About The Project

The GBAN is more than just a social discussion for cannabis enthusiasts. It is an app platform where ‘Cannabis Sensible’ people talk, create, and share (text, audio, & video) content on anything that interests them.

The client had an expansive imagination of what the app would be, and with this thought, he approached Excellent Webworld for our app development services. We did not just develop the GBAN app but were also the part of the conceptualization.

The project began as a social blog post and discussion platform, but in the development phase, the app became a lot more than that. We created an all-inclusive community experience in the app and website where users can talk and respond to discussions as well as buy products from the GBAN online store.




iOS, Android, UI/UX Design



What We Have Done

One requirement was to positively imply to the good behind cannabis culture in the app design. Our designers took that not as a challenge but as an opportunity to make people look differently, positively towards the cannabis culture.

The client wanted to reach the most number of people and across a wide range of app users still keeping the best features of each app platform. Hence we created a truly native app for Android and iOS. This way, the users will get the best app response for each platform.

The client wanted their website to be equally responsive, intuitive, secure, and faster loading to their mobile app. There was also a requirement for future advancements to make the website video streaming friendly. Taking all these points into account, we suggested the client build the GBAN website with AngularJS. Due to other benefits of AngularJS like code reusability, convenient testing, well structured UI, and parallel development, we could finish the web development module before the timeline.

We knew that the app and website had a lot more potential than just a conversation platform, so we explored all the ideas about where and how this project could be expanded. We build the app in such a way that it could host a products section just as the top product selling apps, we also introduced an official GBAN store to order original GBAN products.

The GBAN website and app also shows you the location and address of nearby dispensaries that sell legalized Marijuana. We built the GBAN app knowing that this would be a proud representation of the Cannabis culture.

App Features

  • Universal Discussion Platform
  • Official GBAN Product Store
  • Nearby Dispensaries Location

Result Business Benefits

  • Open Communication Forum
  • Better User Experience
  • Easy access to services

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