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Entertainment App Development Solutions

Why Entertainment Application Development?

The enterprise mobility solutions for the media & entertainment Industry have brought digital content into the pocket of the user. Entertainment app development and media portals are introducing a revolution in the entertainment mobile apps industry with digital content. Provide live-match streaming, online movies, songs, games, videos and much more on small screen mobile app.

Get an omnichannel delivery of content, exploration of new sources of revenue and to record the behavior of the customer. Leverage the professional IT services including the streamlined media planning process, monetization of content to generate more revenue and enhancement of customer loyalty.

Business Benefits:

Establish new modes of media distribution

Reduce the time gap between production and market availability

Cloud storage to all for hassle free and secure media management

Looking for Entertainment apps for Android and iPhone to enhance the storytelling as media?

Our Best Media & Entertainment Mobility Solutions

Create your own Youtube, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Twitch and Netflix Like an app. Offer services like live video streaming of any TV broadcasting station, live sports streaming, Music, Videos to deliver live content on any devices like a mobile app, tv, radio and more.
  • Live Tv & Video Streaming Apps Development
  • Spotify like Music Streaming App Development
  • Movie Streaming App Development
  • Photo Editing App Development
  • TikTok like Video Creating & Sharing App
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Local Music Player App
Movie Streaming App
Chatting Platform for Artists
Video/Audio Editor App
AR Based Photo Editing App

Best Features That Will Empower Entertainment Apps

  • Online Movie Streaming
  • Genre-Based Listing
  • Song Downloading
  • Filters: Artists, Albums, Playlists & Thriller etc
  • Easy Song Editing & Composing
  • Song Sharing
  • Community Creation
  • Language-Based Listing
  • Push Notifications Alert
  • Best Ever Image Filters
  • Manual & Standard Image Cropping
  • Social Sharing of Images
  • Live Chatting
  • Play/Pause Live Video Streaming Using IoT
  • Reminders: Event Calendar Integration with Google
  • Add Multiple Video Streams
  • A Wide Range of Channels

Digital Software Solutions for Media Houses, Publishers, & Magazines

Our efficient and flexible enterprise software development solutions facilitate to get easy management of content, broadcasting, and team.
  • Media Content Management
  • Workflow Management Solutions
  • Broadcasting & Audience Engagement System
  • Digital Asset Management Solutions
  • Development of Multi-Channel Distribution Platforms
  • Media Streaming, Sharing, & Editing Application Development
  • Marketing & Campaign Management
  • Social Networking Platform Integration
  • Photos, Film & Video Production Management Solutions

Our Advanced Technology Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

With trends like predictive analysis; reinvent your entertainment app for a whole new concept. Add the flavor of Artificial Intelligence and rock your niche.
Restaurant Mobile App with AR

AR/VR Integration

Balance the Augmented & Virtual Reality, with your traditional app and web platforms to beat the competition. Be the next-gen Entertainment Agency.

Multichannel Approach

Allow your users to check different channels and apps while using your app. The app users can check the notifications or social media accounts, can respond to email directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few most frequently asked questions by our potential clients before finalizing to work with us.
Yes, we follow a strict NDA policy so that your business idea remains safe. An NDA will be signed by both, you and us, which protects the assets of both parties.
We have helped several individuals who didn’t have any idea for a startup. Working with someone who has a partially formed idea is even better. This way we can help you fit in the missing pieces of your idea and create an app together. (The end product will still solely be your business property)
Certainly, we understand that not every client that comes to us is a technically learned person. If you were that well informed then you might have build your app, yourself. It is our job to cater to your needs and make you fully comfortable with the technicality of the project. Our team of coders will simplify the meetings to a technical jargon-free dialogue so that you can understand as well as equally participate in the conversation of your project.
Yes, we do provide pre and post-development consultancy to our every client. We understand that you didn’t just hire us to code you a world-class app but also to get the right guidance at each step of the project. Majority of our clients are startups; we were one too, so we understand the need of proper guidance, and we provide it for you.

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