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What is Trello Used For

What is Trello Used For? Insights into Trello App

“The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t.”

Resultantly, that’s why task organization apps like Trello came into action. You can organize every single thing related to your projects on the boards. With the Trello app, you can find the following information:

  • The progress of the task added
  • Who’s working on a particular task
  • The task being worked on
  • The task completed

So, why is task organization in the Trello app so special? Let’s have a look at it:

Firstly, you can start using Trello just after signing up. In fact, almost all the features of the Trello desktop app are available for free. It also offers premium service, though you will find important features in the free version too.

Besides that, Trello follows a popular Kanban system (a popular strategy to follow lean management) to ease your workload.

One thing that attracts users to Trello management software is you can see all your projects on one board. You don’t need to keep changing the tabs here for adding members, assigning tasks, and much more.

How Does Trello App Work?

To be precise, this is the most interesting part of the entire article. Hence, the working of the Trello app goes like you need to sign up for the first time. Later, there is a screen which shows the boards you create, and also comes with an option to create new boards.

You can create separate boards for different projects in order to organize your project efficiently. Then you have to set up the teams who’re going to work on the projects.

To add members to your team enter the email ids, and they’re on board now.

Trello app gives you an option to select the visibility of the team members such as:

  • Private: Only board members can edit the boards
  • Team: Each team member has the right to edit and see boards
  • Public: Anyone who is connected to Trello can peep into your boards.
  • Organization: All the members of your organization can see the boards.

With all of the above, you can add various cards, labels, timelines, checklists, and so on to make the task clear to the members. You can even integrate various apps to Trello like MailChimp, Giphy, OneDrive, Slack, and more.

Moreover, if you’re looking forward to developing your own project management software then creating an app like Trello is an ideal choice.

How Does Trello App Work

Screenshots of the Trello App

Navigating via the Trello app is quite seamless due to its UX/UX and desktop designs. Have a look at the below-given screenshots for a better understanding of it.

ScreenShots of the Trello App

Features of Trello App

We’ve mentioned the most popular features of the Trello App. Have a look at it.

Feature of Trello App
  • Login/Signup
  • Create Boards
  • Add Members
  • Create and Manage Task
  • Add Labels
  • Set DeadLine
  • Add List
  • Timely Notifications

What ‘Excellent Webworld’ Praises About the Trello App? – The Climax!!!

Many times we’ve come across questions like what makes Trello the best management software. Here, we’ll showcase to you the two best functionality we like about the Trello app.



Firstly, Trello comes with an amazing functionality known as ‘power ups’. It means that Trello serves you with essential addons and integrations. Adding more to this, Trello has a large library which contains features like adding a calendar view, integrating your board with popular apps like Slack, Gmail, MailChimp, Giphy, and OneDrive, and a hundred other cool things.

Everything in one page

Everything in one page

Secondly, as already mentioned, the best part about this task organization tool is you don’t need to move from one tab to another in order to manage your tasks. Everything is available in one frame. Also, with different authorities, you can let the team members edit the task and so on.

What is the Cost of Developing an App Like Trello

Well, each app development comes with different requirements, hence it’s quite tough to share the exact cost. Although, we’ve shared a range for the cost of developing an app like Trello, i.e. $15000 to $70000. (This may vary based on your requirements). Get in touch with our app development company to know the exact cost of your application development.

Trello App Available For Download On!

Trello App download is available from the below-given platforms.

app of play store
App Store

So, are you planning for a startup? Developing a project management software like Trello can really work for you. Excellent Webworld is one of the best software development companies that can serve you with the best solutions. You can have word with our experts for more details!


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FAQs About Trello App

Trello is a project management software that lets you manage all the tasks of your organization in one place. You can create projects, add team members, and assign tasks to them in one place.

Yes, Trello has a mobile as well as a desktop app. You can work on any platform based on your requirements.

Just download the mobile or desktop app for Trello, and sign up. Once, you’ve signed up you can start working on Trello.