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When it comes to app development, consultation is a must-have thing to identify opportunities, get assistance in decision making, dig out new ideas, and most importantly understand how to start.

So, when you approach us with app development requirements, we ensure to keep your entire hassle out. One of our veteran experts will guide you with all your consultation needs. For that you do not have to pay any extra cost —it’s absolutely free.

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Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated Team Model

Time is crucial for startups and entrepreneurs. When you develop a mobile/web app for your company, you cannot keep communicating with each team and track the progress report daily. Sometimes, your team feels overloaded with tasks to handle efficiently. Hence, our Dedicated Team Engagement Model helps to keep your entire hassle out. Under this model, you can hire the entire team with desired expertise (that will include developers, designers, QA, BA and a project manager) who will handle everything from their end. The other perks you get included are;

  • Flexibility to Choose Your Team
  • Dedicated Team Who Work Only for You
  • You Assign Tasks to Project Manager
  • You Get A Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
  • Complete Control Over Team and Project
  • Adequate Resources, Assured Deliverable
Fixed Cost Pricing Model

Fixed Cost Pricing Model

When you are clear with your requirements, know the specifications and features you want in your project, our Fixed Price Engagement Model is a perfect option for you. In this model, you have to pay a decided amount or the fixed price you and our executives have agreed upon during the final consultation. We will help you get your work done by the deadline at guaranteed reduced costs. In nutshell, this model is good if you;

  • Have Clear Structured Requirements
  • Have Small/Medium Size Project
  • Flexibility to Change in Scope
  • Have Pre-Planed & Scheduled Project
  • Mutually Agreed on Project Cost
  • Want Less Client Supervision
Time and Material Pricing Model

Time and Material Pricing Model

When you have a project with undefined project scopes, and you are not clear about specifications features, then Time and Material Pricing Model is the right choice for you. In this model, you have complete freedom to come up with any changes in scope, requirements, team, and others. Our experts and project manager ensure that everything is defined right before the development begins. One of the examples is we divide projects into several smaller pieces using our scrum methodology. That helps us and our clients achieve milestones and complete projects on time. The benefits you get include;

  • Flexibility to change in scope
  • Adequate Resources and Expert Team
  • Task Prioritization
  • Hire Experts on Hourly Basis
  • Project Customization/Integration
  • Facilitates Agile Development Methodology
Offshore Pricing Model

Offshore Pricing Model

When you have a project that needs closer interaction with a team (developers, designers, QA, and Project Manager), the Offshore or On-Site Team Model is the right fit. We provide qualified and skilled resources for your project to minimize the load on your full-time employees efficiently. In this model, the client has to pay for transportation and accommodation costs (based on the location) for hired resources.

  • The client has Control Over Workforce
  • Reduce Additional Cost of Hiring Full-time Employee
  • Complete Aggressive Timelines with Ease
  • Full Support, Team Work as Your Full-Time Employees
  • Flexibility to Required Skill for Your Team

Hiring Costs Comparison for Different Models

Hiring resources with Excellent Webworld means investing your money in your project precisely. We make sure you hire the right resources based on your needs, requirements, project lengths, and specifications while being on a budget. So, keeping varied needs and requirements in mind, we have set different pricing for each engagement model. Let’s explore our plan to have a better understanding.



We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality



4 to 6 Years of Exp. Senior Developer 160 hours



Build a SCRUM Team of 5 Developers

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we follow a strict NDA policy so that your idea remains safe. An NDA will be signed by both you and us, which protects the assets of both parties. NDA will be signed right before we start working on your project. To receive our NDA you can click here or send us an email as

Well, it depends on your requirements, project complexities, and duration it takes to develop the app. So the app development cost is related to what you are looking for in the project. A simple project with basic app design and features will cost you as low as $5000 and may go higher as the project scope changes.

Putting a ballpark amount is not an ideal way to start the project. Each feature that you add would take different lengths of time to develop and different expertise. That will decide the cost of building a website. However, building a simple website will cost you starting from $2000 and will be as high as your needs change. To get an accurate estimation of cost, talk to our sales executive.

There is a whole digital world out there with infinite possibilities; much of it for business. So getting into the phones of your customers will increase your interaction and selling of products and services to a colloquial level.