About The Project

In a world divided by views and ideology, a group of people decided to create a common ground with art where anyone could come and witness the past, present, and future of conflicts in human civilization.

The client came to us with a vision of a website for their museum. They wanted to keep the design minimal while mimicking the theme they had applied to their museum. We were thrilled to work with a bunch of artists and convert their ideas from paper to a digital website.




Website Design & Development


Art & Culture

What We Made?

Conflictorium is a museum in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where several artists have created beautiful and thought-provoking installations challenging the visitors to think from different perspectives and, in turn, learn the art and science behind conflicts.

The organization administrators were looking for ways to promote their museum to a larger audience base, and they decided to create a website for the same. In their search for the most creative website development firm, they came to Excellent Webworld.

Our team of designers worked with their artists to create a website design that would resemble the image they created with the museum. After lots of work and rework, we finalized a minimalistic design that pleased the eye and intrigued the mind.

From there, the project was a smooth flow. Our developers dedicatedly built the website into a functional portal from which people could learn about Conflictorium and book tickets to the museum.

museum website design strategy

Client Benefits

  • International Exposure
  • Revenue From Tickets
  • Portfolio For Investor Pitch
  • Easy Reservations
  • FAQs Section

You can develop such a website for your artistic organization or solo portfolio.