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Lumos Helmet Review

Lumos Helmet Review – A Quick Glance At An in-Built Lighting Smart Helmet App

Lumos has been making its mark in the smart helmet industry as it continues developing innovative ways to keep riders safe on the road.

With the Lumos Helmet, they have created a smart bike helmet that is amazingly lightweight and has a slew of smart capabilities. A Lumos app is available to control the helmet, which is both easy and valuable.

It displays the helmet and handlebar control’s battery levels, as well as many options for adjusting accelerometer sensitivity, warning beep length, and the possibility of upgrading the helmet’s firmware.

The app is simple to use. It performs well and allows you to change the front light settings and personalize the backlight. Also, changing the color of the rear lights and upgrading the firmware is a breeze. You just have to tell the App to upgrade the firmware, and the App will track the update’s progress.

The app is so amazing that you won’t find any pairing or connectivity issues with biking and cycling helmets.

How Does it Work and How to Use Lumos App?

You must first download the Lumos Helmet app for iPhones and Android to get the most out of your helmet.

Once you have downloaded the App, do Lumos login and link your phone with the helmet. Then, switch on your helmet in pairing mode (if you have a Kickstart or Street helmet, hold down the power button while it is off until the helmet goes on and it seems as though the lights are ‘breathing’). Blinking orange rear lights will be seen on the Ultra helmet. A white or red ‘snake’ will move around the panel’s boundaries when you use a matrix.

Note: Make sure you hold the power button long enough to enter pairing mode; if you push it too quickly, the helmet will turn on in regular mode.

Launch the Lumos app and enable Bluetooth on your phone. Navigate to the Help Center > Pair with a new helmet. This happens automatically on Android.

How to Use Lumos App

Screenshots of Lumos Helmet App

Following are a few screenshots of Lumos designs to help you visualize the application:

Screenshots of Lumos Helmet App

Level Up Your Ride With These Lumos Smart Helmet Features

Lumos Smart Helmet App Features
  • Customize Your Helmet
  • Track Rides
  • Monitor Battery Level
  • Integrate With Strava & Apple Health Apps
  • Enhanced Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Quick Charging
  • Smart Gestures
  • Regular & Automatic Firmware Updates

Smart Helmet Features – What Excellent Webworld Loved About It?

Helmet Icon

Customize Your Helmet

Customize the lights on your helmets and alter settings like the frequency or sensitivity of your warning lights’ turn signal beeps by using the app.

Track Icon

Track Your Ride Automatically

Without accessing your smartphone and pressing the “Start” button, you may track your rides accurately and send riding logs to Apple Health and Strava automatically.

How Much is the Development Cost of an App Like Lumos??

Developing an app like Lumos is an exciting and challenging endeavor. However, it’s hard to give the actual cost considering the intricate details and demands of the app. To give you an estimated figure, the design and development cost can go around $60,000 to $80,000.

If you also want to build an app like Lumos, you can connect with Excellent Webworld. We are the leading mobile app development company that is capable enough to understand your requirement and provide high-quality mobile app solutions.

App is Available to Download From…

Lumos downloads are available for both iPhone and Android. You can download the Lumos ride tracking app from:

app of play store
App Store

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If you are looking to stay safe on the road, the Lumos Helmet is right for you. It is built with dynamic light and smart features that make your ride more secure and comfortable.

The Lumos helmet may be charged by simply plugging it into any USB port. The remote button should light up red when charging and green when ultimately charged.

The Lumos helmet’s operation is simple. All you need is a Lumos helmet remote to get started. With its large, easy-to-press buttons, the remote can indicate left and right turns.

You may personalize motorcycle helmets in various ways to make them uniquely yours. You may decorate the helmet with decals, stickers, or graphics to express your individuality or hobbies. You may also decide on a color that goes with your clothing or bike.

Start the Lumos App by downloading it. Holding the power button until the rear lights start blinking orange may put your helmet in “pairing mode.”

You can use only one phone at a time to link the helmet. You must first pair the helmet with the Lumos app on the other phone before using it on another device.