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What is MetaMask

What is MetaMask & Why is it So Popular Among People?

With MetaMask, your token is basically in your custody, and has the key with you…

MetaMask is a digital asset management app that is most popular among audiences because of its exceptional features and advanced technology to store digital currency safely and securely.

It is one of the leading cryptocurrency wallets that only relies on internet browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

Users can use the MetaMask wallet to buy, transmit, and receive Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens without having to download the whole blockchain.

Apart from storing digital assets, the app allows users to connect with the Ethereum ecosystem. It supports a wide array of decentralized apps, in addition to holding digital assets.

Developed by Aaron Davis and the blockchain company ConsenSys, it is one of the best blockchain wallets for easy access to playing games, digital assets, and many other applications.

This Ethereum wallet app is simple and flexible, allowing users to freely switch from Finance and Ethereum crypto wallets with utmost convenience and simplicity. With this, they can connect other hardware wallets with ease.

How Does MetaMask App Work & How to Use It?

MetaMask is one of the simplest Ethereum wallets that is user-friendly and can be set up in a couple of minutes.

Once you install MetaMask, the start button leads the users to the ‘Create a Wallet’ option. There they have to set a strong password minimum of eight eight characters including letters, numbers, and symbols. where no third party is involved.

Afterward, MetaMask presents users with a 12 seed backup phrase, which is a kind of secret code that helps users to recover an account anytime, anywhere if they ever lose the password.

Tip: Anyone with access to this secret code will have access to funds. So keep it somewhere safe and not connected to the internet.

Once all are set, they have access to Ethereum-based tokens like Cardano, Polkadot, and Solana. Now they can start exchanging tokens from one platform to another using safe and secure MetaMask.

How Does MetaMask App Work

MetaMask Screenshots – One of the Best App for Storing Digital Currency Safely

MetaMask offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes the management of digital currency easier than before:

MetaMask App Screenshots

MetaMask Features – Safe & Secure App to Buy, Store & Send Digital Currency

Following are the top features of MetaMask that cater to the needs of millions of audience:

Features of MetaMask
  • Improved Security
  • Broadcast transactions
  • Hardware Wallet Support
  • Integrate With Other Blockchain
  • Easy & Fast Transaction
  • Store NFT
  • InstaPay
  • Buy Digital Currency
  • Customer Support
  • Adjustable Gas Fee

What Excellent Webworld Liked About MetaMask App?

Excellent Webworld team has scrutinized the app and figured out the two best features that make the app unique.

Encryption Technology Icon

Enhanced Encryption Technology

Users may safely save their wallet password and private keys within their own browser with the MetaMask extension, thanks to the application’s enhanced encryption technology. They now have more control over their public and private keys.

Currency Exchange Icon

Exchange Currency from Anywhere, Anytime

Users can exchange tokens straight from their mobile and desktop wallet. Using these features they can obtain the best price at the lowest network by combining all the information from the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and Market Makers.

Development Cost of MetaMask App

Developing an app like MetaMask is indeed one of the best decisions as it serves millions of users with its ease of use, accessibility on all platforms, integration with exchange and NFT websites, and support for thousands of tokens on several blockchains.

Regarding the cost of building an app, it is tough to give you the exact cost of developing a safe & secure digital wallet like MetaMask, and the cost mainly depends on the features you want to add or eliminate. However, the rough price would be around USD 30k-55k.

Note – However, this is just an estimated price, you can discuss your requirement with us to get a better quote that fits your budget.

Download the MetaMask App From…

To explore the app furthermore, you can download the cryptocurrency wallet from…

app of play store
App Store

As the use of cryptocurrency and crypto wallets boomed tremendously, investing money in making an app like MetaMask can be a profitable investment. As a leading mobile app development company, we can help you build mobile applications using our years of expertise in developing various mobile applications.


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MetaMask supports Ethereum and all ERC-20 tokens. You can add additional coins by simply searching for the token name or using the custom add tab.

Yes, the app is only for Ethereum. It allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications.

Yes, MetaMask is one of the safest apps available online. Private keys are needed to access and make transactions with your funds.

You can use a private key or JSON file to import a wallet into MetaMask..

You can do that by clicking the ‘Refresh Metadata’ on the MetaMask app.