Taking care of a pet is not easy as it seems and You are too young for this responsibility.

I heard it from time to time. Today I am a proud mom of two dogs; Oreo (White Labrador) and Bourbon (Black Cocker Spaniel). Being a working woman, I use mobile apps like Amazon, Big Basket and UberEats for shopping but I don’t get enough options for my fussy dogs.

Since I don’t have any reliable pet store app for my city, I have to take special time for pet supply shopping. A few months back; I started researching and discussing this with my group of other pet parents. And I realized that everyone is having issues with visiting pet stores physically. Additionally; All the existing online pet store websites and pet store apps are either selling overpriced stuff or are too bad at UI/UX.

And I am sure every other pet parent is having the same problem of visiting pet stores for small things. The major problem arises when we need any medicine and we can’t leave our pets alone. At that time we really need someone to deliver the pet supply.

I have understood the need for a pet supplies online store; also the necessity of a pet store app for my city. And how it can be a successful business idea. This led to the idea of writing a blog about the scope of the pet store app as a business or start-up. So; here is my blog explaining everything a pet parent needs from a pet store app.

This blog is for all the pet store owners about what a pet parent expects from the pet store owners and how to start a pet store online.

You will learn:

  • Why pet parents don’t like to buy from eCommerce apps like Amazon
  • What do pet parents prefer? Buying From Website Versus Buying From App
  • Steps To Launch Your Own Pet Supermarket app
  • Top Pet Shop Apps Around The Globe
  • Cost To Build a Pet Store App
  • Different methods to earn from an online pet shop
  • Trending Solutions that Pet Parents need
  • Bonus

Let’s begin with the issue that every pet parent face while shopping online.

Mix brands and limited options on big apps like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Whenever I try online pet shopping I get so limited options and most of the time the seller don’t deliver to my place. This lead to the need of a nearby seller with a dedicated app where I can buy all the items I prefer for my pets.

To all the per-store owners; There is no doubt that you can sell your products on Amazon but have you ever thought how much money you are losing in the memberships and profit sharing? And then you believe that mobile app development is a costly affair.

Pet store app development will be a one-time investment, and then you will be the sole owner of your brand.

Instead of increasing the revenue of other companies on the cost of your money its time to focus on your brand. Today pet store owners are turning towards the power of mobile apps as an alternative of opening multiple branches. In addition; you will have the chance to introduce your brand in the market.

Now one more question arises here is; What to select for an online presence? Website or Mobile app?

Website Versus App

There is no doubt that I have my phone with me all the time; but opening a web browser then typing the web address is too time-consuming. While opening an app, selecting the products, and buying the supply is much easier.

A website is for branding purpose while a mobile app is for helping your customers connect better.

A website will be a primary eCommerce platform while the app will have much more advanced features.

If you want to deliver location-based information to your customers, then mobile apps are the best option with GPS.

Similarly; Websites are not an option for sending and receiving real-time data; hence; mobile apps are required.

Mobile apps allow you to send push notifications and alerts about sale, announcements and offer to your customers.

Personalization options; with mobile apps, your users will get a personal touch like Click-to-call and direct SMS.

Although we have responsive websites, mobile apps have better device compatibility in comparison.

All-in-all I can say that you can build a website for your business but an app will add more value. Hence; let’s check out the process of mobile app development for pet store.

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How to Launch an App That Will Be Loved By Every Pet-Parent

This section will help you with questions related to dog walking app development like:

  • how to start an online pet supply business
  • The process of how to open a pet supply store online
  • how to open a pet store website or app
  • How to start an online pet store app?

Here is the process to develop and deploy the successful pet shop app:

Step 1

Although the first step for any mobile app development is to search for an idea, but here you already have one. Let’s start with Market research. Check out the following factors

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are the best features in their online pet food stores?
  • How is their UI/UX?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is their customer reviews on the app store and play store also on social media platforms?

Step 2 Specify your USPs and target audience

Now that you have the list of your competitors its time to think about how you will compete with them. For that here is everything

  • What does the audience is looking for?
  • What will be the app’s key functionality?
  • How the app can deliver added value as compared to a responsive website?
  • What benefits will you serve the audience?

Step 3: Work with designers to build wireframes

Now its time to start the design of your app. Work with the designers to decide the flow of the app and based on that the wireframes will be created. Keep in mind

  • Try to create multiple versions to save time in the development process
  • Test the wireframes for different scenarios
  • Keep your users in mind

Step 4: Design the app

Now its time to convert your wireframes to final designs. Here also you need to work with the designers to decide the colors, combinations, and themes for your app. Here are a few tips for your mobile app design

  • Make the design responsive
  • Use striking visual elements to keep the visitors of your app engaged
  • Follow the guidelines to get the app approved on the app store and play store
  • Try to follow the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) model for the UX
  • Finally; keep up with the design trends

Step 5: Development

Eventually, its time to build your app. Select the best team of developers who can guide you throughout the development process.

Make sure you hire skilled and proficient developers instead of amateur ones to save the money. Furthermore; ask the developers to keep the code clean so that in the future you can ask other developers to add any changes.

Step 6: Testing

This is the most critical step in the process; before publishing the app make sure it is bug-free. Here are a few tests that work for every app

  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Device-Specific Testing

Step 7: Launch

To publish the app on the app store and play store is not an easy task. Apple’s App Store has a few strict guidelines which you need to follow.

After that comes the app store optimization; which will help your target users to find your app quickly. For this step you can take help of digital marketing service provider to help you app rank on the app store and play store.

Also; keep updating your app with the trends of the market time to time to gain customer loyalty.

Pro tip: Try to hire an experienced company with a proficient team of developers and designers to save time and effort.

Top Pet Store Apps Around The Globe

Now here are few Pet store apps which are loved by pet-parents around the globe. These apps will help you to get inspiration for your mobile app.

  • Petsmart
  • Chewy
  • Petco
  • Allivet
  • Wag.com
  • Coupaw
  • PetCare

OK so you have learned the steps for app development and you have the motivation check out how much you will have to spend for pet store app.

The most awaited section is here: Cost To Build A Pet Store App

Now that you have made up your mind to help those little (and huge) dogs and their parents by making their shopping chores a bit easier. You need to think about how much it would cost to become an independent online pet store app owner.

Short Answer: Anywhere from $ 5000 to $ 35000 or above.

Long Answer: Well it’s a tiny bit complicated to make an estimation. The cost of your pet store app depends on what type of features you want in the app and which platform you wish to build it for.

You need to think about how much it will cost to make an app and become an independent online pet store app owner.

The complexity and type of features you wish to add to the app will decide the development cost. You can go for a simple M-Commerce type of app approach, or give advanced features like tracking your order on a map, or create a separate profile for each of your pets.

Another important factor is the app platform that you choose to build your pet store application in. You can go for an iPhone App or Android App according to your preference and target audience.

If you feel sporty, then you can go for both platforms. Now there are two ways to create multi-platform apps. Either build a separate app for each platform (costly, but gives the best app experience) or go for multiple apps for the cost of one. By the single code-multi platform, we mean going with the Hybrid App Development approach.

It’s better to talk to an expert business analyst that can create a quotation according to your specified app development needs and requirements.

Enough discussion of expenses; let’s talk about how you can earn from the app.

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Third Most awaited section: Monetization Model For Your App

Now its time to choose how you will earn from the app. There are different ways to make from the app even after gaining profits from the products you are selling.

Freemium model: The app will be free to download, but few features will be for premium users only.

In-app ads: You can post advertisements for different related products.

Paid (premium) apps: You can charge a small fee to download the app.

Do you know you have other options for starting your pet based business other than an eCommerce store?

What Solutions Pet Parents are looking for

Pet sitter App:

Connect the pet sitters of your city with the pet-parents and provide a platform to connect securely.

Pet clothing and accessories app

Build an exclusive app to sell custom-made and designed pet clothes and accessories.

Social media platform for pet-parents

I personally crave for one such app where I can get connected with people who are in love with pets like me.

Pet grooming service providers

Provide the list of all the nearby pet grooming service providers. Allow pet parents to book appointments, check the directions, etc.

Pet Matching/Dating App

This is also the trend; Apps like Tindog and DogDate are already available you can make one for your city or town as well.

Pet boarding or Daycare

If you have a boarding or daycare for pets, then you can build an app to allow the pet parents to schedule the appointments, check the timing or even check the videos and images of their pets.

Pet selling or Adoption App

An app that can help people to buy pets (where it is legal ) or adopt pets without any need for illegal breeders.

HEY! You made it till the end; you deserve a reward. Here is a bonus section for you. If you love technology and you have enough budget then you can offer pet parents a whole new set of solutions and services.

Bonus for you: Advance technology solutions for the pets

With technology like the Internet of Things, Pet related mobile applications are overgrowing. Here are a few uses of IoT for Pet care

Pet monitors and interactive cameras to interact with your pet from your smartphone


Pet Monitors

GPS tags to keep an eye on the pet’s location

Pawscout, Whistle


Health/activity monitors to keep track of your pet’s wellbeing

FitBark, PitPat

Health Activity

Smart feeders to schedule your pet’s feeding


Smart Feeders

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Now its time to take the final decision

Well; now you know what pet-parents are looking for, how to start a pet store online and what you need to build online pet store app. Its time to decide whether you want to go with a basic eCommerce app to simple sell pet products or you want to go with advance solutions.

If you think that your city has a pet store app then you can add the latest trends and features to give your pet store application online a competitive edge. You can even build a Veterinary telemedicine app if you’re into that profession. This could even work as one of the best startups.

First of all; research in your locality and figure out what the pet owners are looking for and then finalize the niche of your app. If you want to discuss anything about the market scope, technologies, expenses, or the way to earn more from this then, I would be happy to help.

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