, you can also download photos from Zillow to show your friends and family. Users can also shortlist properties suitable to their preferences and budget. The filters allow more strained searches regarding budget, location, number of rooms, amenities, tax range, etc. You also get a ‘Zestimate’ – a brief document on home taxation history and recent comparable sales.

Adding more to this, the Zillow app has three outstanding mortgage tool calculators that are missing in other house selling apps – payment, affordability, and refinance. These are precise enough for users to get a finance estimate.

The Zillow reviews for agents help the users to decide whether or not to connect with an agent on the app.

Finding a house is a time and energy-consuming activity. And for the same reasons, it is better if done in a team. This app allows users to tag their house-hunting partners to show them the property they like. Also, users can use the share button to send the property details to their loved ones.

Why & How To Create Your Best Real Estate App Like Zillow?

The first and foremost reason to build an app like Zillow is the scope of growth it brings along. This is because of the never-ending thirst of people looking for shelter. That is precisely how these home selling apps have been making a remarkable presence in the market.

Secondly, the independent culture of children becoming adults and moving to a place of their own increases the chances of such a digital house hunting app becoming a success.

Thirdly, digitization has spread itself like a wildfire in the regions of the USA. An application for finding a home to buy, rent or sell is a brilliant idea that can attract many target audiences.

Established on 8th February 2006, today Zillow app has millions of users on Android and iOS.

We are sure the above reasons have led you to make up your mind to create an app like Zillow. To build a similar app like Zillow, you must only entrust an experienced real estate app development company like Excellent Webworld, which has developed and deployed more than 200 mobile applications.

Create Your Best Real Estate App Like Zillow

Glancing @ the Screenshots of Zillow App – Best Apps for Rentals!

Acknowledging other people’s work and learning from them is never frowned upon! Therefore on this note, check out these screenshots of the Zillow app.
Screenshots of Zillow App

Features of Home Finder Apps Like Zillow

If you want the app to be understood by the users, then your app should tick all the boxes of the feature-rich checklist. Only then you can get it into the best real estate app race. You can take inspiration from the Zillow app features:

Features of Home Finder Apps Zillow
  • Buy, Rent, Sell homes
  • Self-tour for Zillow-owned homes
  • Neighborhood details (hospitals, restaurants, parks, etc.)
  • 3D home tours
  • Zestimate
  • Mortgage tools & calculators
  • Access to Premier agents
  • Save search for future reference
  • Push notifications when a house becomes available
  • Co-house hunting & shopping

What Did EWW Like The Most About the Zillow App – Best Home Buying App?

built in map

In-Built Maps

The map feature allows the users to check the location of the houses listed on the Zillow app. It also lets the users check out the neighborhood details. This includes information on nearby restaurants, parks, schools, hospitals, bars, gas stations, ATMs, coffee shops, etc.

Zestimate iconn


The document helps in estimating the starting point of a home’s value. This usually includes an analysis of the neighborhood and comparable houses in the same range. It is an automatically generated document that helps all – agents, buyers, and property owners.

What is the Cost of Developing an App Like Zillow for Local Home Hunters? ($$)

By this time, you must have figured out that the app development cost involves the programming and designing of every feature.

The ballpark figure for developing a home search application like the Zillow App can be given considering two ways:

  • Basic App – $18000-$25000
  • Advanced App – $25000-$30000

Please note that the above figures are merely a price estimate. These can go up or down according to the customized features you would like to put in your app.

Zillow App is Available for Download On!

App users are distributed in different regions. This involves Zillow app for Android and iOS.

app of play store
App Store

Want to build an app like Zillow and set your foot in the real estate industry? Contact an app development company with great experience to make an application that helps you attract and retain users.


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FAQs About Zelle App

Yes, Zillow is a great way to track home prices. The in-built feature called Zestimate helps the user analyze the home’s cost depending on its geographic location, neighborhood, nearby amenities, etc.

Yes, Zillow is the best website to use for buying a home. It also has mobile applications for both Android and iOS users. In fact, Zillow has many competitors like, HotPads, and Redfin.

Application development is not one man’s job. It requires an experienced team who are experts in their field. To build the best real estate application, you must consult a top-quality app development company that will help you with end-to-end real estate application designing and development.

Zillow! This is because Zillow has excellent ratings on both the App Store and Play Store. Adding more to this, this property app enables users to buy, sell, and rent houses in their chosen locality. There are endless more features that the app serves its users with.

Landlords can download Zillow app for free. However, the renters have to pay around $29 to check out or contact 30 house owners.