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strava app for android

An In-Depth Analysis of Strava Fitness Tracker App

The app allows you to record the running pace, cycling speed, strength training, and much more.

Do you know what the best part about the Strava app is? You can keep an account of the distance covered, elevation (e.g., steep slopes), and calories burnt during your workout session.

Users can add their photos and videos while working out. Moreover, valuable comments like a particular area which is safe for exercising or not can warn and inform the other users well in advance.

You can replace your not-so-regular gymnasium visits with the Strava app, which can aid you in daily workout sessions. It has both free and paid versions that you can take advantage of.

The Strava application allows users to track all types of workouts, viz., cycling, running, hiking, pilates, etc. Strava fitness app is one such application that enables users to develop the habit of regular workout and exercise. Furthermore, it compels the users to compete with other fellow users.

Of all the walking tracker apps, the Strava application is far and away from the most favorite of many users. You can sync your smartwatch with the application, and most renowned brands work well with the app. As many features as the watch records, the app’s screen for the user’s convenience.

Following are the glimpses into the app’s UI, and we will describe how the Strava app works.

Screenshots of Strava Running App

Strava app has a simple-to-understand UI. Check out the screenshots of the Strava app for iPhone displayed below and get a sneak peek into its free version on the latest iOS device.

Screenshots of strava running app

Working of Strava Simplified For You!

After signing up on the Strava app, you can upload a workout session and log it in on the app manually. Or, you can sync the GPS device with your computer or phone for automatic workout logs.

The app’s accuracy in capturing everything from heartbeat to speed to height or distance traveled is on the next level.

Leadership boards enable users to check out the other competitors, their performance, and the route they follow. You must be thinking there is no privacy on the Strava app. But, users get to keep their profile private or public, as per their choice.

While we react to the posts on social media platforms by hitting the like button, the Strava application has a unique feature called ‘Kudos’. A user can give kudos to another user for achieving the target milestones or breaking a record.

Kudos, privacy options, and competition scoreboards have made the Strava application stand out from the rest of the market’s health and fitness tracker apps.

strava application work

Exclusive Features of the Best Fitness Tracker App – Strava App

Strava app covers a lot of sports activities, including Crossfit, kayak, alpine ski, etc. Below-mentioned is a list of a few of the many features of the Strava fitness activity tracker app:

strava running and cycling app
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Strava Leaderboards
  • Strava Community
  • GPS Support
  • Distance Tracker (Mile Counter)
  • Map Routes
  • Workout Session Logs
  • ECG Records
  • User Profile Maintenance & History
  • Segment goal Setting

Building a Fitness Tracker App & Strava App Cost

It is a difficult task to gauge an exact Strava app development cost. Yet, to quote a rough figure considering the design, development, development and optimization of the app, it can round up from around $35k to $50k.

App’s Available On

Strava app is available for both Android and iOS users. You can install the app from Google Play Store and App Store.

app of play store
App Store

With unhealthy food habits, regular maintenance of physical health has become necessary. This implies that fitness apps are the need of the hour.

There are over lakhs of Strava Alternative apps that launch every year. But very few gain prominence in the market. The ones that stay on the top of their category nail every aspect – be it features, UI, UX, stability, and modern touch. Choose a good mobile app development company to top your app’s category list.

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