Digital transformation changed the way all industries function. However, healthcare is one industry that was hesitant to adopt digital solutions at first. Most healthcare facility providers thought that an unreliable solution could put human life at stake. But, with time, the reliability of these digital healthcare solutions has gone above the bars. Multiple medical facilities are now choosing to go with healthcare web development solutions. People have started believing in doctors who run or work with hospitals equipped with such advanced hardware and software.

Technology is rigorously fueling the healthcare industry.  Without a doubt, the sector is undergoing a massive amount of change.

COVID-19 was more than we all could bargain for. It was quite the wake-up call for medical professionals to opt for healthcare website development to become more accessible to patients.

The non-essential clinic visits (or non-coronavirus visits) had to be suspended for months together, which probably gave rise to other health issues in patients.

How can healthcare providers streamline the work at their facilities? Easing down the burden ain’t that easy.

There is no room for mistakes in the healthcare industry. A single mistake by a professional can put a patient’s life at risk. This can lead the healthcare industry to see doom.

Which Purposes Does Building a Digital Healthcare Web Services Platform Solve?

Digital Healthcare Web Services Platform

Logically speaking, a solution is supposed to solve a problem.
If the medical web development product cannot meet a clinic’s frequency of patients and load of daily functions, is that even helpful? Negative, right!!

These eHealth systems will not create distance between doctors and their patients. Rather they will be connected by the internet.

Are you wondering What is the Need for a Healthcare Web Solution? Let us help you explore the endless possibilities after building an online medical solution:

1. Real-time Communication & Doubt Clearance Platform

One can only imagine how critical ‘communication’ is when diagnosing a patient. There is no wiggle room for inaccurate diagnosis lest the patient’s health. One misjudgment of a symptom can risk a patient’s life and a doctor’s career.

Hence, a web platform that supports chat, video, and voice calls is integral for the discussion between a doctor and his patients.

Imagine yourself in 2019 – to know the symptoms of COVID-19, do’s and don’ts, what did you do? You checked articles on the internet.

Imagine users using your library of articles as the go-to source for clarifying their doubts. It would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

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2. Business Intelligence to Achieve Heights in Operational Improvement

We at Excellent Webworld have provided digital solutions to many healthcare industry clients for a decade. And during this journey, we have realized that critical times demand futuristic and worthy solutions.

BI here stands for Business Intelligence. This famously helps regulate the hospital’s tasks, entries, data, etc. This can be used for both – internal management as well as external communication with clients.

3. Daily Reminders for Self-care and Disease Management

A patient needs constant care and concern. This includes the on-time intake of doses for proper healing. Such apps that focus on a patient’s health and fitness will become a future necessity.

These will see an immense rise in the coming years because adults prefer to live all by themselves. Such self-care apps will remind the patient of medicines or check-ups In the absence of family members.

4. Improvement in Insurance Claims

Revenue cycle management is very important. Managing anything is easy when the processes follow a schedule. An authorized medical facility must follow various billing and operations models.
As a matter of fact, they can choose from the below list of models:

  • Decentralized Billing Model
  • Hybrid Billing Model
  • Outsourced Model

Also, if all the procedures are followed, the insurance claim process is smooth like butter.

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5. Staff Training for More Safety

According to a John Hopkins study, more than 250,000 patients in America die because of inaccuracies. Such inefficiencies in the hospital can put the institute in danger.

Hence, training is more than important, however smart the staff may be. Furthermore, the hospital facility will observe a reduction in mistakes, lowering the possible infection rates, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare Web Development

Outsourcing your IT project can help you in several ways. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Cost Factor

Hiring an in-house team can make you to incur multiple costs. To not shake your budget, you can choose to outsource your project. Trust your project with a healthcare web development team that can handle all your requirements. You can avoid extra costs such as buying equipment, renting office space, and employee benefits and training.

2. Top 1% Vetted Medical Web Developers

You can rest assured when you outsource your digital product to skilled medical web developers. The quality they deliver will be a robust high-end platform. Hence, you get to build your healthcare product with the best professionals.

3. Experienced Pool of Developers

Here, we are not talking about the individual developer’s experience. We are talking about the entire team’s experience + expertise. They know what works and what doesn’t in this industry. Never forget that an experienced team of medical web developers will have unmatched speed and expertise.

4. Flexibility & Speed

Outsourced developers ensure to delivery of the work within the pre-decided timeline. This makes them more flexible to work faster. Also, this can save you ample time because you needn’t hire junior developers, train them to become better and expect them to deliver quality.

5. More Time to Focus on Business Operations

If carried out in-house, the software development can be pretty time-consuming. It can drive up to 70% of the management’s attention. Resultantly, this can adversely affect the rest of the ongoing business operations and workflow.

Streamline your healthcare services with outsourced web development project.

Healthcare Web Development Process at Excellent Webworld – 5 Phases

The process all at once might sound intimidating. However, breaking it down into phases makes it simpler for medical professionals and app development companies to understand.

Healthcare Web Development Process

1. Phase of Discovery

Do you remember the day you discovered what your career should be? How exciting it was to know that about yourself, wasn’t it?

Similarly, the discovery phase in business involves what type of healthcare web development you want to go ahead with – whether it is a website, a web app, or a progressive web app. Furthermore, this can be filtered through what would be that portal’s services, the chain of communication, etc.

Also, this stage should include you and your team brainstorming the UVP – Unique Value (or Selling) Proportion. That killer feature of your web app is the one that makes you stand out from your competitors.

2. Creative Phase of Design

You must be thinking, why is design important on a medical website? Certainly, people are not coming on the portal with eye candy aim. Their sole purpose is to book an appointment, read the article, or whatever the service may be.

However, providing a pleasant user experience on the platform is important. Visual appeal plays an important role.

3. Integral Phase of Development & Testing

This is the stage where the company you hire will decide the appropriate tech stacks, frameworks, and languages that can be used to build your digital healthcare solution.

Consequently, ensure that the healthcare app development company you hire is the best at everything — rates, design creativity, tech-stack knowledge, etc. while also demonstrating a well-defined and efficient healthcare app development process.

4. HIPAA Compliance

We’re not considered graduates officially until we receive the degree certificate, right?

Humor aside, HIPAA is like a verified and tested pass certificate with distinction for a healthcare-related app. It defines all needs for storing, managing, and transmitting critical data. It also includes privacy rules, security regulations, breach notification & enforcement rules.

This compliance is not easy. However, it requires a deep niche expert and an experienced team of Medical app development to accomplish HIPAA compliance app development.

5. Drumrolls… The Final Phase of Launch

After successfully accomplishing all the stages of healthcare website development, it is time to go public!

The web app goes LIVE at this stage. Followed by that are the bug spotting and solving activities.

Healthcare Web Development – Types of Portals You can Explore

Types of Portals for Healthcare Web Development
You can use the following exhaustive list as ideas for your healthcare web development project:

1st Category is Medical Website Development

  • Business websites for clinics, hospitals, organizations, and authorities related to medico.
  • Catalog websites to display the medical product ranges.
  • Health education websites for medical practice students and interns to refer to. Forums portals are also a great healthcare web development and design idea for experts to converse.
  • Landing websites for medical startups to redirect from social media.

2nd Category is Medical Web Portals

  • Informative portals store medical articles, information about drugs, symptoms, news, etc.
  • Patient portals to help them access information about scheduling appointments, checking daily health records, virtual care, dose reminders, etc.
  • Staff portals to track patient handling, work handling, leaves, login/logout time, duty/off-duty, responsibilities assigned, etc.
  • Vendor portals to track the requirements, the status of dispatch/deliveries, etc.

3rd Category is Web App Development

  • Care web apps for diagnosis, clinical decision support apps, etc.
  • Patient health condition information storing and sharing with the authorized and concerned parties.
  • Patient care and monitoring for better and easier disease management apps.
  • Internal process automation portal for inventory management.

Ought-to-Add Features of a Healthcare Website

When you digitize your healthcare enterprise, the website or web app becomes the spine of your business. Here are a few features you should consider while fixating on the final features during healthcare web development.

Feature Description
Sign up/Login Basic ones to create a profile.
Profile Management Maintaining profiles for healthcare experts can aid in checking their expertise, qualifications, and experience. Also, the patient profiles can aid towards better diagnosis in future.
Search Box This might not sound like a very important feature at first, but the purpose it solves is great. Users can look for a particular service provision or an article covering an issue of their interest.
Calendar This is a pretty important feature for appointment scheduling. The user shouldn’t have to go anywhere to check the date and day. The app itself should allow that.
Payment Integration Enabling digital transactions for the patients who take online consulting is great. The healthcare web development company must integrate the most important payment gateways.
Electronic Health Records Directory Keeping the detailed feeds of patients and storing them to observe the fluctuations in the future can only be possible by this feature in the web app or site.
Online Forms This will save paper and be beneficial for keeping track of feedback or patient health details. Also, there are lesser chances of digital details being lost somewhere.

Quoting QuHarrison Terry, the Growth Marketer at Mark Cuban Companies
“Healthcare people traditionally speak the healthcare vernacular that they’re taught. They live in that world. But it’s very hard for a person outside of the healthcare realm to interface and engage with what’s happening.”

Being seasoned healthcare app developers, we do agree with QuHarrison Terry.

You must take care of this fact during healthcare web development and design. Hence, the language of the reference or informative articles, as well as the entire portal, has to be kept simple.

Healthcare Web Design – Trends & Strategies

The healthcare website design has to look rich and attractive. As a healthcare web design company, we follow some strategies at Excellent Webworld during website design for healthcare.

  • Clean, User-friendly & Responsive Design

Clutter on a desk can be disturbing. Similarly, a website crammed with information about the business is not an ideal design. Only clear, concise, and correct information should make it to the LIVE site.

One should not complicate the design to comprehend. User flow mapping should be done before planning the healthcare web design for the healthcare platform to understand user activities.

You are unsure if the user visiting your website uses a mobile device, iPad, laptop, or PC. This is why it is essential to make flexible layouts that fit the orientation of various devices.

These three elements are something that all healthcare web design companies should consider while they are at it.

  • Accurate Contact & Location Information

The precise contact information about the hospital, clinic, or pharmacy location can help emergency patients. Hence, keeping them accessible on the site page is integral.

  • Healthcare Products & Services Listing

If you are selling baby care, maternity, essential drugs, etc., you might need to list all those in a proper format. These product listings should also mention the minute details like short product descriptions, quantity, price, producer, etc.

  • Online Appointment Booking Feature

Rather than your clinic reception desk receiving endless calls to book appointments, confirm the same, re-schedule the same, etc., there is a better option. And that is an online software integrated by a healthcare web development company that eases appointment scheduling.

  • Search Feature for Easy Navigation

When puzzled, we enter the search query to look for what we need!! This makes navigating the platform easy for users. Since they get what they want, they wish to use the portal whenever required. Google also says that search features drive 3x more visitors to hospital sites than non-search ones.

  • Design by Community, not Committee

Every hospital has a vast community or board of directors supporting, funding, and managing it. However, following their brand colors is not very appropriate. Medical websites must have a different helpful, kind, and optimistic vibe to win the user’s trust in the hospital’s services.

With this, we end up revealing some of the best trends in website design for the healthcare industry. This stream is exceptionally dynamic. Therefore an average website design might not work out for you! You need the best-in-class website design services provider who can help you survive and perhaps lead the dynamic world wide web of competitive websites.

How to Choose a Healthcare Web Developer or Team or Company?

A checklist to choosing a good healthcare web development company, team, or an individual dedicated developer:

Ensure to take a wise decision!

Throwing Light on Cost Factor of Healthcare Web Development & Deployment

Various factors affect the cost of healthcare website development, design, launch, and deployment. Putting them down precisely —- type of web development (whether website, web app, or progressive web app), location of the web development company, etc.

Type of Platform Estimate Cost
Basic Web App 450 hours $20k
Average Web App 900 hours $40k
Average Corporate Website 130 hours $10k

Straight from $6000 to $100,000 — you can throw in a bigger budget for a more advanced website.

Conclusion – How Can Excellent Webworld Help in Healthcare Web Development? 💡

Recently, Pfizer, the multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnical company, combined 60 websites into one platform with a responsive design. If the best healthcare website needs a digital presence, it goes without saying that your medical institute needs to hire web development services to keep up with the competition.

Wondering why you should choose us as your digital strategy, design, and development partner?

Let us tell you — the six dimensions of any digital healthcare system:
Safety, Effectiveness, Patient-centeredness, Timeliness, Efficiency & Equity

We believe in designing and developing healthcare solutions that bring valuable betterment in people’s ailments – place an inquiry, and we promise you won’t regret the kick-off meeting with our healthcare mobile app developer team.

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FAQs on Website Design & Development Trends

One of the best companies for healthcare web development services in the US is Excellent Webworld. Their holistic project approach enables them to deliver and deploy only the best products.

Advantages of healthcare websites for users (or patients) are – the 24×7 availability of information, healthcare websites, online scheduling of appointments, referring to articles by doctors they trust, etc. On the other hand, the advantages of healthcare websites for hospitals and medical institutes are credibility and more owners’ trust in the industry.

Your best bet to create a health website is to consult an experienced website development company like Excellent Webworld. The reason you should hire an experienced company is that you want to build a website that is HIPAA-compliant. Keep in mind, this is not an easy accomplishment and so only depend on a reliable company for this.

Having a website makes people believe in the healthcare body more. Also, it makes passing information quite easy and accessible for all to check appointment schedules.

The shades of blue, purple, and a little tone of green are added while deciding on the healthcare website design. These hues are best used in hospital and medical web portal designing.

User experience in healthcare platforms implies that the platform should throw off safe and reliable vibes. Also, it should function well and take less reload time to help satisfy the ever-growing patient (or user) anxiety and tension.

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