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We serve complete mobile app maintenance services for all type of mobile applications across manifold domains. We implement extensive tech skills, structured process, and inventive approach to fulfill efficient and successful business goals for our clients.

We at the Excellent Webworld maintain our clients’ app on a frequent basis to have a seamless and trouble-free user experience.

We provide extensive maintenance and support services for iOS and Android app.

Our ingenious knowledge, keenness for an update with latest technology, cost effective services and most importantly immediate response to any queries forge us as the best maintenance service in the market.

Our Mobile App Monitoring Services

Best App Monitoring

App Monitoring

We set up comprehensive approach to recognize and fix the problems to ensure minimum downtime for your customers. We allow our professionals to conduct
  • Monitoring analytics
  • Auto backup
  • Renewal monitoring
  • App security monitoring
  • App store management & monitoring
  • Safety estimation
  • Server supervising
  • App crash monitoring
  • App crash monitoring
  • App feedback monitoring
  • Source code repository & versioning

Mobile App Upgrade

We enhance dexterity of the business by upgrading your iOS and android mobile apps and Website routinely.
  • Bug fixation
  • Data model migration
  • Optimize the app for better execution
  • Upgrade loading speed and performance
  • Maintain Control system modification & Day to day functions
  • Multiple upgrade paths
  • Addition of latest features
  • Perfecting excising acceptable functions
  • Upgrade to have competitive advantage in app store
Mobile App Upgrade
Best App Enhancement

App Enhancement

We understand your need to augment your app with time in order to retain your target audience and customers. Here are few enhancement take aways.
  • Rich usability experience
  • Porting the app to latest platforms
  • Backend enhancement for better support
  • Better app performance
  • New feature addition as per the trends

Mobile App Support

We will solve your every concern or confusions of startups and established companies by our end to end Client support services for your website and mobile apps development needs.
  • App deployment on app stores
  • Providing process documentation with video explanation
  • Finding root cause of app malfunction and bug fixing
  • Rendering on line support and chat support
Mobile App Support

Why You Need Mobile Application Upgrade?

  • Updation of new mobile Os version
  • Upgraded security
  • Need for UI/UX improvement
  • Introduction of new features in the phone
  • Changing of devise size

Why Choose Us ?

  • Skilled professionals
  • Growth centric working
  • Client-First Approach
  • Minimize the cost of app ownership
  • Customer-centric support services

Our Award Winning Works that Made Our Clients into Global Sensations

Mobile Application Renewal Services Model


Yearly maintenance contract

We provide technical support, bug fixing, and corrective maintenance, minor and major version upgrades, etc.

Part Time /Full-Time Person

We have committed support staff for all maintenance work including app monitoring, app upgrades, and enhancements.

Scope Based Maintenance

In this model, clients decide the scope of work they have planned, and we will work as per the mobile app maintenance contract upon scope based on a fix or hourly cost.
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FAQs For Mobile App Maintenance

Yes! It’s vital for your app’s success. Maintaining your business app without an app maintenance contract may be a cumbersome task, but it’s necessary. You want your app to be bug-free. If there is any usability issue, you want to ensure that it gets resolved as soon as possible. Additionally, the mobile app contract will make sure that the security and privacy of the app stay intact through the lifetime of your app.
Usually, the cost of app maintenance is 20% of the total app development cost. For instance, If the final cost of your app is $1,00,000, be prepared to pay $20,000 more on the maintenance of the app.
You should know that the number of your daily users is going to increase when your app does well. Along with that, your app needs to store users’ data and information, frequent updates, push notification, and payment processing for better user experience. Maintenance will ensure that your app is up-to-date with the market trends.
As a leading app development company, we make sure that your apps stay relevant in the market. We want your mobile app to outmaneuver your competitors’ app. So, our maintenance process includes regular OS updates, design updates, bug fixes, and suggest you include the latest feature to make your app stand out.