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How Water Transportation Became A Great Startup Idea

The history of waterborne transportation lies in the ancient waters. Water transportation was proved to be a great medium of trading and traveling. With the increase of networks and connections between countries, this mode of transportation started expanding rapidly.

Global marine transport accounts for the biggest share of international freight transport and ships carry about 80% of the volume of all world trade and 70% of its value.

After achieving a huge popularity; water transportation started serving different purposes like sporting, vacations and travelling and businesses. People find it as a great mode of business for their services; they started using their existing yacht, cruise or boats for a renting service to earn money.

With the time this renting of water transportation business grows rapidly and business owners started buying more boats, yachts and cruises but with this growth came the difficulties of managing these transportation as well. Handling staff, accounts and other elements of different yachts and cruises was getting chaotic day by day.

As a result yacht management softwares solutions were introduced to manage the renting process, crew members and marketing as well. Most of the well established businesses started using yacht management softwares for their business operations.

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Introduction of Yacht Charter Booking Management Software

Yacht management software was introduced as a medium for driving advancements in the global superyacht industry. A super organized and process improvement tool is provided at the finger tips to manage the increasing number of yachts, boats and cruises.

Yacht booking management software is a set of online systems which keeps the account of the entire database of the water transportation and serve as a digital record book. The software has a profile of each crew member for the yacht owners and details of yachts, boats and cruises for the users.

Boat management and yacht management softwares became popular due to the easy to administer the database for inventories, trips, expenses, repairs and services. Online booking software for yacht charters and boat rentals helps in tracking the bookings of yachts, payment methods, secure user information storage etc.

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Types Of Yacht Management Solutions

Booking Management

A yacht booking management software helps in controlling the booking of your boats, yacht, cruises and other transports. It will allow easy payment process.

Yacht Management

It includes a platform from which a yacht owner can manage the crew members, documents, databases and other yacht related stuffs, with an effective communication bridge between crew members, Management team and Owners.

Developing a yacht management software is quite costly and a bit outdated too. Gone are the days of managing softwares from LAN connected computers, today everyone needs a digital mobility solution. They need a solution which can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.

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This Is The Era Of Mobility And Cloud Solutions

This is the time for cloud based yacht management solutions which includes driver/owner apps, passenger apps, All in one Admin & Dispatcher Panel, which will serve the functions of a yacht management software along with the mobility feature of the app. Mobile apps are a revolutionary solutions for fleet management with a powerful nature and strong user friendly interfaces.

Water taxi booking mobile apps are an affordable and intuitive alternative to chaotic and huge softwares. This is the mobile era and people are always looking for an on the on demand Taxi app solution, no one has the time to sit on the PC and access a software for their bookings.

Mobility And Cloud Solutions

Water Taxi App Development Is A Buzz Today

Daily New Startups Are Introduced With A Hope To Be The Next Uber Or Airbnb.

UberBoat Like Taxi App development

You can develop a water taxi service app just like Uber in which you can provide various services like water bus service app, RET Ferry boat taxi services app, Boat Rental booking app or sailing yachts, motorboats and houseboats booking app etc. The users will get the details of nearby boats and can select their boat as per the fare and distance.

Luxury Services

An app can be created from which the users can check the luxury transportation they want like yacht or cruise and then they can book their trip from the app with some secure payment gateways as well. Best cruise finder app and charter boat Booking app are some examples.

The elements of a Uberboat like water taxi app

Driver App

The taxi driver will get the notification if a nearby customer is looking for a taxi ride and the driver details will be shared with the passenger from the profile.

Passenger App

An app from which the users will check the nearby water taxis, fare and distance to the destination. A user profile will be created which can be accessed by credentials.

Admin Panel

Admin panel will manage the entire operation of the taxi service like dispatch of taxi, driver approval, customer complaint management etc.

If you want to develop a clone of GetmyBoat app or UberBoat clone app, then here are the features you should keep in mind:

  • Water Taxi Near Me
  • Realtime Tracking
  • Smooth Trip Planning
  • Secure Account Creation
  • Feedbacks And Rating
  • Weather Check
  • Book On-Demand Boat Trip
  • Selecting Captain Based on Different Areas
  • Ease Interaction With Customer Services

Autopsy of UberBoat app and GetMyBoat App

GetMyBoat is a water taxi booking app in which you can rent a yacht, cruise or boat on an hourly basis. This startup is recently introduced and is all set to compete with the most popular boat booking app UberBoat.

The GetMyBoat app is providing services like rafting trips, book fishing charters, paddleboard rentals, diving tours and many more. The app is serving easy to find rentals and tours around the globe and hence is much adored by the users.

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Digital Solutions For Well-Established Water Transport Business

Commercial Businesses

For huge businesses like vessel containers, Tankers and cargos it is difficult to manage the entire operation and staff. A mobile app helps the owner to keep track of the functions and operations remotely. Vessel Container Booking app and sea freight tracking app are included in this category.

Water Transport Renting Business

For the yacht renting businesses who are having several yachts, Cruises and boats it is difficult to keep track of navigation details of each taxi, contract details of the rent and many other factors. Along with that an app for the customers is also necessary to assist them for easy bookings.

Taxi Management App For Well-Established Water Transport Business Category

An App To Manage The Internal Operations Of Your Business

  • The Crew : The details of the crew will be stored in the app you can easily manage the crew responsibilities and duties remotely.
  • Inventories : A track record of the inventory is required to keep the status of the spare parts, equipments, tools, kitchen materials etc.
  • Storage Of Important Docs : With the cloud access you can store the important documentations of the yacht.
  • Servicelog : Database template to plan and track all your yacht services, maintenance, and repair processes on time

To minimize the efforts of the management of huge water transport businesses, vessel container businesses, or sea freight business, you will need an effective platform for the better management. Here are the elements you can control from your app:

An App For Your Customers

A customized Android or iPhone app for your yachts or boats can serve a personal touch to your customers and hence it will generate a trust bond. Your customers can easily plan their trips with your yachts or boats with features like

The Booking

A detailed and descriptive portfolio will be provided to the customers from which they can select their yacht and do the bookings.

Complaint And Feedbacks

Your customers can post a complaint or feedback of the Yacht they have traveled on.

Details of Discounts And Offers

You can provide attractive offers to your customers during the vacation season or festive times when people travel a lot.

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