How It All Began?

Do you enjoy it when people of the same interest surround you? Now imagine, your passion is playing games, but none of your friends are available for the same. What would you do next? Probably, opting for playing games online.

Similar was the dream of one of the clients. He connected us and shared his thought on developing a gaming platform for Golf. The thought shared by him was unique and appealing for the users. All he wanted was to build a golf club app with exceptional functionalities.

The client was so clear about his golf platform, and to make it more interesting, our Business Analyst shared some additional functionalities. He was so impressed with the thoughts shared by our team. So, that’s how “Fairway Play” came into the picture.




Web development, UI/UX Design,
Android/iOS App Development



The Outcomes

After discussing every bit of details with the clients, we came up with the development of the following websites and applications. Let’s get into it.

Golf mobile app for android iOS

Golf Mobile App For Android & iOS

Under the Fairway Play platform, we have built a golf mobile app – “Anamules” for Android and iOS. This game app is fascinating for golf players. The game goes like you need first to log in and select the ground for playing.

Add the players in four different ways, i.e., manually, through the contact list, searching nearby, and recent players. That’s how the game begins. The enticing thing about the Anamules is on every move, either good or bad, you will be rewarded with an anamules. The one with more number of anamules will lose the game. Besides all, you can even play the game offline when running out of the internet.

FairWay Play Website

As per the client’s need, we have built an informative website. The website was developed with minimal design and some informative pages. The main goal of developing a website was to reach the large audience base.

Every golf app-building is listed under this website. Our UI designers gave a captivating and easy to navigate look to the website.

build your own golf website
super admin panel web screen

Super Admin Panel

Every bit of detail is made available to the owner through the super admin panel. Based on the client’s thought, we have added the necessary information to give him everyday data on his business.

The super admin panel contains many graphs and charts that give a simplified view for analyzing the data. Be it information about customers or subscription plans; everything is covered here.

Club Panel

As an advanced functionality for enforcing ease to customers, we have come up with a club panel. Here, the club owners who are registered with us can update or delete clubs. Besides, they can even manage user access with the help of the club panel. The club panel is one of the unique points of the project.

club panel web screen

Technology Stack

Backend and API

PHP: Codeignitor framework




Java/kotlin – Android
Swift/Objective C – iOS


WordPress Website

colors typography

Spy on the Features of Golf Mobile App

features of golf mobile app

Features of the App

  • Dashboard
  • Customers
  • Players
  • Games
  • Played
  • User Admin
  • Game Config
  • Promotions
  • Reporting
  • Club Houses
  • User Access

The Future Scope

The application and website built by our developers is successfully launched. Myriads of users are joining the app to play their favourite game. It is becoming the best multiplayer golf game among the users. Looking at the response of the first app, the client is all set for the second Golf mobile app development.

Besides, we are even planning to enhance the functionalities of the Anamules golf app with a few more functionalities. For instance, the second phase of the app will contain in-app purchases, integration of ads-free version, payment gateways, and more.

future scope golf app

Interested in Building Your Own Golf Club App?

Sports apps in games are ruling in the minds of people. Each of us is passionate about one or the other sports. You can make your own golf scorecard app or any such app to become the next success story like FairWay Play.

Yet need more information on golf mobile app development?