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Why Temp Mail App Popular

What Makes the Temp Mail App Popular Across the World?

One of the highly rated and widely used apps that have impressed millions of users with its superb service.

It allows the user to receive an email at a random temporary address. Using this app, they can instantly generate a one-time temporary email address and secure themselves from the influx of spam notifications on their personal email ID.

This temp mail generator is one of the most sophisticated spam email generators available online.

It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. This application helps users to avoid receiving pain-in-the-neck promotional or spam messages and protects them from spammers and fraudsters involved in phishing.

Temp email is available in multiple languages. It periodically deletes old messages from its servers, allowing users to stay rest assured, knowing their past activity won’t come back to haunt them

How Does Temp Mail Work & How to Use Temp Mail App?

Temp email platform is one of the best temporary email apps available today. Users can enter the website and randomly create an email address. It’s effortless to use — there’s no need for a password, registration, or purchase.

Once you visit the app, it takes around five seconds to prepare an address. And by any chance users don’t like the address, they can refresh the page or delete the message to acquire a new email address.

The app has inbox features through which users can read all of their emails in the inbox. The refreshing function of the inbox ensures that users do not miss any important emails.

In terms of security, the Temp app only keeps emails for about 2 hours. After that it deletes all personal information with an IP address, once using the service.

The address from the Temp email app passes the professional test and are rarely rejected. The email address includes an actual username and domain address instead of the random string of letters that form most disposable emails’ usernames and domain names.

Temporary email addresses are ideal for websites that only accept business email addresses.

How Does Temp Mail Work

Screenshots of Free & Instantly Temp Email Generator App

Following some of the user-friendly interface that makes the app easy to use for users:

Screenshots of Temp Mail App

Temp Mail App Features- The Best Temporary Email Generator

Here are the features of an app that protect users’ privacy:

Temp Email App Features
  • Instantly Generate New Email Address
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • No Registration Required
  • Quickly deleted and Change Email Address
  • Enhanced Privacy & Security
  • Multiple Mailboxes
  • Extended Email Storage
  • Premium Domains
  • Multi-Lingual
  • 100% Ad-Free

What Are the Two Features Excellent Webworld Liked the Most?

Excellent Webworld team has scrutinized the app and figured out the two best features that make the app unique.

Multiple Mailbox Icon

Multiple Mailbox Creation

Temp email is the only app that helps create unlimited free email accounts. It lets users use a new email address every time and eliminate all promotional emails and spam messages in their official mail.

Email At One Place Icon

View Your Email At One Place

This feature of an Temp email app allows users to receive a promotional and spam email at one place and separate them from their official email account. They can also check all the attachments with it.

How Much is the Temp Email Generator Development Cost?

There is no fixed cost to developing a Temp email app. It depends on the features, UI, you want to add while creating an app. However, the rough estimate for building a temporary mail generator revolves around – USD 30k-55k.

You Can Download Temp Email App From….

If you are interested in exploring the app further, you can download the app from…

app of play store
App Store

Phishing incidents have increased in tandem with the advent of internet marketing. As a result, users have turned to apps like temp email generator, which offer them a temporary email account that they can use to visit any website. If you don’t want to lose this opportunity and invest your money in something valuable, create an app like temp mail. Choose our leading mobile app development company to help you built the best application.


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No! Because the app provides you with a unique and new email address each time you visit.

The free temp email app lasts only 2 hours and then automatically deletes it. You can create a temporary email by signing into the account. It is available for both Android & iOS.

Yes, the app is totally safe and secure. It offers you an email that’s designed to be disposed of after use.

Yes, Temp email generator is a free application for most purposes.