Get complete guidance on starting a shuttle services business on your own.

There are various passenger transport services existing in the market, like taxi services, high-end chauffeur services, charter bus services, etc. consequently, one such transportation service is shuttle transportation.

Firstly, the textbook definition of a shuttle is a form of transport that regularly travels between two points. In other words, this means that usually, shuttle transports follow the same route of travel every day. Hence, today we will discuss how to start a shuttle services company that succeeds.

Starting a shuttle service is quite similar to starting a taxi service business. However, shuttle service business involves more than having a bus, van or other stretched vehicles. Above all, you need to know about your target customer and how to reach them.

In this article, we will give you a detailed description of how to start a shuttle service company.

Research is the key to making any venture successful. So, with proper research and facts, you can make a business model that takes into account all the factors and hence theoretically cannot fail.

FAQs On Starting A Shuttle Service Business

Some of the most frequently asked questions about starting a shuttle services company. Probably, these questions will guide you to ask the correct questions to get accurate answers to your queries.

How to Start a Shuttle Service? (Business Model)

  • How to start an airport shuttle business?
  • How to start a prison shuttle business?
  • How to start inter-city shuttle services?
  • How to start a shuttle bus on private contracts?
  • How to start a sightseeing shuttle bus/van business?

How to Start a Shuttle Service? (Location-Specific)

  • How to start a shuttle service company in Massachusetts?
  • How to start a shuttle business in South Africa?
  • How to start a shuttle service business in Houston?
  • How to start a shuttle service in Las Vegas?

General Startup Query

  • How to start a shuttle transport service business?
  • How much money to start a shuttle transportation business?
  • How to start a small shuttle business?
  • What is Shuttle Service

Types of Shuttle Services

The shuttle services business offers a huge range of shuttle services near me. So, it’s up to you to decide what type of shuttle service you wish to offer with your shuttle startup.

  • Airport Shuttles
  • Prison Shuttles
  • Private Contract Shuttles
  • Wedding shuttles
  • Inter-City Shuttles
  • Sightseeing Buses For Tourists

The services mentioned above are some of the most popular options in starting a shuttle transportation business. But, these aren’t the only ones. Further, you can start a different service if you have a proper idea on how to execute it. However, these options are also the most profitable approach existing at present.

Make sure you have the right vehicle for your targeted service. For instance, an airport shuttle service vehicle should be spacious to suffice luggage while a prison shuttle should rely more on the security of the vehicle. Further, if you plan to start tourist buses then having an open roof double-decker bus for sightseeing is the best call to attract more tourists.

These are the specifications related to vehicle design and functioning. Moreover, you need to consider many other factors like the business license for particular service, having all the proper permits and documentation, and build a proper scheduling software and app easy and mobile access to ride details.

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If you are thinking of starting your own taxi business, then building an app is the first and foremost thing to begin with.

Guide to Start a Shuttle Service Business

Choose The Right Shuttle Service Area

You must have a clear idea of where you want to start your shuttle service. And, get the office and vehicle parking space in the middle of the city or near to your target locations. This way, you can offer reliable services this way.

Know about the peak hours and lee hours of traffic. As a result, you can create an operating model where more shuttles are deployed in rush hour and fewer in the lee hours of traveling. Consequently, this plan will increase your income and decrease the running cost of your shuttle transport business.

Choose The Right Model For Purchasing Vehicles

After deciding the rush hours and routes, you can decide how many vehicles you will need. Further, you will get the answer whether purchasing the vehicles is a better option or leasing them. Additionally, remember to go for vehicles that are handicapped-accessible for the ease of such passengers.

Hiring The Right Staff

The customers will be dealing with the driver and other assistant staff on the bus daily. Hence, choosing the right people for the job is important. Likewise, your drivers and bus staff should be well-mannered, responsible, and experienced in handling passengers.

Encourage Commuter And Tourism Packages

Know your customer’s traveling habits and give them personalized offers to attract a higher customer base. In addition, offer discount packages to the passengers that frequently use your shuttle service to travel. Further, you can also offer special tour packages for bulk bookings by families and other organizations.

How Mobile Apps are Changes the Shuttle Transport Business?

shuttle transportation mobile app

A great tip to start a shuttle transportation business is to build a mobile app for your customers and drivers. As a result, the passengers can book seats using the app for Inter-city shuttle or airport shuttle traveling. Also, with this app, they can even get notifications for the arrival location and time of the shuttle.

Similarly, clients can book private contracts and sightseeing trips in bulk for particular organizations, families or government bodies for their private use. In addition, such an app can help in monitoring prison transport of jail inmates can for the jail security.

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Now Go Start Your Shuttle Service

You don’t need to own a fleet of buses or vans to start a shuttle transportation business. Certainly, you can hire drivers who own such vehicles and save on the hefty price to buy and maintain vehicles.

This way you can start your business from the comfort of your home and save money on office rent too. As a result, the main cost would just be for hiring a mobile app development team to build an app for your shuttle services business.

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