About the Project

We were approached by the client to make an app that addresses the problem of the hustle happens while managing the lottery ticket number in Florida state. His thought was to combine all the lottery ticket numbers of the whole Florida state lottery at one place. So, He wanted us to build a mobile app for both the Platform (iOS and Android) that can let users track and handle their lottery tickets numbers. If you win the ticket you will receive a notification for the same. Moreover, you can share it online with your friends and family easily.

Gator lotto is a beautifully designed Lottery app that manages your winning numbers, informs you about the dates of the upcoming draw, and alerts you to jackpots worth playing.




Mobile development, UI/UX Design



Top Lottery Management App Features

We wanted to make a lottery app that was easy to navigate and the user can utilize its features in an efficient way.

  • Tracking – keep an eye on your lottery ticket
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for Image Recognition- Unlike other lotto apps this app lets you take the pictures of the ticket and scan tickets to get a number.
  • Sharing- Make user experience more engaging with sharing capabilities
  • Push Notification- Get alerts when your ticket matches with the winning number and huge jackpots
  • Get Your Lucky Number – The app predicts the lucky number for you by numerology calculations.
  • Upcoming Date of Draw- Know when the next draw will be held
Gatorlotto Typography

What We Did

Initially, the app was launched in the hybrid platform. Looking at the engagement of users, beautiful design, and positive reviews, the client approached us to make it in a Native app. Our developers laid the foundation and made a foolproof plan to deliver the best possible application in the Native platform.

We made sure to include the significant technology OCR to scan all the lottery ticket numbers and provide users to store it with ease and ordered manner. In addition, We incorporated web scraping technology to get a winning lottery number from the website that has all the information of the lottery tickets of the state. Our expert developers left no stone unturned to make it beautiful and feature-rich Native apps for the both (iOS and Android) platforms.

Explore the App

The app is so designed that even an inexperienced mobile user can navigate through each feature without any difficulty.

Users can add their lottery ticket number manually or through camera scanning. They can know the date of the last draw and when the next drawing is going to happen once the lottery type is decided and the number is selected.

Moreover, the app is so designed that lottery participant will be able to track their active tickets and expired tickets (to know the previous winning date and winning number). A feature called generate number has been included for the fun purpose which will give users a lucky number through its astronomical predictions.

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Do You Want to Develop an App like This?

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