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How Is The OpenSea NFT Marketplace App Useful?

Create, Buy & Sell your NFTs…..!

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency apps have created hype in the market. It amazes us how a unique app like OpenSea is earning fortunes by becoming the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace.

Talking about the app, it revolves around the NFT platform; before understanding how the application would benefit you, you should be aware of the term NFT.

What is NFT?

NFT(Non-fungible token) simply means a unique unit of data that allows digital content, i.e. songs, images, or videos, to be logged on cryptocurrency blockchain.

So, when the content is logged in the cryptocurrency, further translations or sales are recorded on-chain.

Let’s get into how the most popular NFT marketplace app can aid you?

Think of the OpenSea app like a gallery. Like in the art gallery, you move around and explore the finest arts and buy one if interested. Similarly, the OpenSea app is your digital gallery.

You can browse through the art in music paintings and even upload your art on your created account. Even one can share listings they find and manage one’s own NFTs.

Of course, there are many ways by which one can earn money using the OpenSea app. The app is an open marketplace, just like a stock market. You can buy digital assets with one motto that will fetch you higher returns in the future. Simply, you buy art and sell it later for a high price.

The other way of earning money is through creating and posting digital assets by being the original seller of a particular item.

But the question now is how to use the app? Read on the next segment that explains the working of the OpenSea application.

Take a Quick Scan at the OpenSea App’s Screenshot

The OpenSea app’s screenshots are really creative. If you are thinking of creating an app like NFT marketplace then you must take inspiration from the app’s design.

Screenshot of Opensea App

How Does the OpenSea App Work?

The first thing is to create your OpenSea account. Now, link the account with the digital wallet (the most recommended one is MetaMask).

Once you have linked the wallet with your account, setting up your profile is the next thing in line. Add your name, create a logo and start by uploading your collection. While you post your new digital item, you will have to fill in the details of the particular item. Moreover, you can add the details of your social media account for reference.

Understand listing your item on OpenSea requires one to pay the gas fees. Well, a gas fee is nothing but a kind of tax you are paying to the app for letting you make your item listed on the app.

(Note: the percentage of gas fees fluctuate depending upon the traffic on the app)

Also, note that you need to pay a certain percentage of your selling amount to the application while you sell your listed item, and it’s like a commission you give for your sale.

The seller has three options to sell their item. Firstly, they can go for a set price option, wherein the seller chooses to sell the item at a fixed rate. Secondly, there is the highest bid option, where the one who bids highest gets the ownership of the item. Lastly, there is a bundle option to sell multiple items in one sale.

Best opensea app work

Top Features of the OpenSea App

features of the opensea app
  • Discover new network
  • Search
  • Collection list
  • Save your favourites
  • Blogs
  • Filter NFTs
  • Links
  • Item Stats

OpenSea Development Cost

The development cost of any app depends upon the complexities of an app. So to get the exact figures, you need to connect with an NFT marketplace development company and present your app idea.

However, talking about the OpenSea app, the rough cost of creating an NFT marketplace app would be starting from $80k or higher depending on the required features.

OpenSea Apps for Android & iPhone!

Download the App!

app of play store
App Store

An app like OpenSea is a prime example of how a unique app idea can grow amid the NFT boom and gauge popularity in a short period.

So if you are thinking of building an app like OpenSea, you need a hi-tech fintech software solution for mobile app development.


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