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Even if you are well equipped with all the necessary resources, the next big thing you will need is acquiring enough funding or investors to back your business with powerful finance. You must have heard about different sorts of investors or funding approaches fundraising- the foremost requirement to start any business. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) funding is one such trending approach that you may be acquainted with or maybe not.

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What is an ICO?

Basically, ICO is a cryptocurrency version of crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for startups. In your ICO campaign, you will be selling a percentage of the cryptocurrency to the early sponsors of your startup in return for other cryptocurrencies or legal tender. Usually, an ICO event extends for a week or more, during which anyone is permitted to buy newly introduced tokens in the exchange of popular cryptocurrencies like Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC).

How to Launch ICO and Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

For starting your own ICO you will need to consider following phases:

Create a Whitepaper

A good white paper is an essential aspect in order to launch a successful ICO. This will be a detailed document explaining how your project will work. Make sure that your white paper is reviewed by the experts so as to make your idea flawless.

Make An Impressive Website

A website is the core of your ICO campaign. In order to reach your potential investors and make them aware of your ICO, the best way is to build a website having the potential to put a good impression on them. Ensure that your ICO website is convincing and informative enough and the landing page will contain all the essential information for a potential investor like the team behind the project, the project documentation, legal information, caps, etc.

Advertise Your ICO

Just having a website is also not enough to get people involved in your ICO. To better spread a word about your ICO, further you need to advertise the ICO campaign. There are several ways you can go for to promote your ICO like you can prefer submitting your ICO to one of the listings or make an announcement in some calendar sites like and, you can also consider social networks and communities, blogs and other content marketing methods.

Check Out Some Popular ICOs Listing Sites


This is one of the best ICO listing sites having up-to-date information of upcoming and ongoing ICOs. The website has thousands of visitors each day.


Bestcoin is an open community for the investors, founders, and tech-savvy for discussing ICOs. It can be best described as an alternative to Telegram.

Top ICO List

Top ICO list offers ICO listing of the best active and upcoming ICOs. Top ICO List contains vital information for analysts, investors, journalists, and anyone interested in ICOs.

ICO Watchlist

ICO Watchlist is one of the leading token listing platforms. The website hosts blend of reliable ICO projects and cryptocurrency tokens from which investors can select.

Coin schedule

Coinschedule lists all the imperative dates in cryptocurrency projects like major milestones, conferences, ICOs, and crowdfunding.

Different Sorts Of ICO Websites You Can Choose To Build

ICO Coin Selling Website

With ICO coin selling website you will be having a platform where you can offer the cryptocurrency for sale. On this, you can sell tokens and cryptocurrencies along with their detailed information like a symbol, sale opening, and closing date, the status of the token etc.

ICO Listing Website

You can opt for to make ICO listing website where different ICO founders can reach and add their ICOs. This will offer potential investors with the information of on-going and upcoming ICOs they might be interested in.

ICO Reviews Website

A website for ICO review will aid investors to recognize the best ICO or cryptocurrency to invest in, by checking different reviews. By subscribing to your website, investors can also request to review particular ICO they are interested in.

Some Imperative Feature For ICO Website

While custom website development for ICO, there are certain crucial and effectual features you need to consider and add to the website.

Features For User

  • Whitepaper
  • Reference Log
  • SMS Notification
  • Email Notification
  • Security Management
  • Easy to Signup & Sign in
  • Support 2FA Authenticator
  • ICO Calender
  • Password Setup
  • Coin Purchase Log
  • Profile Management
  • Coin Offering RoadMap
  • Premium User Dashboard

Features for Admin

  • Sell Log
  • Website Control
  • SMS API Management
  • Subscriber Management
  • Testimonial Management
  • Team Members Management
  • Payment Gateway Management
  • Email Broadcast
  • Users Management
  • ICO Sale Management
  • Subscribers Management
  • Blocked Users Management
  • Email Template Management

How Much Does It Cost To Develop ICO Website or App?

Just like all other sorts of website and app development, the cost of developing a Cryptocurrency exchange platform or ICO website depends on various factors like:

Whether you are hiring a freelancer developer or an app and website development company
On which platform you want to build Cryptocurrency app Android or iOS?
From which country you want to hire developers?
Technologies you want to use?
How many features do you want to add to your Cryptocurrency website?

In order to build a robust Cryptocurrency marketplace like Coinbase app, you would need a proficient and complete team who will work on entire aspects of your project. If you want to build the Cryptocurrency exchange platform, website or app in the US, Europe or Asia then here are hourly rates of developers based on different roles.

Team Number of Developers Months Of Commitment US Hourly Rates Europe Hourly Rates Asia Hourly Rates
Android Developer 1 6 $60 $35 $30
iOS Developer 1 6 $65 $40 $35
Front-end Developer 1 6 $50 $35 $30
Graphic Designer 1 4 $35 $35 $20
Project Manager 1 6 $60 $30 $30
QA 2 6 $30 $20 $20
Back-end Developer 1 6 $60 $30 $25

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Since the last few years, the storm of cryptocurrency is greatly in talks. Extending its application, cryptocurrency has started playing its role in the fundraising process. Myriads of the entrepreneurs are moving their directions towards ICO to acquire funding and investors for their startups. And undoubtedly this cryptocurrency model has been significantly helping them to achieve their required funding. Now it’s your turn to start your own successful ICO with an excellent and feature pact ICO website. So are you ready to build your own ICO website? Get in touch with the experts for more help.

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