Let’s recall the times when Covid cases were at their peak. So what were the challenges faced by people?

Deaths? Unable to get a bed in any hospital? Lack of Oxygen? Medicines Unavailability?

While the hospital & doctors made vigilant efforts to save lives, the covid virus was still spreading like anything.

Okay, these were the issues faced by people who were suffering from the virus. But what about people who were not affected by the Covid? Don’t you think that the covid news somehow made us forget about everyday health problems people face?

Yes, people still suffered from heart attacks, blood clots, cancer, accidents, and many more health issues that needed urgent advice & care.

Do you know what worked for many of them?

Turning to digitization was the only option they had, and it worked beautifully for many. In fact, according to a study, 93% of the doctors believe that on demand healthcare apps can improve patients’ health, and 80% of the physicians are using mobile technology to deliver patient care.

Let’s take an example that will make your understanding clear;

The traditional way of getting a Cab was standing in a queue or with a hand show. (In memories these days)

Thankfully, today people have no time to waste and need quick solutions. That’s when Uber came into the market and made taxi booking a seamless process. We all have the Uber taxi app installed on our phones, right? (A revolutionary thing!)

Similarly, an on-demand doctor app development saves a lot of costs and fetches your booking in just a few taps. Also, it gets access information in a jiffy.

The more technology evolves, the harder it is to build a successful on demand doctor app. Then, what should your application include? Let’s dive a little further to understand the whole process of on demand doctor app development.

Snapshot of Telemedicine in the past Few Years: Market Analysis

The on-demand doctor app is flourishing exponentially. The telemedicine market was USD 4.50 billion in 2018, and is anticipated to be worth USD 32.71 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 24.7% during the forecast period.

Telemedicine Market

One thing is clear by now that the future of telemedicine seems bright. Now let’s dive into what are the benefits of on-demand doctor app development.

Benefits of On-demand Doctor App Development

Benefits of On-demand Doctor App Development

Top Examples of On Demand Doctor App in 2024

Top Examples of on-demand Doctor App

Yes, these telemedicine app development have been highly successful. So what new are you going to serve to the users? Understand that if you are thinking of developing an on demand Doctor app, you have to include some top-notch features that make your application stand out in the market.

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Do not try to replicate an existing Doctor on-demand app, instead integrate the latest technology in your application which will fetch you fruitful results.

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Technologies to Integrate With Your On-Demand Doctor’s App

Technologies to Integrate with your Doctors App

Understand we are living in the technological era wherein everything is updating at lightning speed. Not long ago, people purchased special devices to keep track of their pulse rate and oxygen level in their bodies.

Surprisingly, today people are wearing smartwatches that keep track of everything. A small device can track everything for you and alerts you if there are significant changes in your health.

Likewise, you have to understand what future technologies would be used by people. Here we will guide you about how integrating various technologies in your application can bring you lucrative results.


Blockchain is the future of Smart Health Technology. The process of a decentralized platform is deploying the technology that eliminates bureaucracy and brings efficiencies that give patients the best healthcare services. Here are some benefits of using Blockchain technology.

Researchers in both academia and industry have started to explore applications geared towards healthcare use. You might want to dwell on using this technology in your application. It will make your system more authentic and transparent. Moreover, it will speed up the entire process.

Blockchain future of Smart Health Technology

Machine learning

The algorithms in machine learning integrated into your on-demand doctor’s application can look at the radiology scans and guide you with the results. Therefore, it strengthens your decision and makes your work easy- peasy.

Machine learning & AI brings revolutionary changes to the healthcare sector. One needs to understand that machine learning not only aids you with saving your time but it guides you to give accurate results.

Moreover, machine learning can aid you in scheduling appointments, consultation, examination, and billing processes. Hence, integrating Machine learning in your application might be the right decision for your app.

Augmented Reality

Now let us understand the role of augmented reality with your on-demand doctor app development. How integrating this technology in your application might work great for you.

First, let me brief you about augmented reality; it’s a technology that superimposes an image generated by the computer by providing a composite view to the person viewing the image.

It’s hard for the viewer to differentiate between a computer-generated image and the real one.

Now, let’s discuss how this technology benefits you, integrating augmented reality might bring you to ease while treating your patients.

People scan numerous sites while picking any service. Whether they plan a trip or want to pick a doctor to consult, understand your audience is getting a lot smarter by going through tons of reviews and choosing your service.

Once they pick the service, the chances are that they might not switch easily. Traditionally, what happened was that the people used to consult a specific doctor, and due to relocation, they had to change the doctor too.

Thankfully, with the introduction of Augmented reality, you might get to hold onto your customers longer. People would have access to your services as it’s easier to have eye-to-eye contact, measure pulse, and read patients’ emotions with augmented reality.

Many institutions have introduced these solutions and are getting positive results too. Therefore introducing Augmented reality in your doctor on demand app may be a significant step to go ahead.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a physical object embedded with sensors, processing ability, software that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over IoT.

Now let’s understand how IoT can benefit your app. You can include this category in your application. People wear smartwatches to track their blood pressure, glucose level, weight, heart rate, etc. By having these features in your application, one can get reminded of calorie count, exercise check, or appointments necessary for their checkups.

To put in short, IoT is aiding people, Doctors, Hospitals in multiple ways, for instance;-

  • Older people can monitor their health regularly.
  • Early detection of disease.
  • A significant aid to people living alone.
  • Aid Doctors to take a quick look at the patient’s report.
  • Track patient’s treatment plan.
  • Daily messages that aid in making decisions about patients’ health.
  • Hospitals can track the real-time location for their equipment.
  • Environmental monitoring, temperature control, pharmacy inventory control can be done quickly with these IoT devices.

These were some powerful technologies one should include while developing their on-demand doctor’s application.

Tip:-The more technology evolves, the harder it becomes for the company to be successful.

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Which Trends Are Quite Popular in On-Demand Doctor App Development?

New Technologies in the Telemedicine Market

Keeping abreast of technological advancement is key to be successful in any industry. It would be best to stay updated with the latest technology coming up every day in the healthcare industry.

The technology aids you in making sound business decisions which saves on the cost & resources of the company. Therefore, as we discussed earlier, if you want to make your app successful, you need to integrate the latest technology available in the market.

Well, you can also integrate the latest feature in your application. Next, we will talk about how you can combine technology and build special features.

It is vital to note that people are interested in an application that is unique to its users. Remember that if you are not serving the customers with something unique, the users will never try your application. Hence, including features that bring a seamless experience to your customers should be a priority.

Let’s have a look at what the healthcare technology future holds for you:-


The future of healthcare would be the opposite from today. Yes, right now, when you feel pain in your body, you connect with a doctor. Surprisingly, in the coming time there would be sensors in your body.

For instance, if something is wrong with your body, the sensors will notify the doctors about your problem. Your doctor might call you and inform you about your body issues.

Updated Software

A new way of diagnosing your health is through intelligent toilets. Today, technology has brought up toilets that would examine our feces and urine. It can even measure blood pressure, its saturation of oxygen, etc.

The point of upgrading you with these latest technologies is that your application can be the best medium to communicate all the information here. Your app can be a perfect model to manage all the information.

When your on-demand doctor app development begins, you must keep in mind these new technologies and include features that might go well with these technologies. Also, now let’s look at the revenue model of the application.

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Dr On Demand Revenue Model


You can ask patients for a nominal fee to access your application. Well, there should not be a high amount. Instead, it should be a nominal fee that one should pay to access your application.

Majorly there are two benefits of asking patients to pay money. Firstly, they built trust in your application. Secondly, you can earn some amount of money too.

Advertisement Campaign

People hate advertisements, and they seriously do!

Yes, so how can you earn money through advertisements? People hate advertisements if they find them irrelevant. On the other hand, what if I tell you that people are interested in ads that offer something in their basket.

Then how can you show an ad that the user loves to watch?

You can show the ads that offer them discounts & benefits in their nearby areas. Yes, by this, your app user might seem interested in watching ads, and you might earn money too.


Your on-demand doctor app can benefit from getting the partnership of pharma companies or insurance companies. By not showing off ads, the user can see the pop-up content of the applications. It might work great for both parties.

Now what would be the cost of on-demand doctor app development? Keep reading further to find out.

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Cost of developing On-demand Doctor’s App

Before getting into the costing part of the application, you have to first understand the development process of the doctor’s application. We will brief you about how the development of the doctor’s app takes place.

Stage 1

Firstly, you have an idea about on-demand doctor’s app development. Now you connect with an app development company and discuss your idea. The company understands your requirements and assigns you a BA that will start working on your project.

The BA would guide you through the latest technology, features and give a project timeline. Once you approve the project details, the process of building your applications begins!

Stage 2

Your application now comes to life through wireframes. Once the wireframes develop, then the following process is followed by the UI/UX designs.

Multiple mockups are shown to you before finalizing the app’s designs.When you give the designer a green signal, the process then follows to the further stage.

Stage 3

The stage is divided further into two parts, i.e., Front-end developers & Back-end developers.

A front-end brings life to the designers’ designs— converts every button of the application into a responsive element. So every button of your application responds because there is a front-end team that has worked on them.

Second in line comes the back-end developers. Yes, a button in your application responds because it connects to a responsive element. So, the back-end developer’s work may not seem very creative, but they play a vital role in developing your application.

Stage 4

Now, almost the process of building your application is complete. At this stage, your application is tested several times in case there are any bugs. In short, your application undergoes various testing to make your application bug-free.

Stage 5

Finally, the last stage of developing your application. Once your application is understood, designed, developed, reviewed, then comes the most awaited part, i.e., launching your application.

In this stage, the app company will be launching your application. It is a cumbersome process. There are many guidelines on Play Store & App Store that one has to follow. It might take hours to launch your application.

Also, the app development company has to acquire various certifications from the market before launching your app. Therefore, it might take longer to launch your application. You can read in more detail about the app development process on the internet. However, the cost of developing an on-demand Doctor App Development would be around $35,000 -$50,000

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Statistics of Apps

The market is flooded with various applications. The average number of new Android app releases via Google Play per month from March 2019 to June 2023.

Average number of new Android app releases stats

Image Source

The graph itself proves that you need to make an application that stands out in the market. You have to provide the user with something unique that makes them irresistible about downloading the application.

Many companies fail to execute your idea. It’s shattering to know that the app development company is not working on the same goal as you. An on-demand doctors app development takes one to understand the technology in the best way.

If you are running a hospital or are someone who wants to own a personal Doctor application. Connecting with the right minds who can built the best medical apps for doctors can work great for you

How Do I Build a Healthcare Mobile App?

We have been in the app development industry for almost a decade. We understand the client’s needs and we have provided healthcare app development services to many. Also, we strive hard to make your idea into a successful launch.

Our company has clients worldwide, and we are proud to say that we can make your app a unique one that does stand out in the market. You can connect with our experts and solve your queries.

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