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Overview of Shopee App

A Brief Overview of Shopee App – A Leading Online Shopping Platform

Shopee is among the best online shopping apps launched by a Singapore-based startup. With a diverse range of categories ranging from health, beauty, food, and clothes to computers, collectibles, gadgets, and games, this user-friendly software allows you to sell and buy clothing and groceries with a single swipe. It guarantees that both buyers and sellers can make payments safely. The Shopee app, which has millions of users across Southeast Asia, has been designed to meet the region’s rigorous marketing demands.

Shopee features a robust feedback and rating system that guarantees you only engage with trustworthy sellers and retailers with marketplace validity. This mobile app allows you to initiate a real-time conversation with potential clients and create and browse through innumerable listings without any commission or download necessary.

In addition, you can track and share your listings via social media and follow your favorite users for regular notifications on their new listings.

How Does It Work & How to Use Shopee App?

Shopee online shopping app is a leading e-commerce platform that lets you buy and sell things. The Shoppe is among the most downloaded shopping apps and works similarly to other leading shopping platforms. Shoppers can enter into the search engine and can browse wide ranges of products from over hundred of official stores.

The shopee enables users to communicate between buyers and sellers in real-time. Apart from that, the app offers a Shopee Guarantee feature that assures that items are received in perfect condition, otherwise purchasers’ payments will be reimbursed in full.

The app also allows users to shop by region. Once on the main page of an app, buyers can choose their country of residence and be automatically redirected to the storefront that serves their country and currency.

Furthermore, using this popular app, you may shop for products from reputable brands like Adidas or Samsung at Shopee Mall. It is an invite-only premium retail virtual space. The app also provides a substantial educational resource to help merchants optimize their products inventory.

The platform also runs a Shopee Pros network where its most successful sellers may exchange advice and get specialized assistance from the company’s account managers.

How to Use Shopee App

Screenshots of E-Commerce Store

Following is the intuitive interface that makes buying and selling possible with ease:

Screenshots of Shopee App

Exploring the Features of Shopee App – The Leading Platform for Buying & Selling

The innovative features of the Shopee app thats ensure a well-rounded online shopping experience:

features of shopee App
  • Free Shipping
  • Secure Payment Method
  • Live Chat With Seller
  • Hot Deals
  • Customer Support
  • Play Games for Coins & Freebies
  • Shop with Guarantee
  • Explore Daily Product Recommendations
  • ShopeePay & Shopee Wallet
  • Order Tracking

Which Shopee App Features Did Excellent Webworld Love?

FREE Shipping Icon

FREE Shipping

Yes, you read that right. Shopee offers Free 5KG Shipping. Shipping rates are subsidized and are regulated at a maximum of 5KG for delivery in West Malaysia and 1KG for deliveries in East Malaysia.

Trust Icon

Shopee Guarantee

Have you ever felt restless after making a purchase? But not with Shopee as it provides purchasers with peace of mind by releasing payment to the seller once you have confirmed receipt of your item.

How Much is the Development Cost of Shopping App Like Shopee?

When developing an app like Shopee, there are a lot of things that matter such as appealing features, intuitive interface, banners, splash screens, visual effects, and other design elements. This is what entices users and keeps them on the app for an extended period of time. Hence, building a Shopee app for Android and iOS can range from USD 43k to 99k.

However, building the app is not the only task, your e-commerce platform has to be more than storefront. We at Excellent Webworld render you with the top-notch e-commerce development services that will let your users have an amazing shopping experience.

You Can Download the Shopee Mobile App From…

The Shopee app is available for both Android and iOS, and you can download the app from:

app of play store
App Store

At the beginning, developing an ecommerce app is a lengthy and complex process. However, with an appropriate vendor, you can easily construct an online shopping app similar to Shopee. Excellent Webworld is a top mobile app development company with years of expertise in developing various sorts of mobile applications, from custom to hybrid as per your business need.


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You can change the language in the Shopee app by going into the ME tab. Select the ⚙ icon > Language > Select the language you prefer > Select Done.

As a leading e-commerce platform for buying and selling, over 10 million people use the Shopee app daily and 21 million monthly, per the study of Apptopia.

Online purchasing is useful since it is more convenient than traditional shopping. It saves users a lot of time and enables us to buy clothes at a variety of prices.