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On Demand Taxi Booking App

Project Type

App Design, Frontend


Codeigniter, MongoDB, iOS, Android


Pick N GO

About the Project and Client

One of our long-time clients came to us with a very lucrative business idea and asked us to be their technology partner for this project. With our years of business relation, there was no problem in understanding and executing their vision for this startup business model.

The client was in need of a smooth on-demand ridesharing app with great UX/UI design along with some Latest features. He had a clear vision of where it would play on the app strengths of Uber and Lyft and where his app would bring something new.

He wanted to add some specific features for the customer as well as the driver app that could bring some interesting changes to existing taxi booking apps. We were happy to oblige and collaborate on this unique approach.

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Primary Taxi Booking App Features

  • Driver details sharing options

  • Availability status for driver

  • Driver tracking

  • Drivers can register under two vehicle categories

  • Current trip & previous trip logs

  • Beeping notification for driver arrival

  • Ride-sharing

  • Reporting

  • Driver ratings & review

  • Helpline

Primary Taxi Booking App Features
Taxi Booking Apps Frontend

Industry-First Taxi Booking App Features

  • Multiple booking

  • Rider safety features

  • Trip to destination feature

  • Metering feature in app

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Taxi Booking App Overview

Requirement: The client needed us to build them two apps; Rider app & Driver app, and also an admin dashboard. But his specific feature requirements were a bit of a challenge, and we loved to work on each one of them.

Our execution: Our mobile app experts have a niche in taxi apps, we had already developed several cab booking apps for different cities and clients so this wasn’t a big challenge for our team of developers. Our main challenge was to integrate the industry-first features that were thought specifically for Pick N Go app.

The client wanted to add some specific features in the Apps like:


Onboarding Screen

Passenger App

Multiple Booking

Multiple Booking

Passengers can book more than a single taxi at the same time since it is not necessary that the original passenger is traveling each time.

Ride Sharing

Passengers can share his or her ride with anyone they want and the fare amount will be divided with the sharing partner.
Ride Sharing
Invite a Friend

Invite a Friend

The users can invite their friends to try out the app and get referral discounts or reward points for their next ride.

Driver App

Metering Feature

We also added an in-app metering feature so that the ride fare can be calculated without any malpractice.
Metering Feature
Booking Logs

Booking Logs

Besides the current bookings, the driver can view their past rides and even observe future bookings to manage their upcoming rides according to their availability.

Next Trip on Destination

Drivers can accept the next ride from the destination of current ride hence increasing productivity. This way, they are not shown busy and get more riders in a day.
Booking Logs
Taxi Booking Apps Backend

Admin Dashboard

The Admin panel gives our client full control to observe and act on every aspect of his taxi app business. The admin also gets a complete analytics report of the expenses and earnings.
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Thinking About Starting Your Own Taxi Ride-Sharing App?

Pick N Go recovered their app development cost in the first quarter of their business and since then they’ve been making quite impressive turnovers each year. This could be your future or better, you just need to take the next step with us.