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Afraid to go to the gym in the COVID 19 crisis? No worries, bring the gym to your home with the help of the best pilates app.

FitOn is the latest entry in our “App of the Week” column due to its extraordinary features and benefits. Explore the whole gym thing with just a few taps on the FitOn fitness app.

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Best Fitness and Pilates App

What is a FitOn App?

FitOn is the best fitness and pilates app for modern women. The app is popular for pilates at home, as you can easily carry on the workouts at home without the need for any types of equipment. The world’s best celebrity trainers stream a variety of videos on the FitOn fitness app.

This pilates app even contains live streaming from the best trainers which users can access from any part of the world. On the other hand, FitOn comes with streaming videos for yoga, strength training, cardio, prenatal exercise, postnatal workouts, barre, and intensity interval training.

Moreover, the app guides you for the fitness diet plans and lets you build your own customized diet plan. There are some interesting recipes and streaming music that work as a motivation for the users.

FitOn app supports wearables like FitBit, Apple Watch, and more. In short, the fitness and pilates app really attracts the users with its extraordinary features available in the free version as well.

``FitOn is launched by a working mom who raised more than $4.6 million in
the equity financing``

How Does FitOn App Work?

The working of FitOn fitness app goes as you can easily register via social media. Once you’re done with the login process, the app will ask you a few questions regarding your fitness goals. The pilates app will provide you easy to follow 10 minutes workouts whenever you’re running late.

You can wishlist or download favourite videos from the app. FitOn app even contains the blogs on nutrition, wellness and fitness which gives you the best fitness hacks. It is one of the best pilates apps as in 99% of the videos do not require any types of equipment. You can seamlessly search for the best-suited video with duration, fitness trainer, intensity, etc.

Above all, track the progress and share it with your friends through social media platforms. FitOn fitness app even comes with a friendly leaderboard competition to motivate the users.

They have a premium plan available which will cost you $19.9 per month. The FitOn Pro will give you access to advanced features like detailed diet plans, 500+ recipes, extraordinary pilates videos, and much more.

How Does FitOn App Work

Screenshots of the FitOn App

If you’re planning to build a pilates app like FitOn, then have a look at screenshots given here. It will give you a better idea of the UX/UI designs of the app.
Screenshots of the FitOn App
Top Features of FitOn App

Top Features of FitOn App

The primary goal of any app is to provide a good user experience to the app users. And this is possible with the help of alluring features.


Workout with Friends


Live Leaderboard for Competition


Easy Search Terms for Videos


Real-Time Heart Rate


Music Streaming


Unlimited Offline Downloads


Live Streaming of Videos


Fitness Articles


Track Your Progress


Personalized Meal Plans

Cost Breakdown of FitOn App

Features Mobile App Approx. Cost
Registration/Login 160 $2,400
Advanced Filters 80 $1,200
Track Progress 300 $4,500
View Diet Plans 300 $4,500
Download Videos Offline 160 $2,400
Track Heart Rate 160 $2,400
Articles on Fitness 17 $1,200
Live Video Streaming(Third Party) 80 $1,200
Push Notification 40 $600
Health Tips 40 $600
Features Hours Cost
Manage User Profile 40 $600
Manage Dashboard 40 $600
Manage Diet Plans 80 $1,200
Manage Videos 80 $1,200
Subscription Flow 40 $600
Promo Codes & Offers 40 $600
Manage Fitness Article 40 $600
Push Notification Management 40 $600
Updating Health Tips 40 $600
Managing Video Streaming 40 $600
FitOn App

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Bring your gym home with just a few taps on FitOn App!

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