Learn How to launch your own OTT after Digital Transformation in Media Industry

Get insights into the latest statistics after the upsurge of digital transformation in the Video-On-Demand Sector.

Launch your own VOD & Music Streaming platform in 2024 and become an Entrepreneur!

  • Step by step Guide to Launch Netflix-like OTT platform
  • How to Compete with Spotify?
  • Cost Factor of Launching a Video Streaming Platform in 2024
  • Latest Stats of Viewers and OTT Competitors Worldwide
  • Business Models to Launch a VOD Streaming App
  • Music App Startup Ideas
  • Top & Trending Entertainment Apps
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Digital Transformation in Media Industry

Country-wide lockdown due to the pandemic caused a lot of stress in people. However, we humans adjust to the situation we are put into. Hence, we learned to survive by finding means of entertainment sitting at home.

Video streaming and music apps have become the most chosen source of entertainment for more than a year now. This digital transformation for media and entertainment has caused industry revenue to rise. It will reach 2.93 trillion by the end of 2026.

Imagine having a monopoly or competing with industry-leading apps like TikTok and Netflix! It’s a great idea to launch an OTT app platform and grab a better share of viewers from computing sites.

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FAQs – Media Industry

Q1. How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected the Video Streaming market?

The spread of COVID-19 disrupted the entire market. It either worked as a bane or a boon for all industries. The video streaming industry was highly benefited from the pandemic. Viewers started to switch to OTT platforms and watched numerous movies and series online. This surge in viewer statistics is the most wonderful effect on the video streaming market. Read more specific insights in this ebook.

Q2. How is technology changing the Entertainment industry?

The reach and scope of movies to the quality in which viewers can access the content online have changed. The digital transformation for the media and entertainment industry has made it easy for everyone to access content on their devices anytime and anywhere.

Q3. How can I benefit from launching an entertainment app?

With an industry of 2.93 trillion by the end of 2026, it is smart to launch an entertainment app. It can be a music app or a video streaming app that provides viewers the latest and unique content.

Q4. How can this ebook help businessmen?

This ebook on technological advancements in the media and entertainment industry contains the latest statistics. It also has stepwise guidance on launching a similar app and how to earn well out of it.

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