About Project

The political party volunteers know the difficulty to handle surveys and manage a datasheet with voters’ list and address, filling out questionnaires for each voter, and handling all the paperwork. This process is very time consuming, cluttery, and prone to errors.

Our client from the US wanted to solve this problem and provide a digital solution to political supporters and candidates. He approached us to create an app solution for the same. We had already worked on several Government 311 apps; hence, this was an easy feat for us.

The initial requirement of the client was just to create an app that will help the volunteers to take the survey with a digital questionnaire in the app. After initial discussions, we suggested a few more app features that will make this app a complete canvassing solution for the parties.




Andriod, iOS, UI/UX Design



Virtual Walklist App Features


  • Digital Questionnaire
  • Push Notification for Volunteers
  • Providing Digital Walklist
  • Pin Location with Latitude/Longitude
  • Cloud Integration
  • Upload Canvass Data Button
  • Mark Canvassing Region on Map
VW Color Typography

What We Made?

The client wanted an app that resolves all the problems that political volunteers face during canvassing. Our digital app solution did precisely that and additionally increased a lot more functionality.

This app solution is sold as a SaaS model to the candidates standing in the election; they control all the working of the app for their individual account.

The client didn’t have the budget to create two different apps for the iOS and Android platforms, but this app needed to be on every app platform to reach the most number of people. Hence we developed the app on the Ionic framework. With the hybrid capabilities, the app could work for multiple platforms on a single code base.

How We Made?

Due to our varied experience with making several government 311 apps, we became our client’s top choice, and we stood true to all the expectations.

Creating the digital questionnaire was very easy and was done within a couple of days.

Our real challenge was to create the different colored location pin (Red pin for houses left, green for done, yellow for retry, etc.) with Lat/Long. We also created a feature where the candidate or supporter can physically mark a region on the map in a circle, square, or any freehand design for each volunteer to canvass.

What More We Added?

After creating and launching the first working version of the app, we had a few app feature ideas that could upgrade the app to a new level.

In the upgrade process, we found the recurring problem was that many locations didn’t have a stable net connection so that the app couldn’t function properly in such regions.

We modified the app so that the volunteers can take the survey and store the data locally in the mobile. Later, when they get to a good network region, they can press the ‘upload canvassing data’ and upload the data to the cloud server.

If all the members of the same house have the same answer to the questionnaire, then the volunteer can fill a single form for the family.

Do you wish to create such a canvassing app for your state?

Virtual Walklist has improved how canvassing was done all these years.

The best thing about this app is that a single app will work for all the candidates from different political parties. Each candidate gets a unique login so that their data is accessed and controlled by only them.

Talk to our app development experts and get a specific budget to create a similar app for you. Learn what other advanced features can be added to your Gov. 311 app