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Technical Specifications : Android

Introduction Of Client And Project

PicknGo on demand taxi booking app was a project of our very old client, as we have worked with him on several other projects the work on this project wasn’t difficult. The client was in need of a smooth on demand ride sharing app with great UX/UI design along with some Latest features.

On the passenger side, he wanted to add some specific features like passenger can book more than a single taxi at the same time since it is not necessary that the original passenger is traveling each time. So, the second time there has to be an option to send the passenger’s contact details to the driver. The passengers should be able to track the in-progress trips.

On the driver app, the driver should be able to get trip to a specific destination and this option should be limited to 2 times per day. The driver should be able to receive ride requests from other directions as well and the limit for the distance in that direction range should be in specific kilometer which can be set by the admin.

pickngo Ride Sharing app

What We Made

Our mobile app experts have a niche in taxi apps, as we have already developed several cab booking apps for different cities and clients. The app is developed by keeping in mind the trends of this year and the requirement of the client we have maintained the balance between technology and customer service.

We have included a great new feature called RideSharing is which passenger should be able to share his or her ride with anyone they want and the fare amount will be divided with the sharing partner. Another major feature is “Special Picking Up Charges” if there is no driver available within the radius set by admin, the passenger has to pay additionally for picking up and get a vehicle out of the radius set by the admin. If the passenger cancels the ride after 5 minutes a cancellation charge will be added to the next trip.

Other Features

  • Availability Status For Driver

  • Driver Tracking

  • Helpline

  • Driver Ratings

  • Current Trip And Previous Trip Histories

  • Road pickup

  • Trip to destination

  • Reporting

  • Beeping Notification For Driver Arrival

  • The driver can register under two vehicle categories

  • Multiple booking

  • Picking up charges

  • Ride-sharing

  • Driver Details Sharing Options

Result- Business Benefits

  • Rider Safety Features

  • Improved User Experience

  • Multi-user application

  • Smooth Ride Booking

Beautiful Design

Tailoring Digital Experience For Exceptional Designs