The demolition of traditional restaurant services to a virtual meal delivery business is no longer surprising to the world…

And amidst this consistent growth of the online delivery app market, a delivery giant rose. The inception of Doordash happened, intending to become a white-label logistics service, and it became a successful food delivery app business.

Besides this successful food delivery business model was founded in 2013 by four Stanford students, Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Evan Moore. The meal-delivery app business acts as a central intermediary between local restaurants & customers and helps deliver orders for food to the customer’s doorstep. Moreover, the company has become successful under the surveillance of CEO Tony Xu since its inception.

The main headquarters of the delivery giant is in Palo Alto, and it has expanded in more than 7000 cities across the USA and Canada. Though, people are still intrigue to know about DoorDash business model, its working, revenue, challenges and more.

Hence, let’s dive deep into this blog to understand more about DoorDash. Before that, we will be focusing on the working of DoorDash to know how it gives impeccable services.

How DoorDash Works?

DoorDash mainly acts as an integrator between restaurants and end-users. Working of DoorDash is quite an easy task to understand and for entrepreneurs who want to start a business this section is going to be helpful.

The Y contributor backs the working of DoorDash that keeps the drivers to customers very well connected. Further, DoorDash is divided into three segments: Restaurants, Customers, and Drivers. It works with all three and keeps them connected for the smooth functioning of the business.

Customers can order food through an app or the website, then they have to pay the nominal delivery fee to its drivers they can give a tip for service.

Choose the Order → Payment Processing → Track Order → Delivery.

Now, we will focus on knowing ‘What is DoorDash’s Business strategy to enhance knowledge about this amazing meal delivery app.

Doordash Business Model: That Is Helping It to Expand & Grow

Doordash Business Model Canvas

Before we explore the DoorDash Value Proposition & Business Model, know some of the main strategies which enabled growth opportunities for DoorDash:

  • Enabling the Expansion Beyond Restaurant Delivery

The DoorDash Business Strategy is formed based on the logistics business and continues expanding by giving live tracking details. Hence, it does not necessarily focus only on restaurant deliveries. The drivers, called Dashers, are continuously working with the retailers, making them expand in the logistics business.

  • Attracting Customers to Subscribe More to the App

The membership program or subscription service offered by DoorDash, popularly known as Dashpass, charges merchants reduced service, and delivery fees are zero. The teal separates all the merchant’s Dash pass with the Logo. And subscription fees are $9.99/month or $96 annually.

  • All-in–Stop to Shop Transformation

DoorDash Business Model is wider than food delivery or retailers in 2020. It tends to start its own DashMart, a store that offers over 2000 items, from snacks to frozen items. The focus is on becoming a huge DoorDash marketplace and making global dominance.

  • Owning an Advertisement Platform

For the restaurant business enhancement the DoorDash can play a key role in their growth. It has launch an advertising platform that allows merchants to get better visibility of their business.

Instead of charging on impressions and clicks, the merchant only pays if charged as per purchase after clicking on advertisements.

After knowing about the growth and expansion of the business, go through the main factors behind the more customers acquisition and retention strategy of DoorDash.

  • Their excellent marketing tactics created a distinct image and allowed DoorDash to stand out.
  • The app description is crucial, and DoorDash thoroughly grabbed the eyeballs with its intriguing description.
  • Locally promoting DoorDash that has immensely help them to get more user attention.
  • High-quality food delivered at comfort – they promised and delivered to their customers.

How Does DoorDash Make Money?

How Does DoorDash Make Money
Before indulging in the DoorDash revenue model, it is important to review about current DoorDash’s position in terms of Net worth & Valuation:

  • DoorDash Net Worth – $21.04B
  • DoorDash Total Valuation – $18.45B

Besides, all orders and gross order value are expected to be between $60 to $63 billion, as anticipated by the end of this year. Here, mainly the four different sources that help in making explicit revenue for the company:

1) Revenue Sharing

At the initial stage of DoorDash, the only revenue source was that it charged a commission for every order from restaurants and grocery stores. Then, gradually they started taking the partnering fee from the restaurants that wanted to get listed.

2) Delivery Fees

The fees for door-to-door food delivery are another way to earn for these grocery and restaurant partners. Hence, they charge the app using a fee for completed delivery orders.

3) Subscription Fees

The premium version is enabled to give the end-user more convenience. Therefore, DoorDash charges customers a nominal fee on a monthly or yearly basis, another earning source of this food delivery giant service.

4) In-App Advertising

DoorDash has millions of users in its kitty, and many restaurants are keen enough to advertise their services. Hence, that’s why they started In-app advertising, mainly to charge a bit of amount from every restaurant owner who is willing to advertise.

5) Commission from Restaurants

The DoorDash charging price enables merchants to choose from these three plans, which are around 15%, 25%, or 30% commission. And the pickup service fee is around 6% in all three commission structures.

6) Commission from Customers

The service fee is around $0.60, which DoorDash charges customers on their orders. And after that, the delivery fee is not fixed but is mainly charged based on distance, location, merchant, and many other factors.

The DoorDash generates revenue is possible due to its not lumping in a single category. It is manoeuvring over creating two groups: users and restaurants. They call their drivers Dashers. A different approach towards the food delivery service makes it stand out in the crowd of traditional restaurants.

There are multiple revenue sources for DoorDash as we have seen and it is continuously expanding in the market. But, do you know, what factors contribute to its success? Go ahead & know in-detail.

Key Parts Contributing to DoorDash’s Success

Key Parts Contributing to DoorDash Success
Since the inception of DoorDash business, it has been the revolutionary app that has taken over the market. These are the main factors behind it:

1) Strategically Taking Over The Market

Since its inception, within five years, it went ahead of its competitors like Grubhub, Ubereats, and many more. It led to success and mainly emerged as a food delivery giant in this discovery. And that is when this delivery giant found success; hence following its footsteps is a great choice, you can even make an app like DoorDash for your business.

2) Audience Segmentation

There are many reasons which contributed in the DoorDash Business Model success and the main amongst them is that it is condemned to a single category of audience. It divides it into three parts: Customers, Restaurants and Dashers and for them while marketing they provide bifurcated tones and more to attract them which made it stand out in the market.

3) Filling The Gap

The unique and bold brand was a need to go against the cut-throat competition of DoorDash, and it mainly focused on the areas that are mainly getting less competition. Though similar to UberEats and GrubHub, it still found the gap in the market, optimized the business with its marketing strategies, and found its desired success in the food delivery industry.

4) Usage Simplicity

With technology, even if everything is automated, the simplicity of usage matters most. So technological enhancement is also a core factor behind the success of the DoorDash business. The non-complicated user interface helps bring more innovative features for the end-users, making the usage even more simple and more accessible.

5) Importance Given To its Logistics

The logistics-backed business always goes right with the estimates of deliveries, and that is when DoorDash acquires the market. They manage it by dispatching a Dasher, picking up the order, and maintaining the delivery logistics significantly, including the confirmation Texts and ETAs at a place.

After knowing the key strengths and weaknesses and the key factors that made DoorDash’s impact on the restaurant industry. Find out the challenges that might have created the hurdles between DoorDash future growth and how they overcome them.

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Challenges Faced by DoorDash

Some of the challenges faced by the DoorDash app at the start and the way it overcame them was an amazing way by which this food delivery became one of the top food delivery apps in the business:

  • Initially Difficult to Maintain & Retain Customers

At the time of the launch of DoorDash, UberEats, and Grubhub were already in the race to be on top, so it took them a while to find the gap and make customers attract. But the experts were already present in the business and made a point that expansion was possible due to its product being a market fit and serving the pain point of its customers.

  • More Demand Handling Is Not Easy in Logistics

The common logistics problems faced by DoorDash were managing the lump sum of orders, prioritizing the order requests, hygiene factors, delivery routes, and many more. That perfect online platform with various features and integration of the training sessions for the delivery personnel helped in the explicit growth of DoorDash’s business.

  • Identifying and Partnering With the Right Restaurants Was Complicated

Right restaurant partners at the initial stage are important to get desired quality of restaurants for the end-users. The DoorDash business model was brought so that they will always strive for quality for the end-users. Hence, that is solved by DoorDash with onboarding as many as possible at the initial stage. Then, they finalize the restaurants as per their quality of food requirements.

  • Meeting Customer’s Expectations

The customers were expecting ease of access and comfort of food from them. That is what is provided by DoorDash. They gave the best quality products to their customers, so there was no looking back when it came to quality and taste. Though, yes, they also take extra care for packaging so that the customers will get fresh food at their doorstep.

Summary of the DoorDash Business Model and Its Key Takeaways

If we take an overview of the whole DoorDash model, it is clear that technology can help embark on new opportunities. And DoorDash business model is a great example of it, so if you are keen enough to start your food delivery app like DoorDash, then here are some of the key points that you need to know in prior:

  • Customer Experience

The main focus since the start of DoorDash was to focus on the seamless customer and personalized customer experience. Besides, its priority has always been end-user satisfaction and building strong relationships with customers and restaurants, which is becoming the root of the extreme success of local businesses.

  • Focus on Technological Development

Technology is the core of this business; providing a seamless experience requires investment in the right technology. Besides, it can help streamline operations, improve efficiency, and help offer food delivery at a better experience to its customers.

  • Partnerships & Collaborations

The chances for success were increased even more due to the expanded offerings helping it reach new customers. With the help of strong revenue streams, you can diversify your business’s revenue streams.

Besides, the food delivery industry is growing immersively, providing many opportunities for entrepreneurs. There is a need for the best on-demand food delivery app development company that can help your business transform into a software app.


DoorDash revenue growth in the year ended was 34.8% in 2022, around $6.58 billion. During the global pandemic, it tends to rise from $1 billion to $4.88 billion in two years.

The main reason for the consistent growth of DoorDash is that it gives great importance to delivery quality, ensuring that restaurants and dashers have the top ratings before they are set to combine. Moreover, it ensures that the customers will receive the quality and that their order will reach the doorstep safely.

DoorDash business is highly profitable with the Y-structure business model, which makes it extensively grow after the global pandemic.

DoorDash has the biggest competitive advantage: it has a wide range of customers and orders across more market segments, making the ML-driven database more accurate. Moreover, it will continue to expand, and its ability to convince customers that they are getting high-quality food in comfort will help accelerate sales for the company. Besides global pandemic can be an important reason.

DoorDash Business Model is quite astonishing so is its revenue growth. Though it has multiple revenue streams, the main resource can be charging commissions on all the orders it delivers from restaurants to customers. Besides, recurring revenue occurs through subscription services like DashPass, DoorDash for work and Drive.

It mainly depends on the requirement of app owners. The normal MVP app takes, at most, 4 to 6 months. However, if you are willing to build an app like DoorDash, which is highly advanced and accustomed to amazing UI/UX and features, it can take over 8 months to 1 year.

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