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Why Is NFT Creator App like GoArt

Why Is NFT Creator App like GoArt So Much Popular Among Audiences?

Now make your NFT with GoArt & trade it on various marketplaces!

GoArt is one of the popular photo editing applications. It is easy to use for creating, minting and selling NFT for free.

The app is powered by the latest AI technology and comes with various creative filters. Through these filters users can create masterpiece after masterpiece.

One of the best parts of this amazing app is that it allows users to add a description and set a particular price range to sell on various NFT marketplace like OpenSea, Axie Infinity, or MetaMask.

The NFT art creator is simple and intuitive, and the app’s functions are readily available. Additionally, the application is responsive and compatible with all devices.

Overall, GoArt is an app that allows users to broaden their skills, which opens doors for more opportunities.

How GoArt App Works and How to Use an App to Create A Beautiful Piece?

GoArt is one of the best NFT creator apps for users who want to build their NFT with mobile phones.

This NFT art maker app is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Once downloading an app, the users can choose from a range of styles—from pop art to oil painting and turn the photos into their favorite one.

GoArt is a great app by Fotor that helps in generating crisp, high-quality images. Just like with Prisma, users can adjust the effect’s intensity on the photo. Also, do some more touch-ups to the background to match up with the new image.

Moreover, the app has the feature through which users can cut out the original background and pick the perfect backdrop to make the subject stand out.

After you have applied the desired painting style, users can export HD pictures with eight megapixels and print pictures on T-shirts, wallpaper, and portfolios.

Once the photo is converted, it’s ready to share it on social media sites or sell this painting on various NFT marketplace for a good price.

How GoArt Works And How to Use An App

Screenshots of GoArt App – One of the Best Photo Editing Tools

Following are the amazing UI & UX of a GoArt app that makes the navigation through the app seamless –

Screenshots of GoArt

Top GoArt App Features to Create, Mint, and Sell NFT Easily

Here are the stunning features of a GoArt app

Features of MetaMask
  • Multiple Artistic Style Filters
  • AI CutOut
  • Manage the Filter Intensity
  • Export HD Pictures With 8 Megapixel
  • Print Support
  • Token Viewable
  • Image Sharing
  • Easy to Mint NFT With BFT

What are The Two Features Excellent Webworld Liked the Most??

Multiple Style Artistic Filters Icon

Multiple Style Artistic Filters

This feature of GoArt is what makes this NFT creator unique! Using this, users can transform any ordinary image into a masterpiece as if created by some famous artist with various creative filters and styles.

AI Cutout Icon

AI Cutout

AI Cutout is another speciality of this NFT generator app, as it lets users cut out the image’s background and paste a transparent picture in seconds. Then experiment with various colors and backgrounds of their choice.

Cost of Developing an App Like GoArt

The cost of developing an app like GoArt depends on various factors like what features you choose to incorporate, UI and many more. However, to give you the rough cost, it can be around USD 30,000 to USD 70,000 to develop such an amazing photo editing app.

Download the App From…

To explore the app even further, you can download the app from…

app of play store
App Store

As NFT is becoming increasingly popular among audiences. Thus, investing in creating an app like this can be fruitful and promising. Also, helps generate good revenue. Excellent Webworld is the leading mobile app development company that can serve you with the best solutions. You can have a word with our experts for more details!


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GoArt is one of the popular image editing apps in the market. The app has millions of users who use it to turn an ordinary image into a beautiful piece of art.

No, GoArt is not free. Yes, the app has a free trial version, and you must pay for a subscription.

Yes. Multiple NFT generator apps are used, and you can create your NFT and sell it on various NFT marketplace.

Yes, you can convert any photo into an NFT. You just have to choose an NFT art generator app, and you are good to go.