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Trusted By Renowned Brands

Trusted By Renowned Brands

Future Scope Of IoT Enterprise applications

Internet of things solutions is a crucial factor for introducing digital transformation for enterprises to implement operating model transformation. As a leading IoT solution provider, we are capable of providing better opportunities for new sources of revenue, greater efficiencies and smarter interactions with customers.

According to IDC’s 2015 Global IoT Decision Maker Survey, 58% of organizations worldwide see the Internet of Things as strategic to their business. Another 24% of organizations see IoT as transformation for their business.

With Internet of Things Solutions & Services, we are helping businesses to grow successfully with our custom IoT services like integration with IoT apps and devices, IoT mobile app development, best End to End System Integration for Map and billing engine integration, SMS and email gateway integration, CRM and other web content, ERP system integration, departments and stages in the IoT product lifecycle.

We are proficient in providing custom IoT solutions that can connect your Smartphone app with various gadgets, devices, enterprise data, sensors and clouds using the best communication modes; Bluetooth, wi-fi, ZigBee, NFC, iBeacon and etc. Our team has an expertise in IoT Application Development, cloud integration service where information is extracted from the application and sent to the cloud efficiently.

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IoT Is Redefining The Smart Home Solutions

Smart Buildings and Smart Cities are overtaking Smart homes and smart offices. With connected apps and voice-enabled devices, offices and homes are using the internet enabled technology to accumulate the data and centralize all the key operations and services.

IoT is transforming homes too, making smart homes that are secure, connected and convenient for everyone. Integration with IoT apps and devices can control your lights, doorbells, cameras, air conditioning, cooking utensils, windows, blinds and curtains as well as all doors locks with A One Touch Solution or with voice-enabled technology solutions like Alexa, apple homepod, Google home before you entered the room or even the building itself.

Companies now understand the significance of opting smart IoT solutions. From saving on energy bills to producing smart data and monitoring the inventory IoT-based solutions are capable of all.

So, If you’re architect, designer, developer or builder and looking for Smart Home IoT Solutions or Apple HomeKit IoT solutions to can make your life easier. let connect Excellent Webworld for IoT application development and integrate your connected devices with mobile app and cloud.

Best Ways Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions Are Beneficial For Businesses

Strategic asset management

IoT improves the efficiency, performance, security, and throughput of individual assets and groups of assets by providing effective monitoring for location, status, and movement of physical assets of the organization.

Unique Customer experience

IoT solutions can effectively collect the information of the customers/ consumers and thus provides a contextualized and personalized customer experience.
Internet Of Things Solutions

Remote working

Your remote employees will be more connected because of the connectivity of multiple devices into the same network. A new possibility for remote work will be introduced.

Lots of beneficial data

With IoT connectivity comes a huge amount of data, as smart devices are capable of tracking and recording the consumer behavior and buying the pattern.

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Some Of The Leading Enterprises Have Already Opted For Iot Application Development


Xavax smart lights perform the same functions as Philips Hue lights; Xavax is mentioned here to provide a better insight into the scope of IoT for small businesses and startups. Xavax smart lights works with voice enabled connected devices like Amazon Alexa. Xavax provides both colored and white lights that work with a connected app or voice command.
Xavax smart lights
Nest thermostats

Nest thermostats

Nest thermostats have an auto-scheduling feature that learns the heating and cooling temperatures of the user in the first week and then creates a schedule based on the preferences. It also uses IoT motion sensors to detect the human presence in the room and will switch to energy conservation mode when no one is in the room.

iHome Smart Plug

The plug simply requires to be connected to the wall socket and convert any device into a smart device. For example, a user can make its mobile device charger to smart charger, the user can control the charger using the voice command or through the mobile application.
iHome Smart Plug
Ecobee Smart Light Switch

Ecobee Smart Light Switch

The smart switch has inbuilt connectivity with Amazon Alexa and hence helps to command Alexa from every room. The device replaces the traditional light switch which automates home lighting by monitoring daylight and room occupancy.

Looking for IoT Consulting Services For Consumer Electronics Industry Products?

Some of the Leading Mobile IoT App Solutions are now having Voice Enabled Connectivity

Uber has decided to provide its users a new level of experience with Amazon Alexa. A user can book any ride of Uber by commanding Amazon Alexa. It also tracks the ride and even cancels the Uber ride as well. Uber is one of the best skills of Amazon Alexa.
Spotify app is also a voice enabled app; the user can ask its voice-enabled device to play its Spotify playlist and the device will play the songs. It is easier to play and control your favorite music with voice control.
World’s fastest pizza chain is now enhanced with voice enabled connectivity. A user can order pizza by commanding Alexa and also from the mobile app by using a pizza emoji. It is easier to track the pizza delivery status as well.
Your favorite coffee house now works with voice enabled connectivity. Enabling the voice ordering, Starbucks has evolved the digital user experience. Alexa provides information about the previous orders, the cost of the drink and the store from which the order can be placed.
Voice Enabled Connectivity

Let's Integrate Voice Enabled Technology with Your Existing Mobile App

Our IoT Based Solutions & Services

We provide end to end IoT Solution Development, cloud collaboration, IoT Application Development Services to various industries like medicine and healthcare, consumer electronics, retail, and home automation. Our one stop solutions for all the aspects of cloud, mobility or device make us superior innovators for custom Internet of Things solutions. As a Top IoT Application Development Company, we have a unique set of IoT Services for:
Smart Homes

Smart Homes

For smart homes, we provide smart solutions for connecting house lights, Video Surveillance, coffee makers, plugs, and thermostats with a mobile app and voice-enabled technology.
Smart Offices

Smart Offices

For smart offices, we have IoT and cloud-connected printers, video surveillance, smart security and window shades. All these things connected with a mobile app or voice-enabled technology.
IoT mobile app development for Smart Building

Smart Buildings and Smart Cities

We have a capability of IoT mobile app development for Smart Building and integrate the IoT Devices with the Cloud. some of the smart city IoT applications we can build is smart street lighting, smart energy metering, air quality control, traffic management, and much more.
Internet of Things in Retail Industry

Internet of Things in Retail Industry

Our IoT Solution Development for retail industry include product tracking with RFID, Sensor-based items tracking, Interactive digital signage screens, utilization of beacons for a personalized mobile experience to the customers, and keeping a check on items on the shelf.
IoT in Healthcare

IoT in Healthcare

We have worked with OEMs and healthcare systems to establish cross-device connectivity and implement smart features into medical devices and related software systems. We have gained an expertise in fitness and activity tracking, remote health monitoring, medication adherence, or personal emergency response to monitoring patients who are a fall risk.
IoT for Wearable Devices

IoT for Wearable Devices

Excellent WebWorld has gained a lot of attention as end-to-end IoT Solution Provider for wearable devices. some of our best Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions for Wearable Devices are biometric measurements like such as heart rate, perspiration levels, oxygen levels in the bloodstream, stress measurement, home appliances management & control, activity tracking, cloud integration with Wearable device and mobile app, Customized data analytics and reporting, Multi-device data exchange, Data integration across apps/devices.
iot android apps

Developing Apps for IoT Devices

Our expertise in IoT mobile app development gives us a sharp edge required for assisting companies to build apps for their next generation connected products including TV, watches & mobile. We have developed connected apps for a huge number of IoT devices of various industries like healthcare, retail, and smart home solutions.
IoT Integration With Existing Apps

IoT Integration With Existing Apps

Already having an app? Don’t worry, you don’t have to develop a new mobile app to connect with IoT devices. Our expert IoT developers will integrate your existing apps with cloud services and IoT Devices.

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Why We Are The Best IoT Solutions Provider & Partner

IoT Application Development

Flexible Engagement Models

We understand the importance of business revenues and as a result, we offer flexible engagement models that are cost effective and result oriented.

Experienced IoT App Developers

We have full stack developers to meet all your project requirements, we attempt to provide everything from Third-Party API / RESTful APIs Integration, cloud to cloud integration, frontend and backend development, IoT Development Services and much more.

Multiple Technology Resources

Ask for any technical skill that you require. Select the developer as per the
requirement as we have junior to senior IoT developers, marketing expert, project managers, and Expert designers for your IoT, cloud, Bigdata, Mobility needs.

Complete Manual and Automation Testing

You don’t have to worry about the testing phase of your application as we have the most experienced QA team with knowledge of all the upcoming trends like mobile app testing, cloud testing, IoT device testing, wearable device and app testing.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The project work will be started only after completely understanding and analyzing the requirements. Our IoT Experts, Mobile app & Cloud developers will work on the project until the client is completely satisfied.


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