Smart Home Embedded Systems: Near Future of Real Estate Industry

Complete Analysis of strategies and impacts of Real Estate Market.

A detailed study on how digital transformation in real estate market has caused market growth.

  • Importance & Impact of digitization in Real Estate
  • Real Estate Market Analysis
  • Ongoing Trends in Real Estate Industry
  • Steps to Start a Real Estate Business
  • Zumper App: Real Estate Business Model
  • Cost Factor of Real Estate Business App
  • Real Estate App Must-Have Features
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Digital Transformation in Real Estate Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled everyone to adapt to the digital transformation in real estate industry also. Did you know that 24% of Gen X (born between 1965 and 1979) in the United States constitute the largest population in home-buying and home-selling? Well, not everyone connects with the owners, some need middlemen, i.e., brokers.

More than 45% of the brokers agree that using technology helps them to attract more buyers. While on a house hunt, we try all the means of looking for a house we can. Online applications to look for homes are the new in-thing these days.

With time, the above figure will increase. Also, the demand for a shelter is not going to come down ever. With an increase in population, this demand will rise too.

A real estate business with an online presence is a plus. Set yourself up in the market and enjoy the monopoly today! Get in touch with us to brainstorm your app idea, and we will put in our best resources to transform your idea into a trending app.

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FAQs – Real Estate

Q1. How will this Real Estate Ebook help me?

This ebook is a complete guide on the real estate industry. It has been created after an in-depth research and market survey. It contains interesting business ideas in this industry that can be used by the to-be entrepreneurs. It also contains articles on how digital transformation in real estate is impacting the stakeholders.

Q2. How is this Ebook Helpful for Brokers & agents?

This real estate ebook is an A to Z guide for every stakeholder of this industry. All agents, brokers, owners, customers, etc can benefit from this book’s information as it is well-researched and reliable. It mentions statistics and different ways to adapt to the digital transformation in real estate. Also, how to earn more revenue in this industry can be learnt from this ebook.

Q3. How can I earn more out of my Real Estate Business?

Earning more from a real estate business is dependent more on the skills of the realtor. In this fast-paced life where technology revolves all around us, developing an app for your real estate business is the way to go. You can provide most services and support online. To learn more on this, read this ebook and approach higher revenue step by step.

Q4. What should I know before starting real estate app development?

There are tons of mobile app development companies that provide end-to-end development services. But before that you should know the current trends, future precautions, prevalent challenges in the real estate industry. Download this ebook and learn everything in detail before stepping into real estate app development.

Q5. Is this real estate book free?

Yes, this real estate ebook is absolutely FREE. You simply have to fill in the basic contact details to download the ebook on your device. You can save the ebook for later and refer to it whenever you want without paying any charges.

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