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Technical Specifications : iOS

About The Project

This app is one of the top digital magazine apps which serve for all the categories like General Interest Business Travel Gourmet, Art & Culture, Scene, Innovation, and Opinion.

We were asked to develop an iOS app for a magazine with user-friendly features and innovative look and feel in the mobile app. Another need was the integration of YouTube for users’ convenience to watch the Magazine videos on the corresponding YouTube channel.

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What We have done

We have efficient iOS app developers who have worked on magazine apps and this is one of them. We have integrated all the categories of the magazine content for a better user experience.

To allow the user to watch the magazine videos we have also integrated YouTube channel in the app. A newsletter subscription feature is also added so that the user can subscribe to the newsletter for latest news and magazines.

Magazine App Development for iOS

Other Features

  • Sectional Listing

  • Newsletter Subscription

  • Gallery

  • Multimedia

Result- Business Benefits

  • Digital experience of the magazine
  • Convenience in content search
  • Easy video search

Beautiful Design

Tailoring Digital Experience For Exceptional Designs
Create Magazine Apps
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Magazine App Development for iOS
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