Ceramic Industry Mobile App Solutions for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Augmented Reality App for Flooring and Tiling Manufacturers: Beneficent or Maleficent

Still hanging with brochures and pamphlets of your Tiles business or showroom? Well, this might be the major wall between your growth and your customers.

With more than 1.2 billion internet users, ignoring the rising tide of people surfing each and every service on a mobile device can cost a huge value to businesses.

The ceramic industry is facing a 360-degree turn, with the involvement of digital transformation with technology trends. With the introduction of digital printing ceramic industry bloomed by serving the most innovative designs for digital decoration solutions.

As per the Ceramic Industry report the worldwide ceramic tile market size is expected to reach $178.16 billion by 2024, with a probable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 9.8%.

With time from the manufacturing section, the Technology Trends moved towards the marketing and customer service department to showcase their services. This is the era of Online shopping. Your customers need a Solution to Stay at Home and check your products.

The tile manufacturing and selling industry are rapidly getting into the tech world. With the introduction of ceramic tile manufacturers’ Android app development; businesses are serving a brand new way to offer their services and showcase their products to the clients and customers.

Different Type of Mobile apps for Ceramic Tile Industry

Mobile App for Manufactures

Gone are the days of websites, today smartphones are the search weapon of every human being. This is the target reason of having a mobile presence. Ceramic tile manufacturer app for your company which will showcase all your products effectively is a necessity today.

A ceramic tile manufacturer’s mobile app will allow your customers to have a better visualization of what you can serve them. A ceramic tile manufacturer’s app which will display the entire band of your services will certainly enhance your visibility to the next level. Mobile app development for your business and get an effective platform to showcase your portfolio to the target audience.

  • Video Tour Of Your Company
  • Attractive Display Of All Your Products
  • Terms Of Sale
  • Terms Of Use
  • Site Map For The Store Locator
  • Social Media Sharing
Mobile App for Manufactures

Mobile App for Suppliers

eCommerce app of some prestigious tile showrooms is redefining the way we used to visit several places to select our design. Today we can do that from our homes only; there are apps available for almost everything.

An eCommerce app will provide an easy and convenient way to connect with your customers and serve them a platform that can be available 24/7. Build a location-independent business with an app and enter into the world of digitization.

An app will allow your customer to visualize any space and customize the entire Area as per their wish. Various ceramic tile dealer’s app has unique filters as per the colors, designs, sizes, thickness, and much more.

  • Product Search
  • Online Buying
  • Tile Calculator
  • Tile Visualizer
  • Bulk Purchase Options
  • Space Visualiser
  • Offers
  • Attractive Shopping Cart
Mobile App for Suppliers

Tile Fitting Service Providers

Tile fitting service providers are in constant need to connect with their audience effectively. A tile planar app will assist your customers to measure the floor area, the count of tiles required, and the cost of installing the tiles.

A tile planar app will be your all-time assistant to help your customers.

With an app, you can provide 24/7 connectivity with a wide range of offerings like:

  • Easy tile planar
  • Corner point management
  • Number of tile requirements
  • Estimation of tile installation and fitting
  • Appointment booking
  • Several length units
  • Customize dimensions of tiles
  • Assign textures and colors of tiles
Tile Fitting Service Providers

Flooring Calculator App For Dealers

A flooring calculator app is for assisting your customers to know the cost of calculating the floor area with information on square footage, labor cost and material cost of the floor types they have selected. You can simply provide the cost per square feet or you can integrate a feature that will automatically calculate the cost as per the floor area.

The App Will Serve Features Like:

  • Floor area calculator
  • Labor price calculator
  • Conversions calculator
  • Cost of removing old floor
Flooring Calculator App For Dealers

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Blend Latest Technology Solutions by Using AR

“Try Before You Buy” approach is the trending way of online shopping. With tools like augmented reality, users can actually check how the design will look on their home space with various designs and color options.

Augmented reality is the latest tool for redesigning the home space with Virtual Floor Fitting App for iPad & iPhone. A simplified graphical interface for easy-to-follow steps and smooth visualization is winning the hearts of the customers of some popular tile-selling companies.

Tilezza a tile-selling company has deployed an AR app named as RealityRemod that allows you to take a picture of your scene and alter the floor’s coverings by selecting from a real assortment of Ceramic Tiles, Carpets, Parquet, Marble Laminate, Stones, etc.

Popular Types of Augmented Reality Apps For Ceramic Players

With Bar Code scanning AR App

With a barcode scanning function for Augmented Reality App Development for iPads, iPhones, and Android, you will be provided a Bar Code for your service and all you have to do is print the Barcode and place it on the area where you want to place your tile floor and you will get a brand new view of your bathroom floor.

Direct scanning

Scanning a barcode sometimes takes a little time to ask the respective company for the QR code, then one of the company representatives will generate a code and after that, you will have to print that code to access it.

Instead of this chaotic long process, you can simply point your device camera towards the floor and you will get the floor visualizer app with a better view of it.

Basically Ceramic Tile Manufacturers

Benefits of Augmented Reality App For Flooring And Tiling

Overcoming physical barriers

You don’t have to merge your physical space and product availability. Your online store can save as many products as you want. So now you can display more samples without even storing them in your showroom.

Overcoming Physical Barriers

Personalized touch

Your customers can change the physical attributes of the sample they are trying at their home. They can change the color of the tiles, size of the tiles, thickness, and quality of the tiles. A customized outcome will result in better customer satisfaction.

Personalized touch

Floor Planner

Tile and floor planners will help the users to get an estimate of the size of tiles required and the amount of loss of tile. The size of the tile will be provided as per the calculations of the floor.

Floor Planner

Tile Calculator

You can serve a new perspective to your customers. They can easily calculate the number of ties required for the area and the price associated with the tiles.

Tile Calculator

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Case Study: A Popular Mobile App For Ceramic Industry

Scrutiny of Karndean Floor Designing After Development Of AR App for Virtual Flooring

Karndean floor designing company has introduced its iPhone and iPad AR app which allows customers to visualize the floor samples in any space around the home and office. The app has options from the entire catalog present at the physical stores from which you can simply select your favorite pattern, design, and color.

What’s In The App: How Does It Actually Work

The app is an example of the right balance of technology and customer service.

First of all select the types of floor you are looking for, there will be two options “wood and stone”. Both options have several shades and patterns.

You can even search for specific options by typing the exact name of the design in the search bar.

Select the area where you want to test the samples; then hover the iPad camera over the place.

After the finalizing, the areas get started with the selection of designs. The customer can select can pattern and color and even customize the design with easy editing options.

Finally, with smooth sharing options, you can share the final designs with your friends and family to get their views.

Isn’t it easy and interactive? You can select as many designs as you want just by sitting at your home only.

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Now It’s Your Call!

Here Are The Four Stages Of Digitization Of Any Time Business Showroom, Check Out Where You Stand:

AR Flooring App

Where does your tiles business stand in terms of digitization? Don’t tell me you are not even at stage one because this way you are losing a lot of your customers. You need something to showcase on Google when your customer types your business name on the search engine.

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