Client Overview

Around 2 months ago Mr. Viet Le approached Excellent Webworld with an innovative idea to provide luxurious taxi service to the rich and luxurious class of clients. He wanted to deliver a whole new level of luxury and travelling experience to the users from his Tesluxe car.

Mr. Viet Le is a very particular man who had a complete picture of what he wanted from day 1. He needed 2 apps; one for the driver (iOS) and other for the passengers (iOS and Android) and also a website for the Luxury Taxi Startup. We had to make Tesluxe different from other existing taxi services. He was clear that the apps should be easy to use and quick to book trips.




App development,UI/UX Design



Project overview

Tesluxe is the luxury startup developed from the concept of luxury travelling.

Some very unique features were developed specially for Tesluxe. Every addition to the app and website was a planned move to improve either user experience or speed up the whole working. Sustainability was an integral part of our app and web development for Tesluxe. Just like the Tesla car, our app is also sustainable to every scenario.

Car Grey Circle

Technology Stack

Languages Used

Swift(ios), Java(Android)


MySQL, MongoDB



PHP Framework


Payment Gateway


Runtime Tracking





Google Map integration

Front & Backend Development

Node Js, Angular Js

What’s unique in the app

The Tesluxe app has all the basic features that any taxi app should have like:

Features List for Driver App

  • Custom UI should be 100% original
  • The driver will get Online and Offline switch
  • Accept Trip & Reject Trip
  • Trip History
  • Payment History
  • Accept book now or book later
Driver Mockup
Passanger Mockup

Features List for Customer/User App

  • Social Login (Facebook, Google)/Register
  • Book now/later option
  • Trip history for the customer
  • Live location tracking of a car
  • Rating
  • Feedback

The features that make Tesluxe the most unique taxi app are

  • Driver and passenger can call each other from the app
  • 3-Unique booking options
  • The customer can pay Tip online
  • Trip booking directly from the Tesluxe website
  • Send receipts and billing for each ride via email
  • Accept book now or book later
Car New
app like tesluxe

What makes Tesluxe a luxury project?

This startup was going to be for clients from lavish lifestyle so the app needed to resonate with their style and taste. So the app and website were made with the most affluent individuals in mind. The app was built with two main things in mind:

1st to make the app look as rich as the service.

2nd to give the clients the best service with quick working.

Challenges & Solutions

Excellent Webworld has always loved a good challenge and that is why we were excited about this project. Building an original app like Tesluxe from scratch is a very challenging task let alone finishing it in 2 months.

Challenge 1:

To make a panel for unique service type


Unlike the regular wage according to distance approach, we knew that the service provided by our client needs a unique category , service mention and payment model. We introduced 3-unique service and

Payment model:

Point-To-Point: This is the usual model with payment according to the per mile rate of the trip.

Hourly: The payment will be done by the hour. So the passenger has to pay for the time but not the distance covered. (The base rate starts from 4 hours)

Flat Rate: Some distances are very common so there is a flat rate for such locations.

Challenges Solutions 1
Challenges Solutions 2

Challenge 2:

To make both the apps (driver and passenger) to respond to each other seamlessly and quickly


We implemented (plugin), the fastest responsive framework plugin which can connect both the apps instantly. is the best option that replaced MySQL for this challenge.

Challenge 3:

Many times the map showing the distance between pickup and drop point is not how much the driver actually travels but more. This makes the ride a loss for the driver.


We found an amazing alternative to the usual way of calculating the trip fare. Instead of using the common distance between both points we kept lodging the location of the car every instance making a real-time route of the trip. This way we can calculate the actual distance traveled by car with the passenger in it and charge fare cost.

Challenges Solutions 3
Challenges Solutions 4

Challenge 4:

Car movement to be shown on the map


This was the most difficult and ambitious module of the app that we faced. We wanted the passenger to view real-time car change on the map. For instance; if the car took a left on the road the digital icon of the car will also take a left in real time. We took real-time Lat-Long (Latitude and Longitude) of the vehicle for every instance and made a smooth transitioning movement on the map.

Luxury rentals are leading the startup world

The hourly model of payment is very useful not just for this app but for many luxury business models. If you own any of the following luxury items then you can start your own luxury service startup in the footsteps of Tesluxe.

Yacht Renting

Luxury bike renting

Branded clothes renting

Private car rental app

Private jet renting

Vacation house renting