Lottery Ticket Booking App Development

Get and Win A Lottery.The App is a fun and useful tool for tracking and managing all of your Florida lottery game play. Use the app to receive all the latest winning numbers as they happen
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lottery ticket booking app

Technical Specifications : Ionic | Hybrid | Web Scraping | PHP | Codeigniter

About The Project

The Gator Lotto app is a Lottery Ticket Booking App allowing users to find and manage their lottery tickets. One can get updates of latest winning numbers. If you win the ticket you will get notification of the same and can share the news with friends and family.

The client was required to make a hybrid Lottery Ticket Booking App with some additional features listed below. We have asked to make a Lottery Ticket Booking App where users can manage and track all the Florida lottery game play.

lottery ticket booking app

What We have done

We have designed the Lottery Results Checker app and considering the users and clients requirements, with additional features like lottery results sharing and tracking. With the unique camera feature and OCR capabilities, you are able to track and manage your tickets.
Lottery App development

Other Features

  • Camera capture

  • Notification

  • Tracking

  • Sharing

Result- Business Benefits

  • Enhanced Performance of the App
  • Easy tracking of Lottery Ticket
  • Improved User Experience with Sharing Capability
  • User Alert with Winning Numbers Notification

Beautiful Design

Tailoring Digital Experience For Exceptional Designs
Lottery App Design
Lottery ticket booking app Design
Beautiful Lottery App Design
Lottery App Design